How Do I Set Up My Brother SE1900 Sewing And Embroidery

When I got my Brother SE1900 sewing machine for Christmas, it seemed like a perfect gift. I was eager to use the sewing machine to make clothes for myself, but I had no idea how to set it up. After lugging the box up to my apartment, I placed it on top of my dresser and stared at it for a while before I even began to open it.

After some research online I found out that there are many different parts to a sewing machine.

Best Commercial Embroidery Machines

The foot pedal, spool pin, bobbin winder, needle plate, and so on. I was a little overwhelmed at first but wanted to learn how to use my new sewing machine.  So I took the plunge and dove into it.

This article will help you identify what you need to do to sew. Knowing what you are doing before you attempt to sew will help you have a smoother time sewing. You have to know how to properly thread your machine, the type of needle that is best for your fabric, and then learn how to actually use the machine.

Brother SE1900 is an affordable sewing and embroidery machine that’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants something versatile.

Best Commercial Embroidery Machines

How do I set up my brother se1900

You start by using a needle threader to string the needle with the thread. Be sure it is threaded through the eye of the needle and not backward.

Next, you should cut both ends of the thread at an angle of 45 degrees.

Take one end and pull it back through the eye of the needle, then take the other end and pull it through.

Keep doing this until you have a small loop of thread, and then pull it all the way through the loop.

Tighten up the tension on your machine so that there is no slacker in the thread. Now place your fabric under the presser foot and hit start on your machine.

A general rule of thumb for choosing the right type of needle

  • Use the same size needle that you would normally use on your fabric. This may differ from machine to machine, so it is best to be sure that you have chosen the correct one before going ahead and sewing.
  • For example, Fine fabrics such as silk or chiffon require a very fine needle. If you were to use a thick needle on this type of fabric, the stitches will be more prominent and the fabric may even rip.
  • Using different types of needles can also help change up your stitch pattern (Fig.5). For example, if you wanted to make the stitch look like bar tacks (vertical rows), then you would choose a needle with a very big eye. The same goes for zigzag stitching, as the stitch will be larger if you use a thick needle (Fig.6).
  • Good quality needles last longer but low-quality pins may bend and break more often. To save money on pins, you can purchase ones that are meant to be used once.

What format does Brother SE1900 use?

Brother SE1900 is an embroidery machine that is most compatible with the PES and. DST formats. The most commonly used for most Brother embroidery machines is PES format.

Brother SE1900 Unboxing

The first thing I did when I opened it was to take out all of the stuffing and found a lot of other small pieces. The clear plastic wrap kept them organized and manageable.

I started by opening up the instruction manual and reading what it had to say about how to assemble the sewing machine for the first time.

Setup was not too complicated but there were a lot of steps that I needed to follow like sewing on the foot pedal, installing the needle, threading the machine, etc.

I began by putting together my table so that I could place my new brother se1900 sewing machine on it while working on setting up the rest of the items. It took some time but before long everything was done and ready to sew.

How do I use Brother SE1900?

The first thing that needs to be done before using the sewing machine is to make sure you have completely set it up and attached all of the necessary parts.

Unpacking the sewing machine

What I did first was to feed all of the cords through their proper holes and plugged each one into the back of the product before placing it down on my table. My table has a hole in the center so that when you are threading your needle, you can use both hands to safely thread it through.

Set up of sewing machine

I then plugged in the power cord and turned on the switch next to that. The stitching light turns on automatically when you turn on the machine, so don’t worry about having to change any settings.

The light turns on automatically

There is a cord attached to the machine that has an end for sewing with either your left or right hand (depending on which side you are). I made sure that I had my foot pedal plugged in, then moved my table lamp over to the left side of my machine where I would be doing most of my stitching.

I then started to sew while using the foot pedal to start and stop. The sewing speed was not too fast or too slow, but it was just right for me to lean on.

After a while of getting used to the speed, I began to move my foot a little faster while keeping my hands on the control panel. It was very easy to push the buttons for more power or go backward just in case I messed up or needed to stop.

How durable is my Brother SE1900?

My sewing machine was very durable and held up to a lot of wear and tear (Figs.7 & 8). I ran it over with my desk chair just to see if it would break or if I would have to get a new one. To my surprise, nothing happened to the machine – it just kept on going!

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