Are Sewing Scissors Allowed on Airplanes

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Sewing is one of those activities that can be done anywhere, and many sewists love to take their craft on the go with them. Getting ready to take a flight can be a stressful experience, especially when you are traveling with your sewing projects and tools.

Are Sewing Scissors Allowed on Airplanes

Are Sewing Scissors Allowed on Airplanes? Yes. You can bring a pair of sewing scissors on the plane, as long as it falls under the permitted threshold size. If you are getting on a plane with a sewing kit, your scissors must be 4 inches or less. You can also bring sewing needles. But there are some requirements you must meet to do so.

Before you pack your sewing gear before getting on a plane, here’s what you need to know about bringing scissors and needles in your carry-on bag:

Are Sewing Scissors Allowed on Airplanes

When it comes to sewing kits and flying, there is not a yes or no answer as to whether you can or cannot bring them on the plane. There are some things that are important to know before you head off to the airport with your sewing kit.

are sewing scissors allowed on airplanes  

Yes, you can take sewing scissors on an airplane. According to the TSA guidelines, sewing scissors are allowed in your carry-on and checked bags as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Scissors are allowed in checked and carry-on luggage on domestic and international airlines. 
  • Sewing scissors that do not exceed 4 inches from the pivot point to the end of the blade are permitted in carry-on bags. 
  • Larger scissors, such as heavy-duty fabric shears or electrician’s scissors, must be placed in checked baggage.
  • If you’re taking scissors that do not exceed 4 inches from the pivot point, you should place them in your carry-on bag and then proceed through security screening. 
  • They must be stored in a container and not just placed loosely in the bottom of your bag. They must be sheathed or otherwise not capable of causing harm to anyone.

Are Sewing Needles Allowed on Airplanes?

TSA allows sewing needles on airplanes if they are stored properly. They must be contained within a needle case or threader and placed inside a clear plastic bag along with other small sewing tools like pins, thimbles, measuring tape, etc.

are sewing needles allowed on airplanes

You can also carry on double-pointed knitting needles and circular knitting needles, but all of these items must be less than six inches long. Crochet hooks that do not contain metal and have a length of fewer than six inches can also go into your carry-on bag.

Bringing Embroidery Needles on a Plane

Embroidery needles are permitted in carry-on and checked baggage. The Transportation Security Administration allows you to bring all types of personal items with you when you fly, including sharp items, as long as they are packed properly. Sharp items must be shorter than 4 inches and they cannot be used as weapons.

bringing embroidery needles on a plane

Most airlines allow you to bring on board sewing kits and other craft items, including embroidery needles because these items are considered tools rather than weapons. However, if you pack your embroidery needles in checked baggage, make sure they are packed securely so that they do not injure the baggage handlers.

Can You Bring a Seam Ripper on a Plane

Seam rippers are the perfect tool for fixing up clothes that have been mangled by washing machines, sewing mishaps, or jealous ex-lovers. But if you’re planning a trip and want to bring one with you, can you bring a seam ripper on a plane?

can you bring a seam ripper on a plane

In the case of seam rippers, there are no exceptions to the rules. Even though they’re used for sewing, their pointed ends do not make them OK to bring on board.

According to TSA, they are not allowed to onboard the plane. If you have a seam ripper, it should be placed inside your checked baggage.

Are You Allowed to Sew on a Plane

It’s totally okay to sew on a plane.

If you have your sewing kit onboard, you can hand sew on most planes. Most airlines do not allow machines that plug into the wall or run on battery power because they may affect the safety of the aircraft, but if you’re packing needles and thread, you’re allowed to hand sew.

it's totally okay to sew on a plane

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a measuring tape on a plane?

A measuring tape is an essential part of traveling for seamstresses and tailors. Luckily, these are allowed both on carry-on and checked luggage.

Can I take fabric shears on an airplane?

Fabric shears are allowed on airplanes. However, they should be packed well in a wooded or plastic cover to avoid any dangers. These can be packed in your checked bag.

Can I take cross-stitch kits and supplies on an airplane?

You may be able to take cross stitch kits and supplies on a plane depending on the size of the cross stitch needle that you use. However, it is safer to bring only small needles so that they can be accommodated in your carry-on baggage instead of having them placed in your checked luggage.

Can you take tweezers on a plane?

Yes, you can take tweezers with you on planes, in your cabin bag. However, the TSA does list a few exceptions and restrictions for scissors and tweezers.

Can I bring safety pins on planes?

For the most part, there will be no problems if you pack a few safety pins in your carry-on luggage. But similar to bringing magnets on planes, you’ll want to make sure that safety pins are not packed with any other metallic objects that may cause a potential problem. What’s more, make sure to only pack the plastic-coated safety pins for flights. 

Are circular thread cutters allowed on airplanes?

Yes, as long as the blades are not exposed. If you have a circular thread cutter that is spring-loaded and has a blade guard, it is fine to put in your carry-on bag.

Final Words

Overall, it seems that as long as you don’t plan to cause harm to anyone, you shouldn’t run into any trouble bringing sewing kits on airplanes. As for what kind of sewing kit you should get, that is completely up to you, although most sewing kits contain pretty much the same items. 


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