Can You Use Embroidery Thread For Sewing Machine? A Detailed Guide!

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Can You Use Embroidery Thread for Sewing

Are you wondering can you use embroidery thread for sewing machine? We cannot deny that sewing thread is what we usually use in our day-to-day sewing tasks. However, in some cases, it can be hard to find. That’s when embroidery thread might come in handy.

Threads are made out of different materials, colors, and sizes. Some are made for special projects like lace and decorative stitching. Others are for general purpose use.

If you are looking for an alternative to sewing thread, embroidery thread might be your best bet. Embroidery thread is one of the mediums used for making designs. It is a very thin and robust thread made from synthetic materials which gives it the exceptional quality of being more flexible than synthetic threads.

It’s essential to choose a type and color that matches your project so that it comes out perfectly. Now you are probably asking yourself, can embroidery thread be used for regular sewing.

Can the embroidery thread be used for regular sewing: The answer is yes, embroidery thread can be used for regular sewing. Even if these threads are specially designed for embroidery but overall, it’s a great alternative source for a thread maybe when you don’t have access to the correct type of sewing thread you want.


Can You Use Embroidery Thread For A Sewing Machine?

Embroidery thread can be a perfect alternative to regular sewing thread because of its softness and elasticity. I know because I have been using it for almost a week. Embroidery thread is, after all, thread. It has a similar purpose to a regular thread; it’s used to sew fabrics together, in this case, more often than not, decorative fabrics such as cotton, silk, and satin.

Can You Use Embroidery Thread for Sewing
Can You Use Embroidery Thread For Sewing Machine? A Detailed Guide! 8

Observe the properties of your thread before you use it. While it may be strong, it may not have the strength to handle the task you intend to use it for.

When using embroidery thread for sewing, paying attention to your needle is essential. The needle should be more delicate than the one you would use for regular sewing so that it does not break the embroidery thread.

So, can you use embroidery thread for sewing machine? Continue reading to know more about our topic.


Is Embroidery Thread The Same As Sewing Thread?

Is embroidery thread and sewing thread the same, and can you use them interchangeably? Embroidery thread and sewing thread are not the same. While sewing threads are made of natural fibers like cotton and linen, embroidery thread is a synthetic fiber.

The main difference between the two types of thread is that while sewing thread is used to stitch fabric pieces together, embroidery thread is used to create embroidery designs on the fabric.

The thickness of the two types of threads differs as well. While sewing thread is thinner than embroidery thread, the latter has a bright color and glossy finish. Sewing threads are measured by weight.

They range from wonderful threads (cotton) to heavy-duty threads (polyester). The heavier-duty threads can be used for coarse fabrics, while fine threads should only be used on delicate fabrics.


Difference Between Embroidery Thread And Sewing Thread

When it comes to embroidery thread and sewing thread, the former is used for needlework while the latter is used for stitching clothes. There are some differences between these two types of threads.

Embroidery thread has a larger number of strands which makes it stronger than sewing thread, whereas sewing thread only has one strand. The color of embroidery threads is often more vibrant than those of sewing threads because they are dyed differently.

Embroidery threads are usually thicker, which makes them less prone to breaking or knotting. Sewing threads can be thinner and break or knot easier, making them softer too.

can you use embroidery thread for sewing machine


Can You Use Embroidery Thread For A Sewing Machine?

Of course, embroidery thread can be used in the sewing machine. Although most embroidery threads are manufactured to be used in embroidery, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used on sewing machines.

Some sewing machines are designed to sew with various thread and needle types. And many sewing machines have a special needle designed specifically for sewing with embroidery thread.

Also, the needle of the thread you choose should be according to the weight of the fabric that you are sewing with. Most embroidery enthusiasts will tell you that while many types of thread can be used in sewing machines, some types simply cannot be mixed with a sewing machine because they can not work with most machines’ needles.

Various users who have tried using embroidery threads on a sewing machine say that using them may damage stitches and even cause a jam.

can you use embroidery thread for a sewing machine


Can You Use Embroidery Thread For Bobbin?

Yes! You can use embroidery thread as bobbin thread, giving you similar results. But be careful that they both match in color so that the weft thread is not more visible than the warp. It is essential to be familiar with the differences between embroidery and bobbin thread for sewing purposes.

If you are using embroidery thread as your bobbin thread, you need to know how it behaves differently so that you do not have any problems with your project. Embroidery thread has a thicker core than regular cotton or polyester threads used as bobbins. It also feels more slippery and does not have the same elasticity level as other threads used for this purpose.


Can You Use Embroidery Thread For Hand Sewing?

Hand sewing is often overlooked for machine sewing because it is seen as a more tedious process. However, hand sewing with embroidery thread can be a great way to add detail and give depth to your designs.

Embroidery thread is not the only type of fiber you can use for hand sewing. You can also use yarn, linen threads, or even twine if you are in the mood for something different.

can you use embroidery thread for hand sewing


Can You Use Embroidery Thread For Sewing Clothes?

Yes, you can sew clothes with embroidery thread, although you must be very careful when using such threads. Embroidery threads can best be used to add details to the fabric, such as beads and sequins, creating a different texture on the garment. Embroidery thread can be used for hand embroidery and other crafts like rug hooking and quilting.


Is Embroidery Thread Strong And Thicker Than Regular Thread?

Because embroidery thread sews through multiple layers of fabric, it is strong and thicker than regular sewing threads.

Embroidery thread is much thicker than sewing thread because it is made. The strands that create the embroidery thread are thicker than those that create sewing thread.

Embroidery threads are made from different types of solid materials, such as rayon and polyester. The stitches of embroidery thread are stronger because they are more delicate threads.


Can You Use Embroidery Thread For Friendship Bracelets?

String for Friendship bracelets come in three varieties: embroidery floss, cotton thread, and shoelaces. Embroidery floss is standard because it’s inexpensive, smooth, versatile, and sturdy.


Is Embroidery Thread Washable?

Embroidery thread is washable, but there are some essential things to consider when washing it. Always better to hand wash embroidered clothes than machine wash as hand washing is gentle to thread, and embroidered stitches may last longer.

First, make sure you use the right type of thread. Cotton embroidery thread floss won’t withstand a trip to the washing machine. It will weaken at high temperatures and lose its sheen, whereas Polyester embroidery floss will hold up in high temperatures.

You can safely wash embroidery thread in cool water with the right detergent. Even though this thread is embroidery thread and not sewing thread, it can still be washed on a gentle cycle in cold water.


Is Embroidery Thread The Same As Cross Stitch Thread?

Both embroidery and cross stitch thread are available in tapestry and six-strand cotton, so they are very similar. Tapestry is the most basic type of embroidery thread, but the best quality embroidery thread is made of six strands, which makes it easier to handle.

Yarn-style stitches are used for cross-stitching. Both embroidery thread and cross stitch thread carry cotton threads in different nuances and colors.

While cross-stitch works like stitching with a needle and thread on cloth materials, embroidery is more of a needlepoint technique with the added elements of darning. Like regular knitting, you create a knitted look using multiple strands of embroidery floss or silk thread.

is embroidery thread the same as cross stitch thread


Will Embroidery Thread Bleed?

Embroidery thread bleeds, but it depends on the type and color of the embroidery threads. Rayon embroidery thread tends to bleed when washed, significantly the blue and red, while polyester embroidery thread doesn’t bleed. Embroidery threads are not supported when washed under the right conditions.


Can You Use Embroidery Thread For Quilting?

It is okay to use embroidery threads for quilting, especially polyester embroidery thread. Quilting with embroidery thread can produce some excellent and different results if you follow the tips below.

  • It is recommendable to pre-wash the fabric to remove the extra dye, dirt, and marks for clean stitching.
  • The length of the strand should be 18 inches long, as much longer than that will shred.
  • It is recommended to use a thread conditioner as it will from the tangling of the strand when quilting.

can you use embroidery thread for quilting


Best Thread For Sewing Machine

The sewing machine thread is an essential part of any sewing machine. Knowing the different types of threads available for a sewing machine is vital. Different threads have different levels of strength and durability, depending on how hard they are pulled, and they also have different types of textures.

The primary function of the thread is to provide a connection from one point to another point on fabric or from one bobbin to another bobbin inside a sewing machine. The type of thread used depends on what you want it to do – sew through many layers at once, or provide more control by only going through a few layers at a time. You may also be interested to know about sewing thread types.

The best threads for a sewing machine include the following;

  • Cotton Thread
  • Nylon thread
  • Polyester thread
  • All-purpose thread
  • Woolly Nylon
  • Silk Thread
  • Metallic thread
  • Rayon thread


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve known can you use embroidery thread for sewing machine! You may also want to read about Singer sewing machine not picking up bobbin thread and how to thread a Brother sewing machine.

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