Baby Blanket Size Guide: How To Choose The Right Size

Baby Blanket Size

The baby blanket size can be hard to determine, and it may even make you wonder what the right size is. Do you have an infant? Or maybe a toddler or young child who needs to be kept warm during the winter months? Blankets are like warm hugs to wrap the babies and offer comfort. … Read more

How to Put Bobbin in Janome Sewing Machine

how to put bobbin in janome sewing machine

Are you new to the world of sewing? If so, you might not know how to put a bobbin in your sewing machine. You don’t need to worry! This article is here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions that come up. bobbin in Janome sewing machine To create a beautiful … Read more

How to Adjust Bobbin Tension on Janome Sewing Machine

how to adjust bobbin tension on janome sewing machine

The bobbin is a crucial component in the sewing process. The bobbin tension should be adjusted to ensure that the fabric doesn’t loosen as it sews. This blog post will explore how to adjust bobbin tension on a Janome Sewing Machine. If the thread is not feeding properly, or if it breaks easily while stitching, … Read more

How to thread an older Singer sewing machine

How to thread an older Singer sewing machine

Do you have an old Singer sewing machine that needs to be fixed? We’ve got a step-by-step guide for how to thread your old Singer sewing machine. You can even watch a video of the process if you prefer. Plus, we’ll tell you what tools and supplies are needed so it’s easy for you to … Read more

How to Thread a Sewing Machine for Beginners

how to thread a sewing machine

Learning how to thread your own sewing machine is one of the most important skills you can have as a sewer. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about learning how to do it yourself! It’s easy, fun, and exciting. You’ll be able to make all kinds of projects with this … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Quilt And A Duvet

Are you confused about the difference between a quilt and a duvet? A duvet is a type of bedding that can be used as both an insert for your comforter or as a stand-alone blanket. While it may seem like there’s not much of a difference, there are actually several differences between these two pieces … Read more

How to Thread a Sewing Machine – Full Guide

how to thread a sewing machine

Sewing machines are great, but threading the needle can be a real pain.  Anyone who has ever tried to use a sewing machine knows that it’s not easy to figure out how to thread it properly. It takes forever and you risk breaking your expensive needles if you’re not careful. We’ve created this guide on … Read more

How can I learn to sew at home for beginners?">Marília Castelli on Unsplash

Sewing is a skill that can be learned at home with a little patience and the right tools. It’s also a creative outlet for those who don’t have any other form of creative expression. The following article will give you some tips on how to sew at home for beginners. How can I learn to … Read more

How to install the zipper foot on a Brother sewing machine?

how to attach zipper foot to brother sewing machine

This zipper foot is used to stitch right up against the teeth of a zipper without catching them in your seams or stitching over them because it has an adjustable bar on one side that lets you space out your stitches evenly. This zipper foot is two different types of feet in one. It has … Read more

How to Choose the Right Sewing Machine Needle

How to Choose the Right Sewing Machine Needle

Choosing the right sewing machine needle can be a tricky process. There are so many different types of needles, making it hard to decide which one is best for you. You don’t want to end up with needles that are too thick or too thin, but instead, need to find the right balance between thickness … Read more

Sewing Machine Detailed Reviews, Rating, Guide, And Tips

In this Sewing machine guide, if you’re a beginner just starting out sewing, it’s important to get all the information you need about sewing machines so that you can get the best sewing machine for all your sewing needs. Sewing machines come manufactured by different brands, comes in different models, types, colors, accessories, different add-ons, … Read more

The Ultimate List of 70 Best Sewing Blogs in 2021 Most Loved

Best Sewing Blogs

Sewing blogs are blogs about sewing. They can be general sewing blogs or specialty sewing blogs like quilting, dressmaking, and crafts. There is a multitude of great sewing designers, DIY bloggers, and sewing magazines out there. All contribute their own style and tips here. Here is the ultimate list of best sewing blogs 2021 most … Read more

Full List of The Top Best Commercial Embroidery Machines

best commercial embroidery machines review in 2021

If you’re reading this probably looking for the best commercial embroidery machines for your business. And if you’re thinking of starting or already running an embroidery business, one of the most common questions today is which embroidery machine is best for commercial use? These commercial embroidery machines are capable of handling big embroidery projects than … Read more

Can You Iron Polyester – How to Iron Polyester Step by Step

Can You Iron Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is used in the manufacturing of all types of clothing. It is also used to make draperies, bedding, and even upholstery materials. This fabric comes in many different forms and styles, making it a popular choice for fashion designers. Can you iron polyester?  You can iron polyester fabric. However, the … Read more

Does Rubbing Alcohol Stain Carpet

Does Rubbing Alcohol Stain Carpet

Rubbing alcohol is an invaluable cleaning product. It’s a multipurpose item and it can do anything from clearing up sticky residue to removing ink, carpet stains, and more. Rubbing alcohol is one of the cleaning products recommended when it comes to cleaning stains. It’s cheap, works well, and is readily available. Does Rubbing Alcohol Stain … Read more

Does Red Gatorade Stain – How to Remove Gatorade Stains

Does Red Gatorade Stain

Does Red Gatorade Stain Gatorade is a popular sports drink that comes in many different colors, including red. This sports drink contains carbohydrates and electrolytes which are beneficial. While red Gatorade can taste great, it can also leave behind pesky stains on clothes, carpets, and furniture. Does Red Gatorade Stain? Yes, Red Gatorade can stain … Read more

Does Borax Bleach Clothes – What Does Borax Do for Laundry

Does Borax Bleach Clothes

Laundry is an inevitable part of life, but dealing with it can be a real chore. You probably have seen the commercials for laundry detergents that promise to get out even the toughest of stains. However, there are times when using a pre-treater and a good detergent just won’t do the trick. Thankfully there are … Read more

How to Get Transmission Fluid Out of Clothes and Concrete

How to Get Transmission Fluid Out of Clothes

A transmission fluid stain is a very common problem for car owners, as the transmission fluid will stain on any surface it comes in contact with, most often clothes, concrete driveways, sidewalks, and garage floors. The fluid is oily and definitely not something you want on your clothes. If it happens to get on your … Read more

Does Poop Smell Stick to Clothes

Does Poop Smell Stick to Clothes

Have you ever?” have you ever been to the bathroom and gotten that weird smell on your clothes after you’ve been to the bathroom and wondered if anyone else ever smelled it? We totally get it. No one wants their poop to smell. Between slight dehydration or some spicy foods, your bowels sometimes let you … Read more

How to Get Kool-Aid Out of Clothes And Carpet

How to Get Kool-Aid Out of Clothes

Stains can be a nightmare, especially if they’re on your favorite shirt or pair of jeans. They’re not always easy to remove, but with some right tools, you should be able to take out those nasty stains. Some of the most difficult types of stains to remove include those made by dyes, as they can … Read more

How to Get Gatorade Out of Carpet

How to Get Gatorade Out of Carpet

Gatorade is a sports drink that comes in several fun flavors that enhance the taste and make you love it even more. Gatorade can be a fun and flavorful drink but spills onto garments, upholstery, and carpets can lead to unsightly stains. Gatorade spills can be removed from upholstery or carpets using common household ingredients … Read more

Does Aquaphor Stain – How to Get Aquaphor Out of Clothes

Does Aquaphor Stain clothes

Aquaphor may be a lifesaver when it comes to soothing skin irritations. Although it can help a lot in treating your problems, it can stain your clothes if you are not careful when applying it to your skin. It leaves behind a greasy residue that is difficult to remove. Luckily, this guide will show you … Read more

Does Listerine Stain Clothes – How to Remove It

Mouthwash is great for freshening breath, reducing tooth decay, and whitening teeth. But did you know that mouthwash can also be used as a stain remover? Listerine, however, contains high levels of alcohol that are not good for the environment or your clothes. Mouthwash stains are unpleasant, especially on white clothing. We have all done … Read more