Get inspired by these 36 Top Best Sewing Bloggers in 2021

Sewing is a great hobby, but it can be hard to find the time and motivation. That’s where sewing bloggers come in! They know how to share their passion for sewing in the sewing world and offer great information, suggestions, great tutorials, and other sewing resources.

You can find them on social media or by following their sewing blogs.

best ssewing bloggers

Whether you want to learn about sewing clothes or just need some inspiration project ideas to tackle your next project, these bloggers have got you covered!

And they are always happy to answer any questions that might pop up along the way.

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What makes a great Sewing blogger?  

I asked myself that question when deciding who to include in this list.   What do all our sewing bloggers have in common, besides their love for sewing and creating handmade items?  

  1. They are each super helpful.  
  2. These sewing bloggers are so generous with their content.
  3. Each post has a tutorial that you can follow, and many of them include free downloadable patterns along with photos to illustrate the steps.
  4. Their sewing blogs contain step-by-step instructions that walk you through the projects they create.  
  5. Each of these bloggers explains the why behind their techniques and how to do things, such as sewing darts, using sewing machines, or making bias tape.  
  6. Their sewing blogs are regularly updated with new easy sewing projects, photos, and information.  

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A list of best sewing bloggers of 2021

These bloggers consistently post useful and interesting content in their fields

Mimi G ford

best sewing bloggers

First on our list is Mimi. She is a sewing pattern designer.

Mimi G started her sewing blog Mimi G Style sometime back and in just a few years has become one of the largest selling indie pattern companies.

Mimi produces sewing patterns for women’s and children’s clothing and accessories on a bi-monthly basis.

Erica Bunker

best sewing bloggers

Erica is a homemaker and blogger who loves to sew. She has shared her skills with many of her readers by creating tutorials and patterns at an affordable price!

Her informative blog has grown over the years becoming one of the most popular and top sewing blogs online today.

Rae of Made by Rae Sewing Blog

best sewing blogs

Founded by designer Rae, Made by Rae sews for children but also adults. Elle ventured into household accessories and presents.

Her genuine kindness makes her sewing blog one of the best sewing blogs in 2021. The girl’s site is packed with lessons both for adults and children.

Tasha Moss

Tasha is a clothier, vintage fashion girl, and author of many sewing books. Her store Bygumbygully offers beautiful pieces that are made with care and attention to detail.

Her blog is one of the best vintage sewing blogs and offers advice and sewing tips for beginners and any sewing enthusiast. She shares her skills through DIY sewing projects and explains how to sew and cut patterns.

She says she learned everything from the Internet but began experimenting with her own techniques as soon as she knew how to use a sewing machine.

Vanessa, the Crafty Gemini

Known to be the Crafty Gemini, Vanessa is a mother and talented seamstress.

Her sewing blog is filled with lovely new projects for children and adults including over 400+ step-by-step tutorials, free sewing patterns, sewing and craft products available for purchase.

She uses her fashion sewing blog to share her sewing expertise, free tutorials, and other useful advice with other sewers. Her blog is one of the top sewing blogs for independent pattern designers.

Megan Nielsen Style

Megan Nielsen Style has been selling Indie sewing patterns since 2010. In just a few years she has established herself as one of the best-selling sewing pattern designers.

Her patterns for both adults and children feature flattering, clean lines with easy-to-follow instructions and quality illustrations.

Mercy Harriell

sewing blogs

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting is Mercy’s striking photography of her finished projects.

Having started sewing in 2013 after a career change, Mercy is one of those ‘all the feeling’ sewists who has been blogging for the joy and love of it. 


Heather Bailey is a designer, teacher, and sewist.

Her sewing blog heatherhandmade contains detailed tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions for each project, free patterns, and access to her craft library which includes an archive of the many craft books she has written as well as a multitude of other resources.

Mr. Domestic of MisterDomestic

sewing blogs

Mister Domestic is a master when it comes to making quilts and crockery.

He also presents stitching tutorials for hats and bags besides embroidery and crochet project.

Carolyn Friedlander

Carolyn is full of projects inspired by art and architecture.

Her designs are modern filled with bold colors and crisp lines making it extremely effortless to get enchanted with the site. She is the former design firm of fabric and quilt.

Sew Andrew

sewing blogs 2021

Andrew is dominant with his style and originalité the male-oriented design blogging niche.

He is a former fashion designer and his love for sewing can be known by the modern quilts he designs.

He also provides in-depth step-by-step instructions, free patterns, printables, and kits for each project he has shared on the blog.


Needle and the Belle specialize in style, sewing tutorials, and work-at-home life hacks. 

The sewing blog is managed by an ordinary woman who provides tips on how to juggle family life while working at home.

She has also published two books titled ” Needle & Thread series” which guides you through some of her popular sewing projects.

Her sewing and crafting tutorials are simple, easy to follow, and do not require a lot of investment. 

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Peter Lappin

best sewing blogs 2021

Peter Lappin is a fanatic behind Male Pattern Boldness. The video shows you everything you need to give a mate in your life. Shirt pants. and boxers.

He also posts sewing tutorials about fashion and fabrics in males.

Deborah Moebes of whip-stitch

Deborah Moebes is a pattern maker writer teacher and author. She’s also produced a Murder Mystery Quilt which is when one quilts the clues and solves a mystery.

Also included is murder a subscription site.

Tilly Walnes

sewing blogs 2021

Tilly is a self-taught seamstress who got the sewing bug at the age of 15.

Her blog, Tillyandthebuttons has been up for about 7 years and it is a great resource with wonderful projects that will make you think twice before buying a garment off the rack. 

Best Sewing Bloggers

Her fashion sense is cool and unique making it hard to

Walnes started her successful career on The Great British sewing Bee the popular television series. She founded with CLA since that time.

Lauren Guthrie 

Lauren is an English Fashion Designer and Teacher. Her blog, Guthrie & Ghani offers a variety of quilting and fashion projects that are worth checking out.

In addition to this, some of her projects have been published in Prima, Quiltmania, CQ, and Applique.

The Curvy Sewing Collective

Sewing Blogs 2021

The Curvy Sewing Collective is a group of four sewing bloggers (online sewing community). 

These curvy women share their passion for sewing and show you how to get the most out of your sewing makes by sharing inspiration, tutorials, and projects on their blog.

The blogs contain helpful sewing ideas and videos that give detailed instructions about specific techniques as well as patterns and tutorials. Their blog is also considered one of the best sewing blogs for beginners.

Merrick of Merricksart Fashion Sewing Blog

sewing bloggers

Merrick is a seamstress, a sewing blogger, stylist, and a clothing designer from north Dallas, Texas.

She shares tutorials and projects for home décor items including cloth napkins, twin beds, curtains as well as upholsteries on her blog. 

Ann Graham

Ann Graham is a sewing blogger known for her friendly and easy-to-follow tutorials from Noodle-head. She has also written a book that gives detailed instructions on how to make 20 kid’s toys. 

A large number of projects have been posted by this young woman on her blog, including a variety of baby projects and kid’s toys.

Nefertiti aka The Corny Rainbow Blog

A seamstress who loves sewing, rainbows and unicorns fashion, unicorns, and rainbows. She started back when she was a kid with her mom and grandma.

Jenny Rushmore of Cashmerette

Best Sewing Bloggers

She is a blogger, sewing pattern designer, and owner of an industrial sewing machine firm. She’s always been fascinated by fashion blogging.

Busy Lizzy

best sewing bloggers

Founder of Sew Busy Lizzy. She found her love for sewing at a young age and started her blog.

Her career as a seamstress began when she decided to make an everyday dress that would inspire women around the world to sew their own dresses.

Beth Wood

sewing blogs 2021

Beth Wood is an independent maker, a self-taught sewer founder of SewDIY, and a pattern designer from a small town in South Carolina.

She started SewDIY as a way to connect with other makers after becoming disillusioned by the traditional fashion industry and trade school.

Gretchen Hirsch 

Award-winning blogger and home sewer, Gretchen Hirsch is the founder of Blog For Better Sewing. 

She is a sewing teacher specializing in garment construction from beginner to advanced level.

Gretchen has an extensive background in fashion design, pattern making, and garment construction having worked for many years as a designer & fashion instructor.



She is an amazing seamstress with a great eye for detail. Her clean, simple designs are always so flattering and beautiful (and she has a knack for finding beautiful dressmaking fabrics).

I especially enjoy her Style Inspiration Thursday posts, which feature outfits she sewed for herself and her kids.

If she can make them, work, even a sewing newbie like me can too!


Daniela is a talented designer whose whimsical, colorful patterns are always so inspiring and fun. She is the founder of On the Cutting Floor

Jess Abbott of The Sewing Rabbit

Her style is both classy and glamorous, but still accessible. She is all about sewing for her family on a super reasonable budget, and she has tons of tips on how to do it.  

Melissa  founder of Mellysews

Melissa is a sewing fanatic, a designer with a gorgeous, classic aesthetic.

She always has the most beautiful photos of her awesomely dressed children (which are great for inspiration when you’re sewing for little ones).  


Tanya draws on her background in architecture and design to create gorgeous, unique garments.  

Her style is a little edgier than the other bloggers on this list, but I feel like her vision for a flattering fit and beautiful fabric choices put her squarely in the “sewing blogger” category.

Lauren Taylor founder of

Best Sewing Bloggers

Lauren’s style is incredibly unique, mixing a little bit of the olden days with modern lines. I love sewing with her vintage sewing patterns and old (reprinted) sewing techniques.


Lori believes in sewing for yourself and not worrying about the latest trends or what others are wearing.

She loves experimenting with patterns to make something that fits her best. She shares her knowledge freely on how to figure out sizing on a pattern that you don’t know.

She has a great instructional on how to make custom-fit children’s clothing.

With her ebook, she teaches you all the ins and outs of making a pattern from scratch based on your child’s measurements.


Maddie’s blog Madalynn is all about making your own wardrobe work, even if you have a limited budget and time. She teaches you how to make the most of your sewing space and use that time efficiently.  

She also shares her passion for fashion with others through writing tutorials on different kinds of garments. 

Katie founder of What Katie Sews

Katie is a master of sewing patterns and teaches you how to make a professional-looking garment in an affordable way.

Katie only uses fabric that is at least 50% off the regular price.

She creates very original garments without spending any money on expensive patterns or fabrics.  Katie loves creating new styles from old unattractive clothes.


Meg is an absolute sewing rockstar!  Her blog title (Sew Liberated) perfectly describes what she does best to liberate your wardrobe.

She has a little bit of everything, including garments, accessories, and organizing tips that will help you become a more efficient seamstress.  

She tells you exactly how to fit clothing without using any expensive. Sew Liberated is a sewing shop with a sewing blog

She tells you exactly how to fit clothing without using any expensive. Sew Liberated is a sewing shop with a sewing blog

Liesl Gibson founder of oliverands blog

Liesl Gibson founder of oliverands blog

Liesl loves to dive into the history of clothing and sewing so that she can figure out how historic garments were made.

She is trying out old-timey sewing techniques on modern fabrics, which makes for quite an interesting blog!  


Let’s celebrate the work & accomplishments of these bloggers.  I hope you have enjoyed getting to know them a little better too.  

If you could nominate 1 or 2 bloggers for this list, who would they be?  

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