How Old Is My Janome Sewing Machine: Dating Guide

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The answer to how old is my Janome sewing machine can be determined via the serial number. We’ll talk about where to find it and how to read this number in more detail below. You will also know more about pricing to help you decide what to do with your unit. 

how old is my janome sewing machine

But first, do you already know how to use a Janome sewing machine? It’s a critical guide to read to ensure that your device performs well and lasts longer, regardless of its age. 


How Do I Find Out How Old Is My Janome Sewing Machine?

The best way to find the date your Janome sewing machine was manufactured is by looking at its serial number. It is composed of 9 digits, and it helps authorized Janome dealers to identify what specific model you have. This plate also mentions the place of manufacture, and you can use it to know what specific parts and accessories will be compatible with the sewing machine. 

Where is the serial number located on the Janome sewing machine? According to Janome, you should easily find the plate with the serial number at the back of your sewing machine. And once you have it, you can contact Janome for their records to find the date of your machine via the serial number, model name, and number. 

Unlike other brands like Singer, Janome doesn’t have a readily accessible database where you can just input the number and find the year the sewing machine was manufactured. 


How Old Is The Janome 11000?

It can be tricky to date the Janome 1100, and it would be best that you contact your local Janome dealer or where you bought it to be sure about its manufacturing year. However, forums have also discussed that it can be potentially dated around 2012 basing on Marie Osmond, who made a video for it as a spokesperson during that year. 

The Janome Memory Craft 1100 Special Edition’s MSRP is $7,999 as well, so you can expect that you can sell it for a high price. Janome marketed it as a 3-in-1 machine after all that can sew, embroider, and quilt for you. We suggest discussing with other owners of this model to help you price and date it better. 


Are Janome Sewing Machines Worth It?

Janome sewing machines are worth it, as you can expect with other Japanese sewing machine brands. This is because Janome always ensures that their models are durable and reliable while continuously innovating to help everyone be creative. The brand was also established in 1935, and to this date, continues to become a household name for sewing machines. 

Another reason why this company is among the best sewing machine brands is the milestones they achieved throughout the years. Janome released the first programmable and computerized features for a sewing machine in 1971. They even offered the first professional-style embroidery machine for home and the first long-arm quilting machine for home, proving their stance about innovation and creativity. 

But more than the brand, you must still know how to buy a sewing machine and consider various factors to help you get the best one. 


How Long Does A Janome Sewing Machine Last?

The expected lifespan of a Janome sewing machine depends on its parts, how you use it, and how you maintain it. You can find forums of Janome owners boasting that their unit lasted 11 years, while others mentioned they replaced their machine after five years. Therefore, it’s hard to say a specific life expectancy of any Janome sewing machine. 

If you want to get a Janome sewing machine and feel secured about its longevity, consider reading reviews from owners. Janome has manufacturing plants in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, which all follow the standards set by the brand regarding quality. As a result, each sewing machine model will differ in materials and features that can influence its longevity. 


Is It Worth Repairing A Sewing Machine?

It’s worth repairing a sewing machine, especially if it’s a family heirloom or an antique or vintage unit that is highly valuable because the brand only produced a few of it. However, you can also compare your expenses when it is serviced versus getting a new machine altogether. 

You can benefit from knowing where to find the Janome machine updates if your unit uses a new manual. From there, try repairing the machine at home using the manufacturer’s instructions for simpler issues. Then, go to a professional service center for more complex problems and get a computation of your expected expenses to decide if it’ll be worth it. 


Do Old Sewing Machines Have Any Value?

The value of an old sewing machine depends on its age, its rarity or uniqueness, and if it’s still complete with working parts. If you browse forums, some owners could sell their old Janome machines for more than a thousand dollars, while others can only offer theirs for a couple of hundreds. 



And that’s it! To recap how old is my Janome sewing machine, use the serial number and talk to your Janome dealer for their records. You can also try forums and blogs of other Janome owners to get an idea of how to date your machine. 

We hope this was helpful. Leave us a question below if you have any. 

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