Does Listerine Stain Clothes – How to Remove It

Mouthwash is great for freshening breath, reducing tooth decay, and whitening teeth. But did you know that mouthwash can also be used as a stain remover? Listerine, however, contains high levels of alcohol that are not good for the environment or your clothes.

Mouthwash stains are unpleasant, especially on white clothing. We have all done it, used a little too much Listerine while we brush our teeth, and spilled a few drops on our favorite shirt or dress. It is important to act fast before the stain dries in as these stains are notoriously hard to remove.

Does Listerine Stain Clothes? Yes, if your clothes drip or get splashed with mouthwash they can stain. You should try to avoid spilling mouthwash on clothes.

So what do you do if a glob of Listerine or Scope spit-out dribbles onto your shirt? Relax. All is not lost and there are ways to get out those stains.

Does Listerine Stain Clothes

Yes, Listerine mouthwash might leave some stains on your clothes? The same stuff that we use to clean our mouth, might leave a stain on your favorite shirt. While we’re not saying that you should stop using it altogether, you should learn a few tips for removing and preventing these unsightly stains.

Does Listerine Bleach Clothes

Listerine mouthwash won’t damage or bleach your clothes. The chemical in Listerine is alcohol so you can safely remove stains from your clothes with it. If there are white marks on your clothes, it’s not a big deal as long as you treat them correctly.

Does Listerine come out of clothes?

Yes, It is possible to remove Listerine mouthwash stains from clothes. As long as you know the right way to approach this very common stain, it’s going to be no problem. If you want to know how to get rid of this often dreaded pit stain once and for all, read the rest of this article and find out everything you need to know about it.

What Removes Listerine Stains from Clothes

It’s not that difficult to remove Listerine mouthwash stains from clothes. If you act fast enough, removing them is easy. There are many different ways to remove Listerine stain from your shirt or other garments, such as using liquid hand dishwashing detergent, vinegar, Ammonia, Chlorine bleach, or oxygen bleach.

You can remove Listerine stains by spraying a small amount of water on the stained area, dabbing and blotting to pull out some of the mouthwash and moisture at the same time.

To remove leftover Listerine stain from fabric, spray some detergent and water on the affected spot. Blot the mixture with a paper towel until the area is relatively dry. Continue to spray water and blot as needed until no suds come from the fabric.

How to Get Listerine Out of Clothes

Check the care label 

The first thing to do is to check the care label on your garment. If it says that it cannot be washed in any manner – including handwashing – then it should probably be left until it can be taken to a professional dry cleaner.

Scrape off excess material

Gently rub at the stain with your fingers until all of the excess Listerine has been removed from the fabric. Scrubbing too hard could damage your garment, so take care when doing this step.

Remove excess Listerine by turning your garment inside out and placing the stained area under cold running water. This will also help to minimize any excess fluid that is on your clothing.

Pour and Pre-treat with liquid laundry detergent

The first thing you need to do is pre-treat the stain. In other words, you have to dab the spot with some liquid laundry detergent and leave soaked for 15 – 20 minutes. 

This step is incredibly important since it is how you will be able to lift out the stain from the fibers of your clothing.

In addition to pre-treating your clothing with liquid laundry detergent, use a soft-bristled brush and scrub off any excess residue that remains on your clothing. 

The brush will help loosen up any stubborn stains or spots so that they may be washed away easily during the washing cycle.

Wash the garment

Place the garment in a washer with other items, and add detergent. Do not rinse out the detergent before placing the item into the wash.

Add the appropriate amount of detergent to the drum or detergent dispenser. Then, wash, make sure the machine is set to a hot water wash cycle and a high-temperature rinse. Check the care label of your garment for specific washing instructions.

Remove and check

At the end of your wash cycle, check whether the stain is gone or not. If it is, you can move on to the next step. If not, repeat the steps.

Dry the garment

To dry your garment, you have a few options. You can use a tumble dryer and set it on a hot cycle, or dry the garment outside in the sun. 

Does Mouthwash Stain Carpet 

Yes, mouthwash can stain your carpet. Mouthwash is a product that includes alcohol and other ingredients that may be damaging to fabrics such as carpet. If you accidentally spill mouthwash on your carpet, it may result in permanent stains.

How Do You Remove Mouthwash from Carpet?

Remove excess mouthwash

The first thing that you want to do is blot up as much of the excess mouthwash as you can with a clean white cloth or paper towel. 

You should try to absorb as much of the mouthwash as possible before proceeding further, this will help prevent having to tackle a larger stain later on. 

The more of the mouthwash that can be blotted up now, the less likely it will be for it to seep deeper into the carpet fibers causing a more troublesome stain. 

Make a cleaning solution

Mix 3 cups of warm water with a tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent to make a solution

Apply to the stains

Apply the mixture onto the affected area of your carpet and allow it to sit for about five minutes. The combination of the detergent and warm water will soften and dissolve any remaining residue left on your carpet so that you can easily clean it away.

Blot the area

After five minutes, use a clean towel to blot up any excess moisture left in the carpet by applying gentle pressure. This will help lift out any remaining residue and restore your carpet to its original state.


Finally, vacuum over the area with your vacuum cleaner to lift and remove any remaining dirt particles.

Removing Listerine Stains Related Questions

Can you use Listerine in the washing machine?

Yes, you use Listerine in the washing machine. Simply add a cup of mouthwash to your washer or washer’s compartment. Run the wash cycle with hot water. Mouthwash will cleanse your machine of debris, mold, and mildew.

Does Listerine stain carpets?

Yes, Listerine can stain your carpet. It is never a good idea to spill Listerine on your carpet, so take care when handling it. However, if you do spill some on your carpet, don’t panic. Follow these steps to remove the stain:

What stains Cannot be removed from clothes?

There are those stains that prove to be more difficult than others. You know, the ones that have already dried up and won’t budge no matter how hard you try. They’re the worst and can sometimes make you think the shirt is lost forever. They include the following:

  • Chocolate
  • Poop
  • Red Wine
  • Blood
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Grass Stains
  • Permanent Marker

Does Listerine stain teeth?

It is recommended that Listerine be only used at night, before bed, because it can stain your teeth if used more often.

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