Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Machine Review

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Brother Project Runway CS5055prw

The Brother project runway CS5055PRW machine review! A sewing machine is an essential tool for any sewer. If you are starting up, it’s best to invest in a good-quality machine.

Brother Project Runway, a CS5055PRW Sewing Machine, is one of the most popular machines on the market.

Brother has designed it with an eye on fashion, functionality, ease of use, and reliability. It will make your sewing experience easy, fun, and productive!

It has many features, including ten needle positions, six presser feet (including a zipper foot), an auto-needle threader, and twin-needle capability.

The LCD screen also shows stitch length and width, which can be adjusted, and the presser foot pressure- you have complete control over this machine!


Brother CS5055PRW Review – Why Choose?

The Brother project runway CS5055PRW is a computerized machine as well as an affordable one, so you will still have all the features of a high-end sewing machine without paying a lot of money.

The package includes 50 built-in stitches, including stretch and blind hem stitches, a buttonhole foot, a zigzag foot, a quilting guide, and a seam ripper. The free arm makes it easy to sew cuffs and sleeves like those found on T-shirts or long jackets.

The versatility of the Singer CS5055PRW has made it a popular and widely used sewing machine across the United States, Canada, and Europe. It has been described as heavy-duty by some buyers who were pleased with its overall performance.

It is worth mentioning that it is not a lightweight machine, so if you are looking for something light, this may not be the one for you. Many satisfied customers have also described it as easy to use and reliable. My advice would be to read all the reviews before making your decision!


The Details Of Brother “Project Runway” CS5055PRW Machine

Look at the details of these amazing sewing machine:


The look

The Project Runway logo is proudly displayed on the white background of the CS5055PRW, and the blue stitch chart is easy to read on the right side. Its diminutive dimensions will fit into any sewing room next to a bigger Brother or on its own. With a good carrying bag – provided by some suppliers – it’s a cinch to move to a cupboard if you need some extra space.


Design and structure

This project runway model was created to provide couture-level and stitch quality. This machine is computerized and straightforward, with more built-in stitches than many other sewing machines such as the Brother Project Runway a CS5055PRW. It is a mid-range, reliable machine with a larger sewing machine and a wide table, making it ideal for more significant projects. With a weight of around 16.4 pounds, this model is most dependable when used with numerous convenience features.



  • Weight: 10.65 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5 x 10.8 x 16 inches
  • Speed: 850 stitches per minute
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Computerized
  • Bobbin: Quick set drop-in bobbin system
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty


Features overview

  • 50 built-in stitches
  • 87 stitch functions
  • Free arm
  • LCD screen
  • Five automatic buttonholes
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Fast bobbin winding system
  • Built-in stretch stitches (for stretchy fabrics)
  • LED light to illuminate the sewing area
  • Twin needle capable
  • Vertical spool pins for consistent thread feeding
  • Variable needle positions
  • 7-point feed dogs
  • Adjustable thread tension control
  • The maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches/per minute
  • Maximum stitch width 7mm, maximum stitch length 5mm
  • Drop feed capable
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Adjustable stitch width and length
  • One touch reverse
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Foot controller


Built-in stitches

As I mentioned, the CS5055PRW has 50 built-in stitches that can be adjusted to suit different fabrics. These include decorative and heirloom stitches that provide an array of options. With the stitches available, you can craft and design beautiful projects.


LED light

The machine has a bright LED light that illuminates the workstation, which is particularly useful when sewing in a space without many lights on.



Five one-step custom-sized buttonholes are also included, allowing you to make a beautiful buttonhole on your garment.


Automatic threading

We’re all familiar with the frustration of threading a needle. The threading process is something that Brother is proud of, and after you get used to it, you won’t be able to live without it. The machine features an automatic needle threader.


Feed system

Feeding mechanisms are essential to achieving a better finish, especially on denim. You may use more difficult fabrics if you have some expertise.


Thread cutter

The thread cutter is located in the rear of the machine on the left, making it simple to cut your needle threads. It becomes simple to begin a new sewing section after you get the hang of this manual thread cutter.


Presser’s feet

In addition to achieving designer-quality results, this model includes a wide range of presser feet to enable you to create professional-looking results on various textiles. These are some examples:

#1. Button sewing foot

#2. Buttonhole foot 

#3. Monogramming foot 

#4. Overcasting foot 

#5. Blind stitch foot 

#6. Zipper foot


Who should buy Brother project cs5055prw?

It has a simple set-up and uses, making it perfect for beginners to utilize straight away. The Brother CS5055PRW is ideal for both beginners and intermediate users. However, it may not be able to handle the rigorous and intensive use of professional users. This is the sewing machine you can bring to class with you that is lighter than most.


Pros of Brother CS5055PRW

Here are its pros:



The Brother CS5055PRW sewing machine is a slim and lightweight model that weighs 10.65 pounds and has a handy handle for transport. This product’s lightweight makes it convenient for a child or someone with limited strength.



The CS5055PRW does not suffer from this issue, remaining in position and ensuring you get the high-quality look you desire. You won’t have to worry about any patterns or projects being damaged by jumping or shaking.


Easy to thread 

The CS5055PRW contains an automatic needle threader, meaning that you can easily thread the machine without any hassle. The automatic needle threader is a thin hook inserted into the needle’s eye via a simple lever.



A sound feeding system is always appreciated. Apart from keeping your lighter fabrics from bunching, they assist with heavier or more unusual materials.



This machine isn’t only intended to handle a wide range of tasks but also to keep tackling new ones for years to come. It lasts long against an array of materials, all-night projects, and bursts of creativity. It’s not only sturdy but also robust enough to withstand the test of time. You may also be interested to know about Brother troubleshooting.



Brother PR CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

  • Six sewing feet
  • foot, buttonhole foot, monogramming foot)
  • Large/medium/small spool caps.
  • Built-in accessory storage
  • Needles (twin needle and ballpoint needle)
  • Bobbins
  • Screwdriver
  • An extra spool pin
  • Seam ripper
  • Cleaning brush


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve known Brother project runway CS5055PRW machine review! You may also want to read about how to use a brother sewing machine for beginners and how to replace spool pin on brother sewing machine.

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