How To Fill A Bobbin On A Kenmore Sewing Machine

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Consider two steps if you want to know how to fill a bobbin on a Kenmore sewing machine. Start with winding the bobbin, then simply loading it. You will also learn more about the bobbin and needle thread setup for various Kenmore machines. 

how to fill a bobbin on a kenmore sewing machine

Besides winding and loading the bobbin, do you already know how to thread a Kenmore sewing machine? Consider reading all the tutorials for preparing a Kenmore sewing machine properly to avoid encountering issues when sewing


How To Fill A Bobbin On A Kenmore Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Thread the bobbin

  • Refer to the Kenmore manual of the specific model you have to see the illustrations and instructions unique to your machine
  • Place the thread spool on its spindle and pull the thread towards the bobbin winder tension disc
  • Have the thread under the tension disc and pull it back to the thread spool
  • Hold the bobbin upright and slip the thread tail through its hole for two inches
  • Put the bobbin to the winder shaft and push the shaft to the right or engage it via the handwheel, depending on the specific Kenmore sewing machine you have
  • Push the foot pedal down while holding the thread tail to start winding 
  • The machine will automatically stop once the bobbin is complete, then you can cut the tail as close to the bobbin as possible
  • Clip the thread from the spool for a few inches away from the bobbin as well


Step 2. Load the bobbin to the sewing machine

  • Disengage the winder shaft by moving it to the left or pushing the handwheel 
  • Remove the bobbin from the shaft and pull the bobbin case below the sewing machine needle
  • Hold the bobbin with its thread running clockwise and turn the case, so the open end faces you
  • Push the bobbin to its case with its thread tail out and have it into the notch at the right side of the case 
  • After having the thread into the notch, guide it through upward until you can have it out of the bobbin via a small window
  • Turn the bobbin case, so its arm points upward before pushing the case into the machine securely
  • Make one stitch to bring the bobbin thread up, or follow the manual for how to bring the lower thread up on your machine


How Do You Put A Bobbin In A Kenmore 158 Sewing Machine?

The following is the instruction for winding and loading the bobbin on a Kenmore 158.13200. First, therefore, search for the specific manual of the 158 unit you have to ensure that you’re following the proper directions for it. 

  1. Draw the thread through the bobbin winder tension disc and wind it around the bobbin a few times
  2. Put the bobbin to the bobbin winder shaft, ensuring that the thread will wind clockwise 
  3. Engage the bobbin winder shaft by pushing the latch against the bobbin
  4. Turn the clutch knob towards you and start winding
  5. The mechanism will automatically stop, and you can tighten the clutch knob
  6. Remove the fully-wound bobbin and thread the bobbin case
  7. Raise the needle as high as possible and remove the hand hole cover plate
  8. Open the bobbin case latch and take off the case from the shuttle
  9. Place the bobbin into the case, but check the thread direction
  10. Pull the thread through the slot in the case and under the tension spring
  11. Position the case into the shuttle before releasing the latch
  12. Rotate the handwheel towards you while holding the thread 
  13. Pull the upper thread to bring the lower thread up

If you want a more general guide, read how to put a bobbin in a sewing machine


How Do You Thread An Old Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine?

The following instructions are for threading the Kenmore SEARS 385. If you own another model, please follow its manual diligently. 

  1. Raise the take-up lever and presser foot lever
  2. Place the thread spool on its pin and draw the thread into the guide, following the illustrations on the manual
  3. Draw the thread into the tension area and around the check spring holder
  4. Guide the thread up and through the take-up lever right to left
  5. Have the thread down into the needle bar thread guide
  6. Thread the needle eye front to back
  7. To pick up the bobbin thread, raise the presser foot lever
  8. Rotate the handwheel towards you while holding the top thread lightly
  9. Pull the top thread to bring the bobbin thread up
  10. Pull both threads under and to the back of the presser foot for at least four inches


Why Isn’t My Sewing Machine Catching The Bobbin Thread?

  1. Check if the bobbin winding spindle is located on the left because if not, the needle won’t move, and pick up the bobbin thread
  2. Check if the needle and bobbin are correctly installed
  3. Check if the machine is threaded correctly and you’re using the correct tension



Was this article helpful? To recap how to fill a bobbin on a Kenmore sewing machine, you only need to wind the bobbin and then load it into the machine. The process is not that different from filling the bobbin on other sewing machine brands. 

But if you have any more questions, please leave them below.

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