How To Adjust Needle Position On Sewing Machine

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If you want to know how to adjust needle position on sewing machine, you only need to learn three steps. First, we will talk about how you can change the needle height for easier and comfortable sewing. You will also know the process for other brands, so you’ll always be ready with whatever model you have. 

how to adjust needle position on sewing machine

Speaking of needles, do you already know how to change a sewing machine needle? Our tutorial for it is simple and easy-to-follow, and you’ll benefit from learning these basic practices for sewing machines. 


How Do You Adjust The Needle Height On A Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Put in the needle

  • Install the needle on your sewing machine
  • The needle must be free of damages, and it should be sharp enough to avoid issues during sewing
  • Check if the position is correct and that the needle itself is correct for the project 

You can read this guide on how to put a needle in a sewing machine for more needles. 


Step 2. Set the needle to the lowest position

  • Lower the needle as much as possible and remove the bobbin case
  • Check the bobbin area so that you’re eye level with the needle eye
  • Adjust the needle as needed because you want to see most of the needle eye and not just its top portion

Step 3. Adjust the needle bar

  • Adjust the needle bar by accessing the screw that holds it in place, typically at the front of the sewing machine
  • Turn the screw counterclockwise while holding the needle bar to keep it from dropping accidentally
  • Adjust the loosened needle bar and then tighten it once you’ve selected the position you want
  • It would be better to have someone illuminate the area for you so that you can see the eye of the needle
  • Return the bobbin to the sewing machine
  • Thread the sewing machine and pull up the bobbin thread
  • Test several stitches to see if the machine works

How To Adjust Needle Position On Singer Sewing Machine?

  1. Study the manual of your Singer sewing machine
  2. Find the needle position selector and determine if you want the needle in the left, center, or right
  3. Check if the needle is out of the fabric
  4. Slide the lever and check if the indicator line is positioned under your preferred setting
  5. Center the needle for straight stitching or zigzag stitching

How Do You Change The Needle Position On A Brother Sewing Machine?

  1. Read the Brother sewing machine manual to see the diagrams
  2. The default needle position is straight stitch left or straight stitch middle
  3. Turn on the sewing machine and press the proper button on the display panel 
  4. Press the selector arrow to access the needle position setting
  5. Press the back button after you achieved the needle position you like 

Why Is My Sewing Machine Needle Off Center?

Incorrect needle bar height

Check if the needle bar height is correct. Various machines also differ in adjusting their needle bar heights, so review the specific model manual you have. You only need to see if the needle position dial is set to the center in most cases.

Improper needle installation 

The needle can move if it’s not installed securely. This means that it is pushed into the clamp. You can also check if the needle is installed correctly by finding the hole above the needle set screw because you’ll see the top of the needle seating at the top of the hole as well. 

How To Center The Needle In The Throat Plate

  1. Set the sewing machine for straight sewing
  2. Lower the needle as much as possible
  3. Loosen the screw and turn the stud to center the needle
  4. Tighten the screw and set the machine to the widest stitch position
  5. Turn the handwheel towards you 


Why Is My Needle Hitting The Needle Plate?

Wrong needle plate 

Use the proper plate suitable for the stitches you’re doing. For example, the straight plate is appropriate for straight stitches and a zigzag plate for decorative stitches.

Improper alignment of needle plate and presser foot

The needle plate and presser foot should be aligned properly because the needle can hit the needle plate. You can also adjust the stitch settings to keep the needle from hitting these two parts. 

Incorrect needle position

The most common reason why the needle keeps hitting the needle plate is if it’s out of position. You can quickly solve this by setting the needle to the lowest position and adjust the stitch width or length to align the needle. 

What Do You Do If Your Sewing Machine Needle Gets Stuck?

It can be frustrating if the needle is still stuck even after you loosened its screw. You can try hitting the machine or use a magnet to remove the needle. If a part of the needle fell below the housing, pull it out with needle-nose pliers. 


Was this article helpful? To recap how to adjust needle position on sewing machine, you’ll install and lower the needle. You can then adjust the needle bar holding the needle via the screw. 

For other issues, such as the needle hitting the plate, you need to check the parts and how you install them. For example, check the needle position, needle plate, or align the plate and presser foot. Let us know in the comments if you have more questions. 

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