How To Buy A Sewing Machine: 4 Factors To Consider

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Those who want to know how to buy a sewing machine can consider four factors. In this article, we’ll talk about how to select a machine and what features to consider. You’ll also know what stitches matter, especially for a beginner buying a sewing machine.

how to buy a sewing machine

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How To Buy A Sewing Machine For Beginners



  • Consider the size of the sewing machine, especially if you expect to bring it around
  • Some people also prefer a smaller sewing machine to save space
  • Besides the size of the sewing machine itself, you must also check the weight
  • A heavy sewing machine usually indicates better longevity because of using metal parts over plastic
  • If you expect to keep the sewing machine stationary at home, it would be better to invest in a heavier model because metal is more durable than plastic

Stitches it can do

  • Check the stitch options on your sewing machine to see if it can do the stitches you’ll often use in your projects
  • The basic stitches that the sewing machine must have include a straight stitch, stretch straight, zigzag stitch, tri-motion, blind hem, and buttonhole
  • The most basic and commonly used stitch that you must have is the straight stitch, while the zigzag stitch is excellent for finishing edges
  • If you are going to be sewing mainly clothing, you want your sewing machine to be able to do blind hem and buttonhole
  • Read this discussion between serger vs sewing machine if you’re interested in getting a separate machine for finishing the edges of your sewing projects

Brand reliability

  • Consider the brand of your sewing machine; the most popular ones to get are Singer and Brother
  • The advantage of getting a sewing machine from a famous brand that has been around for a long time is reliability
  • Big sewing machine brands offer good service and warranty
  • You want your sewing machine to have a lengthy coverage for its warranty
  • The sewing machine’s brand must also have good customer service, so you can contact someone in the long run of owning the machine
  • Do your research about your chosen sewing machine brand, including reviews and forums from people who’ve used the model
  • Invest in something durable rather than a cheap sewing machine that can get broken easily

Features worth noting

  • If you don’t want to worry about not knowing how to unfreeze a sewing machine or restore it once it jams, opt for a machine that is easy to clean
  • The sewing machine that is comfortable to clean and maintain won’t collect dirt and lint that can cause issues
  • Opt for a sewing machine with a full rotary hook made of metal instead of something that goes back and forth because it’s less likely to jam
  • Some sewing machines don’t require meticulous settings because they automatically adjust the pressure according to the material you’re sewing
  • Try the sewing machine in-store to see if you can do basic set-up and maintenance such as threading, oiling, or replacing the needle

What Are The Types Of Sewing Machines?

Mechanical sewing machine

A mechanical sewing machine means the user will do the adjustments himself. It has knobs and levers that you’ll twist or move to set the stitch length, needle position, and even the type of stitch. The advantage of a mechanical sewing machine is it has fewer parts that will need repairing than an electronic model. 

Electronic sewing machine

An electronic sewing machine uses a menu setting on an LCD. Instead of knobs, it usually has levers, and often, the machine automatically adjusts some features for you. But because it is electronic, you’ll always need a power source to sew with this machine. 

Both sewing machines are relatively easy to prepare, so read this guide on how to set up a sewing machine to ensure a smooth sewing experience. 


What Is The Most Reliable Brand Of Sewing Machine?

The most reliable brands of sewing machines include Brother and Singer. However, you can also consider other brands such as Husqvarna, Janome, and Pfaff. They offer various models, so it should be easy to select the best sewing machine based on the four factors discussed above. 


Huqsvarna Viking

  • Husqvarna Viking is one of the best brands known for zigzag stitches. They also have a good reputation for machines that use microchips.


  • Janome sewing machines are known for being high-quality both for household and industrial models. This is also an excellent brand to try if you want a computerized sewing machine. 


  • Pfaff is a European-quality brand, and their sewing machines are known for being long-lasting. In fact, you’ll see a lot of old Pfaff sewing machines working to this day. 


And that’s it! To recap how to buy a sewing machine, you must consider the model’s size, stitches, brand, and features. You can also check some notable brands for sewing machines, including Brother, Singer, Husqvarna Viking, Janome, and Pfaff.

We also have other articles regarding sewing machine maintenance that you can read after buying one. So if you don’t know how to put a needle in a sewing machine yet, give that a quick read. 


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