How To Do A Rolled Hem On A Sewing Machine: 2 Steps

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Try two steps if you want to know how to do a rolled hem on a sewing machine. We’ll start with making the seam, then share tips to make the perfect rolled hem. This article even includes some tricks when your rolled hem needs to be fixed.

how to do a rolled hem on a sewing machine

Speaking of hems, you might want to read how to use a hemming foot on a sewing machine. It can be a helpful tutorial and make hemming much easier for future projects. 


How To Do A Rolled Hem On A Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Sew the seam 

  • Set the sewing machine to standard stitch length
  • Sew the seam about ¼ inch away from the hem
  • Backstitch at the start and end of the seam to keep the stitches from unraveling 
  • For delicate fabrics, tie off the threads and use shorter stitches 
  •  Press the stitching on the wrong side of the fabric


Step 2. Make the rolled hem

  • Press the hem to the wrong side of the material for about ⅛ inch
  • Now that you’re seeing the previous stitching you’ve made, sew on top of it 
  • Press the stitches flat into the fabric
  • Trim close to the stitching to reduce the hem allowance or about ⅛ inch away from the stitching 
  • Turn the hem to the wrong side and press to hide the raw edge
  • Sew on top of the stitches 


How Do You Sew A Rolled Hem On A Brother Sewing Machine?

  1. Set the Brother sewing machine for making a rolled hem
  2. Turn off the light and main power
  3. Remove the left needle on the sewing machine
  4. Thread the right needle for a three-thread overlock
  5. Remove the stitch finger by raising the presser foot lever and then pulling the threads to the back of the unit
  6. Open the front cover once you’re sure that nothing is wrapped around the stitch finger
  7. Lower the upper looper as much as you can and pull the stitch finger to the right for removal
  8. Adjust the stitch width to the R position and set the stitch length to R to 2


How Do You Hem Fabric Rolls?

  • Replace the standard presser foot on the sewing machine with rolled hem foot 
  • Trim the hem allowance to half an inch and press the material over ⅛ inch to the wrong side
  • Press the fabric over ⅛ inch again and then start sewing
  • Place the fabric under the foot and feed it into the scroll before lowering the foot
  • Sew to the edge and finish


How Do You Make A Narrow Hem With A Sewing Machine?

A rolled hem is perfect for those who want a narrow hem for their sewing project. 

  1. Position the material under the presser foot
  2. Align the edge of the foot with the fabric edge and make several stitches
  3. Raise the foot then lift the material
  4. Pull the thread and move them to the back 
  5. Lower the foot and hold the excess thread
  6. Position the material around the foot’s curve that will turn the edge twice 
  7. If needed, guide the fabric into the curve with a seam ripper
  8. Sew slowly while continuously checking the fabric edge if it hasn’t slide out of the curve
  9. To keep the material under the foot curve, hold it taut and to the left as you stitch

Are you working with a stretchy material? Learn how to hem a stretch fabric with a sewing machine to keep your hem perfect. 


How To Do A Rolled Hem By Hand

  1. Sew ¼ inch away from the fabric edge and trim ⅛ inch
  2. Fold the fabric over to the wrong side and press
  3. Repeat folding and pressing, then sew along the hem
  4. Bring the threaded needle through the folded edge and pick up one thread right above the raw edge
  5. Insert the needle back into the fold next to where it came out and go through the fold about half an inch
  6. Pick a thread above the hem and repeat until you have vertical stitches about ¼ inch apart
  7. Pull the thread gently to have the fabric roll and hide the stitches and raw edge 
  8. Repeat the process of sewing and pulling until you finish the hem


How Do You Fix A Rolled Hem?

  • Cut along the fabric grain properly to prevent the rolled hem on garments like T-shirts from flipping 
  • Machine dry your hemmed shirts partially, then finish by air drying to keep the bottom or sleeve from rolling up 
  • Use a hair straightener to iron the rolled hem quickly 


How Do You Make A Rolled Hem Corner?

  1. Start sewing right after a corner along the very edge of the fabric
  2. Raise the needle once you are a stitch beyond the corner
  3. Lift the presser foot
  4. Move the fabric back and reposition it after the corner
  5. Check if the needle will go down on the other side of the corner
  6. Tighten the thread tension before lowering the presser foot
  7. Sew to the next corner and repeat



And that’s it! To recap how to do a rolled hem on a sewing machine, you must start with the seam then press the hem to make stitches. You can even use a special rolled hem foot on the sewing machine to make the process even easier. 

We hope this was easy to follow. But if you have more questions, please leave them below. 

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