How to change the needle on a brother jx2517 sewing machine

Your sewing machine is an important tool in the pursuit of creativity. But it’s not enough to have a great machine- you also need quality supplies that make your projects go smoothly. One such supply is a sewing machine needle, which should be changed periodically for optimum performance and reduced wear on your fabric. Let’s take a closer look at how to change the needle on your sewing machine.

A new needle can result in – Seamless stitching with no skipped stitches or breaks; – Even tension throughout each stitch; – A smoother feel when moving the fabric under the foot pedal; and, most importantly, less damage to your fabrics from too much friction.

The Brother JX2517 Sewing Machine is a great machine for beginners as well as experienced users. Whether you are looking to create your own clothes or repair your existing wardrobe, the Brother JX2517 will not disappoint.

The sewing machine has a lot of advanced features that will make sewing more enjoyable. It also has a serger unit that can be used to finish off seams and hems automatically if you don’t want to do them individually by hand.

How to Change a Needle on a Brother Sewing Machine
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How to change the needle on a brother jx2517 sewing machine

1. Make sure that the power button is off and the machine is unplugged from the outlet

2. Take out all the thread from your machine so there’s nothing leftover in the needle with a screwdriver

3. Once you’ve taken them out, you’re going to want to take off the needle plate cover by sliding it back, then pull up on it until it pops off.

4. Make note of which way your old needle came out (hopefully this should be obvious based on its shape), then grab one of your new needles and gently slide it into a place where you took out your old needle. Make sure that you’re still holding onto both threads before putting everything back together

5. Put the needle plate cover back on and line up the point of your needle with the arrow above it before putting everything back together.

6. Pull the thread around to make sure that no knots are left behind, then guide them through each tension dial until they come out of one side and both threads go to their correct spools

7. Lower your needle into the bottom of your bobbin, then use one hand to hold that in place and pull your thread with the other until they tangle together

8. Open up your bobbin case door on the front of the machine and load it with a bobbin accordingly (you may find this tutorial helpful for further clarification)

9. Close your bobbin case door, then use the bobbin winder (the black part on top of your machine) to ensure that your thread goes through the tension discs and into the bobbin

10. Make sure that both spindles have their thread ends sticking out before you turn it until you hear a loud, satisfying click. Once it clicks, you’ll know that you can bring it over to your sewing machine and put it right on!

11. Make sure that both of the thread ends are showing, then turn your handwheel towards you until you hear a loud, satisfying click. Once it clicks, you’re all set to start sewing

12. Slide your needle plate cover back down, then you’re ready to go!

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What size needle does a brother jx2517 use?

A Brother JX2517 sewing machine uses a size 80/12 needle for sewing on delicate fabrics and 100/16 needles for heavier fabrics.

How do you set up a brother jx2517 sewing machine?

You start by making sure that your machine is properly threaded. This may take a bit of trial and error, so you might want to have a threading diagram handy or find another way to check your machine’s threading if it does not come with one.

You will often need to adjust the tension in the threads based on what type of material you’re sewing – try finding an instruction manual for more information on this.

Once that’s done, grab any spool of thread from the spindle or box of large enough size (some machines require two different-colored threads), and roll it onto the spindle as neatly as possible to avoid later tangles.

Then attach it manually using screws, nuts, or bolts as instructed by the threading diagram.

You’re also going to need a bobbin – take the empty one out of the bobbin case and attach it as carefully as you did the spool using a similar set-up.

Match up your spindle with its proper hole in the machine to insert it into place. Be careful not to cross-thread them.

Spin the wheel a couple of times to be sure that everything is working correctly, then carefully thread your bobbin with the same color as you threaded your spool and attach it into the bobbin case or top part of the machine.

What size needle does a Brother sewing machine need?

A Brother sewing machine usually requires a size  90/14 to 100/16 needle

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