How To Date A Necchi Sewing Machine

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We’ll talk about how to date a Necchi sewing machine by familiarizing yourself with the models they made in specific years. And, of course, we’ll teach you how to find the serial number on your Necchi sewing machine. 

how to date a necchi sewing machine

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How Old Is My Necchi Sewing Machine?



The easiest way to date a Necchi sewing machine is by identifying the model you have and then researching what year it was made in Necchi brand history. For example, the Necchi BU was introduced in 1932, and according to Necchi, it is the first domestic zigzag sewing machine in the market. What about the Necchi Supernova?



The Necchi Supernova was released in 1954, and it’s probably memorable being endorsed by Sophia Lauren. It is one of the best vintage Necchi sewing machines because of its ease of use, versatility, and design. Finally, you must know that the Necchi BF Mira was introduced in the 1950s, and it’s something that old sewing machine collectors will love. 


1950s to 1980s

Other Necchi sewing machines like the Necchi BU Mira, BU Nova, 524 Lydia, and Mirella were also introduced in the 50s, while the Necchi 514, 510, Esperia, Supernova Ultra were produced in the 60s. Finally, some Necchi sewing machines in the 70s are the Supernova Julia, Sylvia Multimatic, and 512 with the Necchi 592 Logica in the 80s. 


Where Is Serial Number On Necchi Sewing Machine?

It’s difficult to mention a specific part on the Necchi sewing machine to find the serial number. Depending on the Necchi model, you can find it under the sewing machine or directly at the front. Some models also have their serial number hidden on the base or cabinet. 


Where is the model number on the Necchi sewing machine?

The model number of your Necchi sewing machine is typically written on the manual cover beneath the brand’s logo. You can also explore the pages where the model number is also indicated. But if you lost the manual, try checking the carrying case if your unit has one. 

The plate on the sewing machine should also contain both the model number and serial number. Locate the identification plate underneath or on the side of the sewing machine. But if all of these options didn’t reveal your model’s number, bring your Necchi sewing machine to a specialist if they can identify the unit for you. 


When Was The Necchi Sewing Machine Made?

Necchi was founded in 1919, but it’s only in 1924 when Vittorio Necchi set up the brand’s first sewing machine plant to produce the Necchi BD. It had 40 workers at the time, which then expanded in 1930 where the manufacturing plant was able to create more than 19,000 sets per year while also exporting to 30 countries. And by 1946, Necchi had 4,500 workers with the plant producing a thousand machines per day that Europe and US imported. 


Where Is Necchi Sewing Machine Made?

Necchi was founded in Italy, but the brand now manufactures from Asia. They have factories in Thailand and Taiwan, as the sewing machines were made in Southeast Asia when Janome owns Necchi. Therefore, if your Necchi sewing machine was made in the 1920s to 1960s, you can expect that it was made in Italy. 

On the other hand, old models from the 1970s to 1980s are thought to be made in Japan. While Janome-made Necchi sewing machines are also of good quality, the award-winning design and craftsmanship of the Necchi sewing machines are credited to those made in Italy. Some also mentioned the difference in durability between those made overseas and those from Italy. 

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Do They Still Make Necchi Sewing Machines?

You can still buy Necchi sewing machines as of this writing. Their website has the Necchi dealer locator if you want to find the nearest store in your area. You can also contact the brand at [email protected], or if you’re in the US, Necchi’s toll-free number is (201) 710-2126. 

If you check the brand’s website, several sewing machine models are available for buying. Necchi even has sales, so it’s safe to assume that they’re still making sewing machines.  


What Brand Is Necchi?

Janome bought the Necchi brand, and they have been the distributor of Necchi sewing machines since 2012 in the US. However, to this date, Janome no longer distributes Necchi in the US. Nonetheless, they are still willing to answer questions if your machine is among the models distributed during their period, and you can use the Contact US page for newer models. 

What if your Necchi sewing machine is not included in the list shown on their website? Necchi recommends visiting a local sewing machine for servicing the older models. 



And that’s it! We just found out how to date a Necchi sewing machine and revealed that it’s easier to do so by identifying the model you have. From there, you can gauge when it was made between the 30s to 80s. 

You can also locate the serial number and model number or have it identified by a professional. We hope this was helpful. Leave us a comment if you have any. 

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