Top Best Knitting Blogs, Websites, and Knitting Bloggers

While there are so many knitting blogs, knitting websites, and knitting bloggers out there on the internet it is difficult to know the popular knitting blogs to follow for knitting inspirations.

But have made it easy for you. We searched the internet and compiled a list of the top-ranked trendy knitting blogs, knitting websites, and top knitting bloggers from different countries the such USA, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

Without wasting so much time, let us tap into the knitting inspiration blogs list.

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Modern Daily Knitting or Mason Dixon Knitting Blog

The first on or list is the Modern Daily Knitting. This knitting blog was started in 2003 by Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner. The blog has later changed its name from Mason Dixon knitting blog to Modern Daily Knitting. MDK is not just a knitting blog but also a platform for great knitting writers, teachers, and wonderful designers.

MDK is also a worldwide community for knitters who love sharing new pattern ideas and good designs. They update the blog daily with knitting tips and tricks for knitting beginners. Ranked on the list of the top 100 knitting blogs and among the top knitting websites.

Knit and Tonic Blog

knit and tonic is a knitting blog by Wendy started three years ago. Wendy loves sharing knitting projects and knitting patterns. She has so far published 4 books focusing on different knitting techniques and pattern construction.


Ravelry is one of the best knitting blogs with patterns, especially for beginners. This Knitting blog is a community place for crocheters, knitters, dyers, spinners, and weavers looking for knitting pattern inspiration, tools, and also to keep track of their yarm.

It is one of the best knitting blogs for beginners looking to connect with other knitters around the world and also to see what other knitters are making. Among the best knitting websites and blogs

Knitting Paradise Blog

Knitting Paradise online community forum for knitters. It is a place where knitters and crocheters find free knitting patterns, knitting inspirations, knit pictures, and tutorials

Membership at Knitting Paradise is free and get help from skilled knitters of all levels.

Kristy Glass Knits

Kristy Glass Knits is a knitting blog by Kristy Glass. She is traveling around the world interviewing people in the fiber industry. You can find her on youtube where she teaches you how to knit, top trendy projects, how to start knitting with your kids and so many others.

Nimble Needles

Looking for the best knitting blog for beginners, Nimble Needles is the number one resource center. You get free step-by-step knitting tutorials on how to knit, free knitting patterns, and videos to ease your knitting journey.

They also have a youtube channel for knitting techniques, tips, and stitches for beginners.

Susan Crawford Knitting Blog

This is a knitting blog run by Susan with the help of her husband and daughter. It is a blog for yarn, knitting patterns,s, and kits.

Tin Can Knits blog

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Tin Can Knits blog is one of the most popular knitting blogs in Canada. It was started by two Canadian designers; Emily Wessel and Alexa Ludeman. These two share their love of knitting, clearly written patterns, and heartfelt stories to inspire you to do the same.

Wendy Knits Blog

Wendy Knits is a knitting blog by Wendy D. Johnson a lifelong knitter. She is obsessed with all sorts of traditions and knitting techniques. You will find free knitting patterns and paid patterns on wendy’s knits.

Craftsy Knitting Blog

popular kntting blogs

Another best knitting blog for creative makers. Craftsy Knitting Blog is one of the most popular knitting blogs. This blog provides endless inspiration for knitting, knitting classes, kits, supplies, and tutorials. You will find Craftsy on the top 100 knitting blogs.

Never Not Knitting Blog

This is a blog for knitters or stitchers to enjoy products and inspiration. This blog is owned by Alana Dakos who started stitching and knitting in 2002.

Craftgossip Knitting Blog

Looking for sewing, knitting, and quilting news? CraftGossip is the number one blog for crafting news and reviews around the world.

Kate Davies Knitting Blog

A knitting blog started in 2010 by Award-winning Scottish publisher and designer Kate Davies. You will find many pieces exploring a wide range of topics in design and textile history.

KnitPicks Staff Knitting Blog

KnitPicks Staff is a great blog for knitting beginners to learn different techniques, tips,s and knitting hacks. At KnitPicks Staff you will find free knitting patterns, luxury knitting, natural fiber yarns, and kits.

Little Cotton Rabbits

This is one of the best baby knitting blogs for new knitting patterns, product reviews, and knitting techniques. You will also get access to free knitting patterns and paid ones.

Small Things

Is a knitting blog where to find tutorial and knitting pictures. You also get access to knitting techniques, free knitting patterns, and designs.

Winwick Mum

One of the best sock knitting blogs to follow right now. It is a blog where to find socks knitting tutorials, patterns, and technique tutorials.

AllFreeKnitting blog

This Knitting blog provides 1000s of free knitting patterns to download for beginners in pdf format. You also get access to free how-to knit videos, tips, and tricks for knitters.

AllfreeKitting also features ‎75+ Free Baby Knitting Patterns, giveaways, and free eBooks.

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