How To Change Light Bulb In Singer Sewing Machine

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Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to change light bulb in Singer sewing machine ? We wrote a step-by-step tutorial according to a Singer manual that you can read below. 

how to change light bulb in singer sewing machine

We’ll also talk about what bulb to use in sewing machines. It’s always helpful to know these basic maintenance practices on your machine, especially with the bulb since it illuminates the sewing workspace for you. 

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How Do I Change The Bulb In My Singer Sewing Machine?


The following instructions are applicable to Singer household sewing machines:

  1. Make sure that the Singer sewing machine is unplugged from the main socket
  2. Check the manual of the specific unit you have to know what bulb to use
  3. For most Singer models, use a rated 10 watts bulb if you’re in a 110-120V area or a 15 watts bulb if you’re in a 220 to 240V area
  4. Loosen the screw and remove the face plate accordingly
  5. Remove the bulb and replace the new one
  6. Return the face plate and secure the screw
  7. Contact your Singer dealer if problems occur


How Do You Remove The Light Bulb From A Old Singer Sewing Machine?

The following steps are for Singer 6217. If you own other models, please consult its manual for the removal of the sewing machine light bulb

  1. Unplug the old Singer sewing machine
  2. Prepare a 15-watt light bulb with a bayonet fitting or refer to the manual to know what bulb to use on the specific model you have
  3. Remove the face plate screw and pull the face plate to the left
  4. Hold the face plate down and away from the machine to access the light bulb
  5. Do not unscrew the light bulb, but instead, push it up into the socket
  6. Turn the bulb accordingly to unlock the bulb pin
  7. Pull the bulb down and away from the socket for complete removal


How do you change the light bulb from an old Singer sewing machine?

  1. Position the new bulb under the socket and push it in
  2. Turn the bulb accordingly to secure it in place; the directions of turning are illustrated in the manual
  3. With the presser foot up, return the face plate
  4. Reinsert its screw and tighten it to install the face plate


How Do I Change The Light Bulb In My Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific sewing machine you have and prepare the recommended light bulb type
  2. Turn off and unplug the sewing machine before changing the light bulb
  3. Find the screw on the cover and remove it
  4. Take off the front cover accordingly to access the old light bulb
  5. If the bulb is still hot, wait for it to cool down before removal
  6. Unscrew the current bulb and position the new one to take its place
  7. Install the light bulb securely
  8. Turn on the sewing machine to check if the bulb works


How often should you change your sewing machine light bulb?

Sewing machine light bulbs will eventually burn out, but it’s difficult to mention a specific period of when it will happen. However, when you notice that the light is dim and no longer helpful for sewing, you can replace your machine’s bulb. 

Do you know that the sewing machine’s light bulb does not even consume high energy? Read how many watts does a sewing machine use to learn more. 


Do All Sewing Machines Use The Same Light Bulb?

There are different sewing machines, so you can expect that they also differ in light bulbs. But, again, you can consult your unit’s manual to know the specific bulb it uses to ensure that it will work when replaced. 

An incompatible light bulb won’t even fit in the machine. And if you have issues after replacing the bulb, make sure to bring your machine to its dealer. 

A helpful tip when buying a sewing machine is to get a model that uses LED lights. They should last longer than other types, so you’ll also take long before needing to replace the sewing light. 


What Size Is A Sewing Machine Light Bulb?

Sewing machines differ in the light bulbs they use, so there is no specific size. But for some Singer sewing machines, they would use a 15-watt bayonet base light bulb that you’ll only push and twist to install. 


How do I fix the light on my sewing machine?

If the light bulb on your sewing machine no longer turns on and effectively illuminates your sewing area, it can be easily fixed by replacing it. But if putting a new bulb didn’t solve the issue, you might need to check the on/off switch of the sewing machine, or perhaps the bulb was incompatible with the machine/incorrectly installed. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to change light bulb in Singer sewing machine by removing the face plate to access the bulb. 

Then, you’ll just turn the current bulb for removal and install the new one accordingly. However, please refer to your model’s manual to know the bulb type to use.

We hope this was helpful; leave us a question if you have any. 


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