How To Clean Singer Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

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If you want to know how to clean Singer sewing machine, there are two steps to maintain it properly. We’ll mention specific models and the ideal way to clean and lubricate them. We’ll also talk about deep cleaning for those instances where there is too much gunk buildup on the sewing machine. 

how to clean singer sewing machine

Since we’ll discuss below the lubrication of your Singer sewing machine, you can read a more detailed tutorial on how to oil a Singer sewing machine. You can benefit from reading that guide as it also mentioned the dos and don’ts of oiling a sewing machine.  


How To Clean A Singer Sewing Machine

Before anything else, please refer to the Singer manual of the specific sewing machine you have. Remember that Singer offers various models, which can differ in the proper maintenance practices. Furthermore, it should be implied that your Singer sewing machine should have its needle raised entirely, and the unit itself is unplugged before cleaning and oiling it. 


Step 1. Brush and remove lint

  • To clean Singer 2277 and 3232 models, open their hinged front covers and then remove the needle plate
  • Use a brush to gently remove the lint buildup on the bobbin area and feed dogs, or vacuum the areas if they are hard to reach
  • To clean Singer One, 3321, 3323, XL-420, 4452, 7363, 7285Q, and 8500Q models, remove their bobbin cover plate
  • Remove the needle plate via the screws
  • Take off the bobbin case and then brush the bobbin area carefully
  • Vacuum the feed dogs to remove debris 
  • To clean the Singer 14CG754 Serger, check first if you have disconnected it from the wall receptacle
  • Take out the free arm cloth plate and open the looper cover door
  • Remove the throat plate
  • Brush the looper and feed dog free from lint
  • If the debris is stuck, use a can of compressed air


Step 2. Oil the sewing machine

  • To oil Singer 2277 and 3232 models, snap the arms on the bobbin area outward
  • Remove the metal ring and hook to which the bobbin slides
  • Clean the area once more before having a drop or two in the center of the bobbin area
  • Always use Singer sewing machine oil and never other types of lubricant since they can ruin your machine
  • Return the bobbin holder and ring
  • Turn the handwheel and snap the arms inward
  • Insert the bobbin case and bobbin and replace the needle plate
  • To oil Singer One, 3321, 3323, XL-420, 4452, 7363, 7285Q, and 8500Q models, remove the bobbin case to access the bobbin area
  • Add a drop of Singer sewing machine oil in the center of the bobbin area
  • Do the same on the hook race
  • Return the bobbin case and raise the needle as high as you can
  • Position the needle plate accordingly and secure the screws
  • To oil the Singer 14CG754 Serger, check if you have disconnected it from the wall receptacle
  • Open the looper cover door and oil all the moving parts inside
  • Use a drop or two of Singer sewing machine oil 
  • Close the cover

After cleaning and oiling the Singer sewing machine, please have it serviced regularly at authorized Singer service centers. You can do this yearly, while cleaning and lubricating depend on how often you use the machine. For example, you can clean it after every project to remove debris and buildup, and oiling can be after 15 uses, monthly, or every four months.

How Do You Deep Clean A Singer Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific Singer model you have and follow the indications
  2. Check if the machine is off and unplugged
  3. Raise the needle as much as possible and remove it
  4. Remove the presser foot holder and slide off the flatbed surface to remove the needle plate cover
  5. Remove the gunk underneath with a small brush and use tweezers to pull off lint and debris that are stuck
  6. Clean the bobbin area but do not be tempted to use compressed air as it can push lint deeper into the machine
  7. Unscrew the needle plate, then brush off the dust bunnies that might’ve accumulated
  8. Put everything together accordingly
  9. Learn how to change a sewing machine needle to replace it 
  10. Wipe the sewing machine surface with a soft cloth to finish
  11. Keep the sewing machine clean by using a cover when you’re not using it


How Do You Get Old Oil Out Of A Sewing Machine?

Use a soft cloth with sewing machine oil to scrub off old oil and grease that collected on the sewing machine. For trickier oil buildup, use a bit of detergent and water without oversaturating the machine. Then, apply sewing machine oil and buff the area with a dry cloth before applying wax polish. 

Degreasing a sewing machine can be tricky because you don’t want to scrub it too hard or use a product that might cause corrosion. Therefore, always test any product on a small spot of the sewing machine before using it thoroughly. Furthermore, the machine should always be wiped dry to avoid rust. 



Was this article helpful? To recap how to clean Singer sewing machine, it’s essentially brushing or vacuuming lint off in the feed dogs and bobbin area. Then, lubricate the indicated moving areas with Singer sewing machine oil to keep the unit working smoothly. 

We hope you found your model in this guide. Let us know below if you have more questions. 

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