Top 35 Best Sewing Blogs For Beginners And Every Newbie

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Are you looking for the best sewing blogs for beginners? This article will assist you in finding the top 35 best blogs. The crazy little project, the sewing loft, and Mayra are among the best blogs for sewing. Sewing is becoming more and more popular nowadays.


Sewing blogs play a critical role in helping beginners start sewing simple projects such as making pillowcases, curtains, and aprons.

They help you improve your sewing skills and fulfill your social needs. Sewists share their ideas, projects, and product reviews and provide suggestions on fixing problems encountered during sewing projects.

We have compiled a list to help you start your sewing journey. So, let’s get started reading this article.


Best Sewing Blogs For A Beginner

Here’s the list of the best sewing blogs for every newbie.


#1. Crazy little projects

This DIY sewing blog is packed with cute and exciting ideas for newbies, both adults, and children. Such as the best things to sew for kids.


#2. The sewing loft

This is another excellent sewing blog for beginners, and it is equipped with a wide range of resources and tutorials to start learning sewing if following a website.


#3. All free sewing

Excellent site for sewing beginners and experienced sewists. This blog contains 1000s of free sewing patterns, projects, and tutorials. In addition, you can download free sewing patterns, ebooks, and video clips.


#4. Easy peasy creative ideas

For creative ideas, don’t look further than Easy Peasy Creative Ideas. Petro shares many creative ideas such as techniques, sewing patterns, cool kids’ crafts, and many others.


#5. Saltwater kids sewing

This sewing site provides kids’ sewing patterns, sewing tutorials, and sewing tips for beginners. In addition, they offer free sewing patterns for kids’ sewing projects such as dolls, dress-up clothing, and little animals (etc.).


#6. Petit a petit sewing blog

Another excellent sewing resource packed with lots of sewing tips and ideas. It is the primary source of inspiration—the best sewing blog for you and your whole family on this kid-friendly blog.


#7. The selfish seamstress

This sewing site is filled with sewing tutorials, videos, and patterns. I found the sewing tutorials very helpful for beginners. It also has a sewing forum where members can discuss their sewing projects or who want to ask questions.


#8. Mayra

She is a sewing blogger and crafts her patterns. On Domenica’s site, many valuable tutorials, such as Learn how to Sew Button and How to Win a Bobbin. She quit her CNN job and has been an avid quilt maker.


#9. The sewing directory blog

A Platform for stitchers to find supplies, sewing patterns, sewing tutorials, sewing tips, and sewing forums. A great place to start your sewing journey.


#10. Threads magazine

This offers many tutorial videos on various stitches in dozens of free online tutorials.


#11. Prof. Pincushion

He offers lessons ranging from sewing inset sleeves to applying bias. Also, understand where you can find free sewing patterns online and new sewing patterns in the world of sewing.


#12. American sewing guild

Ramona has been a professional seamstress and quilter since she was a child. Her posts are always detailed, informative, and easy to understand. You can find tutorials on everything from embroidery to appliqué to patchwork quilts. Plus, she has videos that show you how it’s done!


#13. Sew, can she blog

SewCanShe is the ultimate sewing resource for all your needs. Learn how to sew and even create a fashion line with Sew Can She’s easy tutorials website written and edited by Caroline and her sister Beka.


#14. WeAllSew

This sewing is created for sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels. There are fun projects, patterns, tutorials, and videos to help sewers with their skills. WeAllSew offers tons of resources for those who love the hobby or profession! Whether looking at how-to guides or just some inspiration, this website’s covered it.


#15. Brittany at sew mama sew

Brittany at Sew Mama Sew is a sewing blog I recommend to any sewing newbie. She has everything from sewing machine reviews sewing patterns, sewing supplies, and much more. In addition, Brittany has a cool sewing room with all the latest cutting-edge sewing gadgets.


#16. The crafty Gemini

Vanessa Vargas Wilson is an instructor at the Pulsing Prism Afghanistan. In addition, her blog, The Crafty Gemini, demonstrates her sewing skills. These sites offer detailed information on how to sew clothes and even reviews about some of the machines used.


#17. Orange lingerie sewing patterns blog

The blog and the indie pattern label Orange Lingerie provide inspiration and encouragement via her tutorials, patterns, and books for all bra makers. She provides both the new bra maker with her patterns and tutorials. Both are shared on her blog, and her book O inspire—is one of the best sewing blogs for a beginners today.


#18. Sew sweetness

Sara Lawson is a writer, textile designer, and sewer extraordinaire. You can learn to sew, wire, and interact with anything from bag purses to coins.


#19. Kim Kight

Kimberly Kight has been sewing for a long time. Her now-shuttered blog True Up has helped shape and influence the modern fabric and quilting scene.


#20. Sew liberated

Meg McElwee chose to focus on her family, in particular her intended. These posts on Sew Liberated are filled with thoughts of enjoying our bodies and loving ourselves by our clothes. The power of homemade wardrobes is power made in own hands.


#21. Mimi G style

In cohosting He Sewed and Her Sewed with husband Norris Dánta Ford, Mimi G. When she isn’t writing stylish outfits, she runs the award-winning fashion and DIY website. There they feature tutorial videos and outfits sure to enchant any creative sewist.


#22. Mister domestic

Mister Domestic’s blog focuses principally on quilting. However, he has also taught sewing to make hats and bags and crochet and embroidery projects. Talk about a tradesperson: Mr. Domestic is very talented at quilting and pottery.


#23. Cashmerette

She established Cashmerette to share her inspirations and tricks of sewing while being celebrated by the tremendous Curvy Sewers of the World. She believes that one can improve confidence simply by changing a person’s clothing to fit into it and helps other folks understand to become more confident.


#24. Textilli

Textilli is an online sewing community with free sewing patterns for sewing enthusiasts. The sewing patterns they feature are on sale at various sewing blogs online.


#25. Sew Andrew

Andrew dominates the niche of men’s feminism sewing blogging with his style and origin.


#26. Pattern reviews

An online sewing community with sewing tips, sewing hacks, sewing machine reviews, and thousands of free patterns.


#27. Lladybird

It has plenty of striking patterns and new sewing tutorials for the beginner level.


#28. Curvy sewing collective

This is an excellent and one of the best sewing blogs for people who are larger or more than you. There is much more helpful information on measuring your curves fabrics and what will work best for you! They post pictures of themselves creating projects and interacting on the online forum. More dimensions of target segments are omitted.


#29. Heather Lou from closet patterns

She is a pattern designer, sewing teacher, and sewing educator for the modern maker. She teaches sewing techniques and patterns like quilting and tips, easy-to-follow sewing lessons for beginners, sewing dressmaking tutorials, and expert sewing tips.


#30. Tilly and the buttons

Tilly Walnes is the entrepreneur and patternmaker who grew Up Tilly Walnes’ empire over a five-year career. She founded Tilly and the Buttons fashion sewing blog. Before finding her first taste for success, she watched the popular television show The Great British Sewing Bee, whose success she’s built into an empire.


#31. Made by Rae modern sewing blog

The designer behind the maker Made in Rae sews designs for adults and young. She also reveals household items, including toys and gifts. It is her sincere and kind nature that helps her blog to be fun and relaxing. This blog is full of instructional material for adults and kids.


#32. Sew in love

One of the best sewing blogs for beginners. This sewing blog is dedicated to those who love sewing for fashion and family. You will get access to free sewing patterns, tutorials, and tons of inspiration at Sew in Love!


#33. Sewing insights

The most well-known sewing machine types and all sewing-related items are reviewed and rated on this blog.


#34. The fold line

The digital sewing forum or one store for all the sewing design requirements. This blog seems to be a sewing enthusiast’s heaven, filled with tonnes of ideas for your next project and all the most recent sewing information.


#35.  Satisfaction

Dedicated to providing us with lovely sewing fabrics, creative designs, and boutique goods, Sewisfaction is indeed an autonomous fabric-plus sewing studio. Subscribe to the blog for sewing news, vlogs, sewalongs, makers galleries, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


Can I teach myself to sew?

Learning sewing is easier than you think if you’re a beginner. You can start sewing classes as soon as you know the basics and techniques. To learn sewing, watch sewing tutorials, and read sewing blogs.


How to choose a sewing machine?

The type of sewing machine you need depends on what kind of sewing projects you want to make. As a Beginner, you should start with a simple and inexpensive primary machine. Here we compiled a list of the best sewing machines for beginners. Before starting anything, set clear goals for making clothes of what makes the best fabric.


What should I sew as a beginner?

Start sewing things you want to wear—research sewing patterns over the internet to get any sewing pattern that suits your lifestyle and skill level. Do not worry about sewing perfectly. Just start doing it! You may also be interested to know about basic sewing skills.


It’s A Wrap!

We are happy to know you have the top 35 best sewing blogs for beginners for every newbie. Sewing blogs are a great way to enjoy your hobby while improving your skills. Whether you want tips on beginners or advanced techniques, you can get anything from these sewing blogs.

Thank you, friends, for staying with us. Have a blessed day! Do you like our blog post? Could you share it with a friend? You may also want to read about how to make a shirt bigger without sewing and can you use a double needle on any sewing machine.

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