10 Free Online Sewing Classes You Should Take Now

Are you looking for free online sewing classes? So you have your sewing machine already but you don’t know to sew. Now looking for free online sewing classes to level up your skills.

These free sewing classes will help you acquire knowledge and learn how to repair and sew garments, curtains, pillowcases, do home decor and so much more.

free online sewing classes

Luckily we have prepared a list of the best free online sewing lessons and classes you can go through from the comfort of your home.

It’s free it’s fun !!!

1. Made to Sew

Are you a beginner looking to take your sewing skills to the next level, Made to sew offers the best sewing classes for beginners. They have a full sewing course on youtube and the playlist is completely free.

They have workshops and instructors in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia.

Sewing Classes and Lessons Offered

  • Sewing basics
  • Dressmaking
  • Pattern cutting
  • Home furnishing
  • Crafting and Tailoring focused

2. SkillShare – Sewing 101

free sewing classes
Skillshare Online Sewing Fashion Classes

Skillshare is another platform to consider when thinking of free sewing classes. This is an online learning platform, they give you a step-by-step on how to sew.

You can access over 20 free sewing lessons.

One of the most popular sewing classes on Skillshare is SEWING 101 – The basics offered by Valeria Garala. Valeria is a Surface Pattern and textile designer.

Sewing Classes and Lessons Offered

  • Sewing 101 – The basics
  • Sewing 101 – Dress Making from Scratch
  • Sewing 101 – Choosing and using an overlock machine
  • Sewing 101 – Creating your own Lingerie
  • Sewing 101 – Learn to read sewing patterns

And so many others.

3. Sewing 101 | Udemy

free sewing classes

Now you might spend so few dollars if you want to build a strong sewing foundation. Udemy is also an online learning platform and they offer a variety of courses.

This sewing class is led by Sewing Instructor Margaret Smith. She loves sewing and is addicted to crafting, sewing, and DIY projects.

Margaret Smith has a 4.5 instructor rating with 1,413 reviews and 9869 students.

What you will learn from this sewing lesson

  • Sewing machine basics
  • How to thread your sewing machine
  • How to make a bobbin
  • Cutting out the fabric
  • Pin the fabric to make it easy to sew
  • Sewing in a straight line
  • Seam finishes and a multitude of stitches
  • How you can sew the 4 basic seams correctly
  • How to sew an envelope pillow

4. Easy Sewing Class For Beginners By Good Housekeeping

If you already have that sewing machine in your closet and looking for the fastest sewing class to get started, learn how to sew by Good Housekeeping is the class you should join now.

This 25-minutes class is offered by sewing expert Gretchen Hirsch. She is a sewing blogger, sewing author, and pattern designer.

Hirsch goes through all the simple skills you need to make a simple garment. She will give simple basic sewing projects that will help you get started with your sewing journey.

She also teaches you all parts of the sewing machine such as a foot pedal, hand wheel, bobbin, stitch selector, stitches width and so many others

5. Basic Sewing Projects & Sewing Tutorials by Creativebug

Looking for all in one? then Creativebug is away to go. They let get access to a free trial including free sewing classes and more.

Creativebug also gives you a 1-year subscription for just $25 and you will get access to over 273 sewing classes and sewing lessons, art and design, sewing hacks, quilting, embroidery, knitting and so much more.

With this subscription, you also get access to sewing patterns and templates + their sewing community

Just in case you hate the sewing classes, you can request for refund.

6. Making Clothes By Evelyn Wood

You shouldn’t miss following this Youtube channel by Evelyn Wood. She provides the best free sewing classes for beginners. Her sewing tutorials are all about fixing and sewing clothes.

She also offers tutorials like how to clean a sewing machine, sewing tools you need and so much more.

Free sewing classes offered

  • How do you learn to sew
  • 10 things not found of sewing pattern
  • Sewing tools you need
  • Fixing fast fashion
  • Fixes for thread jam
  • Seam finish
  • Sewing problems
  • Beginner sewing tips

7. Jump Into Sewing Free Online Sewing Classes

This is one of the best sewing courses for kids. The course is offered by Instructor Sarah walking you through the sewing basics.

Sarah is a designer, sewing instructor, and pattern maker. She started sewing at age of 6 and graduated Apparel Arts patternmaking program.

You also get access to bonus materials if you enroll.

The sewing lessons include

  • Exploring the sewing machine
  • Threading a sewing machine
  • Amazing placemat
  • Pillow project 1 and 2

8. Learn How to Sew by Oliver & S

If you’re looking for a collection of free sewing resources for beginners to get you started, Oliver & S is the number one choice.

They give access to free sewing articles and learn how to sew free sewing videos and tutorials. You also get access to free sewing patterns.

If you’re the newest sewer or looking to improve your sewing skills check Oliver & S

Free Sewing Classes include

  • How you can buy a sewing machine
  • Sewing machine basics
  • Needle and threading basics
  • Reading a sewing pattern
  • Sewing a seam
  • How you can sew a button
  • How to find your correct size of a pattern

And so much more

9. Threads By BD

This is also another sewing class youtube channel you should think of joining. If you’re looking for basic pattern tutorials, try Threads By BD.

This tutorial will help you learn different types of skirt patterns such as making the circle skirt pattern from scratch.

Free sewing classes include

  • Pattern making and cutting the fabric
  • DIY Fashion Crew
  • DIY-Bodice pattern tutorial
  • The Sleeve pattern tutorial
  • Threads By BD
  • Basic top patterns
  • Plain Sheath Dress patterns
  • Straight skirt pattern

10. Crazy Little Projects

Learn to Sew with these free online sewing classes for beginners. Beginning sewing projects along with how to, step by step sewing lessons that are free and easy to access. #sewing #beginningsewing #sew #patterns #sewingcrafts
Image by CrazyLittleProjects

Consider Crazy Little Projects if you’re looking for Free sewing classes to take at your pace.

They give you access to homework, beginner sewing projects, and free sewing lessons to practice.

Free Sewing Classes

  • Sew pre-lessons
  • Using a sewing machine
  • Sewing accessories you need
  • Sewing a Straight Line
  • ZigZag Stitch
  • Sewing Ruffles
  • Inserting a Zipper
  • Buttonholes and applique

Free Sewing Classes FAQs

Can you learn how do you sew online?

Yes, you can learn how to sew online with over 1000 free sewing classes, sewing tutorials, and sewing tips.

Some platforms do charge to get access to online premium sewing courses such as Skillshare, Craftsy, and Udemy

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