Can a Tailor Make a Shirt Smaller

Dressing better can have a big impact on your life. The right clothes can make you appear more attractive, confident, and successful — and they’ll also help you feel that way, too. Most of us have a few clothing items that don’t quite fit, but there’s no reason to toss them. With a few professional alterations from a qualified tailor, you can be every bit as well-dressed. But can a tailor make a shirt smaller?

Yes, a tailor can take in the sides of your shirt to make it smaller. The tailor will cut a few inches for a better fit. However, you need to be aware that taking fabric out of the sides will change the proportions of the shirt. If you are already at the upper end of your size range, you might find that the sleeves are now too big, or the collar is too loose.

Can a Tailor Make a Shirt Smaller

Who is a Tailor?

A tailor is someone who makes, repairs, and alters garments to suit the needs of an individual customer. Generally, a tailor’s work involves measuring clients, discussing requirements, selecting suitable fabrics, making patterns, cutting fabrics, and constructing garments.

What Does a Tailor Do?

A tailor takes your measurements and ensures that the clothing you wear is cut and sewn to fit your body exactly. They often specialize in one category of clothing, like wedding dresses or suits. Some tailors will also take care of alterations on clothes that you already own, fixing rips, tears, and other damage.

Most tailors are skilled at working with fabric, needles, and thread to create any number of items, from shirts and dresses to ties and tuxedos. Their skills allow them to work quickly and accurately so that your custom clothing fits perfectly. When someone needs an item of clothing created from scratch or an existing piece altered to better suit their body shape and size, they turn to a tailor for help.

Can a Tailor Make a Shirt Smaller

Yes, a tailor can make a shirt smaller. Many people have a difficult time finding shirts that fit them properly. They’re either too large in the sleeves or body, or the shirt is simply too long. If you have this issue, you can take your shirts to a tailor to have them altered so they fit better. One alteration that is commonly made is shortening the length of a shirt. A tailor should be able to shorten your shirt easily and inexpensively.

So, for example, if you have a 16 1/2″ collar shirt that’s too big, a tailor might be able to take it down to a 15 3/4″ or 15 1/2″ collar. The amount they can reduce the size of the shirt will depend on how much excess fabric there is in the seams and how far along the seam line they are willing to go.

How Much Does It Cost to Tailor a T-Shirt?

It usually costs between $15 – $50 to tailor a shirt. The price will depend on the type of alteration being made and how long it will take for the tailor to complete the task.

If you’re just looking for a small alteration, like taking up the hem of a T-shirt, then it will probably only cost you $10 to $20. If there are multiple alterations that need to be made, then it might cost more than $20, but not more than $50.

  • Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Alterations: Starting at $10 (Hem Only)
  • Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Alterations: Starting at $25 (Basic Alterations)
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt Alterations: Starting at $30 (Basic Alterations)

How Many Sizes Can a Shirt Be Taken In

The most common alterations done to a shirt are the sleeves, at the shoulders, and in the body. The shirt can be taken in one or two sizes, depending on its construction and fabric. For example, a man’s dress shirt can be taken in up to two sizes. Anything more than that, and it will look too tight or too small.”

How Long Does It Take to Tailor a Shirt

Well, that depends. A tailor can alter your existing shirt (change the sleeves, adjust the waist, and so on) in just 30 minutes to 2 hours, but if you need a completely new shirt made, or if you have multiple shirts that need alterations, then the time frame is going to be longer.

How to Make a T-Shirt Smaller Without Sewing

If your favorite T-shirt or blouse is looking a little baggy, you don’t have to relegate it to the back of your closet. You can easily shrink the shirt down to size in just a few steps

First, wash with hot water

Wash your shirt or blouse in hot water. The hotter the water, the more aggressively the fabric will shrink.

Dry on the hottest water setting

Place the shirt or blouse in the dryer and set it to high heat. Keep an eye on it; leave it in for too long and you’ll end up with something that’s too small. If you just want to shrink the garment slightly, then 10 minutes should be enough; for more dramatic shrinking, keep the shirt in for 20 minutes or more.

Lastly hot steam iron

Finally, take an iron and hold it over areas of the shirt that you want to shrink down. The heat from the iron will cause those areas to shrink down even more than they already have been shrunk by the washing machine and dryer.

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