Brother Sewing Machine Needle Size Chart, Types, and Replacement

The sewing machine needle is one of the most things when it comes to sewing machine parts and sewing.

Maybe you’re looking for a Brother sewing machine needle replacement, but choosing the proper needle suitable for all your sewing projects can be a little bit tricky.

brother sewing machine needle

But luckily this Brother Sewing Machine needle guide will give detailed information you need to know in order to get the sewing machine needle suitable for your sewing projects.

Things You Should Know About the Sewing Machine Needles

There are several factors to consider when choosing the correct size of your sewing machine needle.

  • The fabrics are of a heavyweight you need to use thicker sewing machine needles.
  • When sewing lightweight fabrics, you will need to use fine sewing machine needles.
  • When doing embroidery, use needle 75/11.
  • Use needle 90/14 when embroidering heavyweight fabrics such as denim, puffy foam, cotton, polyester, and linen
  • Home sewing machine needles should be used in your sewing machine only.
  • Use a golden ballpoint needle 90/14 with stretch fabric to prevent skipped stitches.
  • If the needle is small, the finer it will be.
  • Golden ballpoint needles 90/14 are good for embroidery, as they cause injury when they bend or break, causing injury.
  • Never sew with a bent sewing machine needle as it can easily break and cause injury.

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Sewing Machine Needle Chart Sizes Explained

The sewing machine needle to used depends on thread and fabric thickness

brother sewing machine needle

Sewing Machine Needle Types

Here is all need to know about Brother sewing machine needle types.

Ball Point Needles

These are also referred to as jersey needles and they are made for materials such as polyester, poly-cotton, and viscose.

Universal Point Needles

These are all-purpose sewing machine needles used for woven and knitting. They come in many sizes but popularly comes in size 14/90 and 11/75.

Leather needles

These wedge-shaped needles and also have sharp cutting points. They are best for suedes, leather, and so many others.

Embroidery Needles

When doing embroidery, these are the needles you will need. These embroidery needles enable the machine to sew dense designs at a significant speed.

Sharp or Microtex Needles

These are a must-have if your work involves mostly sewing tight woven fabrics. They have thin acute points for creating straight stitches.

Metallic Needles

If you’re working with metallic threads, then you need these types of sewing machine needles.

Twin Needles

These are two needles and they are used to stitch two rows at the same time.

Quilting needles

These are made for piercing and quilting. They have a design to eliminate skipped stitches.

What Are Parts of a Sewing Machine Needle

sewing machine needle parts

A needle is equipped with various parts and each performs different functions.

  • Butt – This facilitates insertion into the needle bar or clamp
  • Shank – This is the thicker part of a sewing machine. It supports the needle by providing additional strength
  • Shoulder – The section between the blade and the shank
  • Blade – This one is subjected to the greatest amount of friction and hence heat when it passes through the material
  • Long groove(s) – This provides a protective channel in which the thread is drawn down through the material.
  • Short groove – Found on a long groove, it assists in throwing the loop of sewing machine needle thread.
  • Eye – At the end of the blade
  • Scarf – This permits a closer setting of the hook, looper, or shuttle to the needle.
  • Point – These provide penetration of the sewn material according to the desired stitch effect.

Brother Sewing Machine Needles FAQs

What needle do I need for my Brother’s sewing machine?

For any brother sewing machine, you need to use a 90/14 to 100/16 regardless of the thread or fabric.

All Brother sewing machine needles universal?

Yes, most of the Brother sewing machine needles are universal and made to work on top sewing machine brands.

Are all Brother sewing machines use the same needle?

Yes, all Brother sewing machines use the same needle, though the size differs depending on the material of the fabric you want to sew.

Strongest sewing machine needle?

The strongest sewing machine needle is 90/14 – 100/16 for heavy fabric, bag making, and upholstery.

What is the best needle for Satin?

The best sewing needle for satin is Sharp/ Microtex and the needle size si 65/9 – 75/11.

What is a 100 16 needle used for?

100/16 needle is used for tough and heavyweight fabrics such as Denim, Corduroy, Tweed.

What is the sharpest sewing needles?

The sharpest sewing needles are Sharp or Microtex Needles with thin acute points for creating straight stitches.

Can a twin needle be used on any sewing machine?

Yes, a twin needle or double needle can be used on any sewing machine which sews both a zig-zag stitch and a straight stitch. But if your sewing machine only sews a straight stitch, a twin needle can not be used.

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