Top 5 Best Sewing Chairs For Comfort in 2021 Reviewed

Having the best sewing chair can prevent many body problems because sewing involves sitting down for a long period of time.

This means you need a chair for sewing that will let you dedicate all of your time to sewing other than dealing with discomfort or pain.

best sewing chairs

According to professional sewers, it is not advisable to use any kind of chair you want for sewing, this is because with a bad chair you have higher chances of experiencing body problems such as fatigued muscles, backaches, neck aches, and many others.

For this reason, it is a great idea to invest in the best sewing chair which is ergonomically designed to provide support for your joints and muscles and also being comfortable.

In this guide, we have listed the best sewing chair recommendations.

Summarised Comparisons Of The Best Sewing Chairs

Editor’s Pick: Arrow Height Adjustable Hydraulic Sewing Chair
Best Comfortable: HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair
Best Space Saving: Life Carver Mesh Adjustable Swivel Chair
Best Heavy-duty: Hbada Office Chair Desk Chair
Pain Relief: Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Delux Fabric Task Chair

Things to Consider When The Best Sewing Chair

Before thinking of what chair for sewing to buy, there are things and factors to consider these will help you get the best for your money.


Adjustability makes a big difference in how comfortable you are while sitting on the sewing chair. This determines how much you adjust, fine-tune, and modify your chair and the parts.

Though adjustable chairs cost a little bit high, they are worth it because they will support your body perfectly while sewing.

Ergonomic Backrest

One of the most problems for the sewers is backache. Having a sewing chair that is not supporting your back properly will cause uncomfortable, painful, and tedious aches.

It’s important to have a sewing chair with a backrest that is ergonomically designed. It will provide your back with all the support needed.

A chair for sewing with high-quality lumbar support will fit your back well.

Seat Height

It is important to choose a sewing chair with adjustable seat height

The best chair for sewing should have your hip on the same level with the knees or a bit high.

Having the knees and the hips on the same level allows you to press the pedal with your foot while sewing.

Seat padding

When choosing the best chair for sewing, comfortability should be one of the top priorities.

It is important to choose a sewing chair with enough padding on the backrest and the seat.

The better one is high-density foam. It should be a little bit firm and soft when you place it in order to support your weight, relieve pressure points and also promote blood circulation.

Weight Capacity

It is important to choose a sewing chair that will handle your weight because some chairs may break when the weight is too much.

Most sewing chairs can handle people weighing up to 250 pounds. So if you weigh 200 pounds on less, you shouldn’t worry.

Caster Wheels

This is a must for any considering owning a sewing chair. Poor quality caster wheels may be lead to the breakage of your floor.

And also you should consider buying a chair for sewing with a 360-degree swiveling function. This allows you to move in any direction without having the strain on you while moving it.

Lumbar support

This is very helpful especially for people suffering from back pain. It provides support to your back and promotes good posture.

It should have an attached pillow where you put your back, slightly bend or bump

Top Best Sewing Chair Review

Editor’s Pick: Arrow Height Adjustable Hydraulic Sewing Chair

Best Sewing Chairs

According to professionals and experienced sewers, this is so far the best-dedicated chair for sewing and our top pick.

We tested the hydraulic sewing chair and it makes you feel comfortable most especially for long hours at a sewing machine. It is easy to use and moves around easily and easy to use.

Another thing we liked about this sewing chair is the backrest and seat, They are firm and also make you feel very comfortable. The chair comes with a bright fabric cover and it looks very durable.

This chair comes with useful hidden storage under the seat cushion and this gives you space to keep your sewing essentials. The height is fully adjustable and comes equipped with easy controls to use. In this way, you will comfortably sit without worrying.

It also comes with the lowest setting of 18″ and the highest 22 inches. This sewing chair is designed with targeted lumbar support which allows you to craft and sew comfortably for long periods of time.

What we like

  • The stylish bright fabric pattern makes it very stunning
  • The chair is very comfortable and stable
  • Comes with storage.

Best Comfortable: HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair

Best Sewing Chairs

Being made by the HON brand makes it the best sewing chair. The HON Brand has been making chairs, desks, and cabinets for decades, so you should expect something comfortable, of high quality, and sturdy.

We test this sewing chair and realized that it is assembled easily and quickly. The cushioned 2 layers padding feels very firm and thick on both the back and the seat than the Bernina sewing chair, this will keep you cool and comfortable while sewing.

It comes with tilt tension which keeps your chair in an upright position to avoid slouching. It is budget-friendly due to its great functions.

It is great for those working for 8 – 10 hours

What we like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Friendly budget
  • Tilt tension function
  • Comes with mesh material
  • Five-star resin base
  • Durable wheels

Best Space Saving: Life Carver Mesh Adjustable Swivel Chair

Best Sewing Chairs

If you don’t want to spend too much and looking for a cheap sewing chair, then consider Life Carver Mesh chair.

The chair features a space-saving design which is great for those with a small area for sewing. The seat height is adjustable from 35 to 47cm. It also comes with a breathable and lightweight mesh material to keep you comfortable.

For an excellent sewing experience, the chair features ergonomic lumbar support.

What we like

  • Easy Height Adjustment
  • Breathable Material
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Ergonomic Design

Best Heavy-duty: Hbada Office Chair Desk Chair

best sewing chairs

This work-from-home sewing chair is the best seller on Amazon and the best sewing chair when it comes to handling heavy duties.

The chair is easy to assemble, very comfortable, and the value for money is worth it. It is portable in size fits very well in a small room and the am rest folds up very well and easily under the table.

This sewing chair comes with a high-density mesh backrest, it is very stretchy and flexible for the comfort of the back. The mesh backrest is also breathable reduces the chances of sweating if sitting for a long period of time.

The sewing chair is adjustable from 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches and has a 120° tilt tension. It also comes with a stable and durable heavy-duty base with a max capacity of 300lbs and silenced rolling casters.

What we like

  • It has a heavy-duty base
  • Adjustable from 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches
  • Come with a 120° tilt tension
  • Space-saving sewing chair
  • Breathable mesh material

Pain Relief: Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Delux Fabric Task Chair

Best Sewing Chairs

Rated Amazon’s choice in work from home chairs by Boss Office Products, this is the best sewing chair for petite sewists. It is the right choice for instant relief for the sciatic and persistent back.

If you have back pain, it will be gone in 3 days of using this chair. It is very comfortable and easy to use. It comes with a waterfall seat edge, this reduces pressure when using it for a long period of time.

With the pneumatic adjustment function, you can adjust the seat height from 18.5 to 23.5 inches.

This sewing chair comes with a waterfall-contour seat for relieving stress to legs and also reduce pressure especially if sitting for a long period of time.

It comes with hooded double caster wheels for moving in any direction easily and can not damage the floor. It is also lightweight weighing 18 pounds only.

Designed with lumbar support with adjustable depth and back height to correct your sitting posture.

What we liked

  • Cushioned with waterfall seat to reduce leg pain
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Very comfortable and easy to use.
  • Affordable
  • Instant relief to back pain

Benefits of Best Sewing Chair

There are good things when you buy a great chair for sewing.

Save Your Back and Pain

Having a good sewing chair will save you from many back issues like spine abnormalities, joint issues, intervertebral disc disease, and so many others.

A good chair will keep your body in a very good posture reducing the issues faced when sitting for a long period of time.

Best Sewing Chairs in Conclusion

Sewing becomes enjoyable when you have the right tools and also feel comfortable and snug. Having a good chair for sewing will keep you and your body in the right position and also give you support.

The best sewing chair will also prevent you from getting health problems.

We hope the buying guide and sewing chair reviews will help you find the best sewing chair.

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