How To Fill A Bobbin On A Singer Sewing Machine

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Here are two steps for those who want to know how to fill a bobbin on a Singer sewing machine. We based this tutorial on a Singer manual so that you can feel confident with its accuracy. And for other information regarding bobbins, this guide will share some tips on choosing the types and sizes. 

how to fill a bobbin on a singer sewing machine

Besides filling or winding the bobbin, do you also know how to thread a Singer sewing machine? Please read our tutorials to learn the correct way to set up a Singer sewing machine. 


How To Fill A Bobbin On A Singer Sewing Machine Correctly

According to Singer, you must wind the bobbin before threading the sewing machine. Follow these easy steps to get started:


Step 1. Set the machine up

  • Place the thread spool on the spool pin
  • Install the spool pin cap over the spool’s rim to keep the thread from entangling and forming knots
  • Push the bobbin winder pin as much as you can to the left
  • Thread the guide accordingly until you can get the thread end through the hole on the bobbin’s rim 

Step 2. Wind the bobbin

  • Put your bobbin to its pin and push the winder to the right to keep the needle from moving
  • Hold the thread end gently as you step on the machine and start winding the bobbin
  • Like all sewing machines, Singer will stop automatically after the bobbin is full
  • Cut the thread and remove the bobbin from the winder pin by pushing it to the left
  • Trim the thread ends at the top of the bobbin to finish


How To Insert A Front-Load Bobbin On A Singer Sewing Machine 

  1. Raise the presser foot and needle
  2. Open the bobbin cover and hold the bobbin case with one hand
  3. Insert the bobbin and check if the thread will run clockwise
  4. Have the thread through the slit and under your finger, then hold the bobbin case on its latch
  5. Insert the bobbin into its shuttle


How To Insert A Top Drop-In Bobbin On A Singer Sewing Machine 

  1. Raise the needle as much as possible
  2. Find the release button and push it to remove the cover plate from the bobbin
  3. Insert the bobbin and pull some thread to check if it will rotate counterclockwise 
  4. Pull the thread to the designated slot and then guide it to the left
  5. Hold the top of the bobbin and pull the thread until it stops in the other slot
  6. Pull around 6 inches of thread and guide it towards the back of the sewing machine, particularly under the presser foot, to keep it in place
  7. Return the bobbin cover plate to the needle plate

Search for the specific Singer manual of your unit to see the diagrams for slots and thread guides. 


How To Raise The Bobbin Thread On A Singer Sewing Machine 

  1. Make sure the sewing machine is off
  2. Raise the needle and presser foot
  3. Hold the needle thread and turn the handwheel to lower then raise the needle
  4. Pull the upper thread and watch it lift the bobbin thread
  5. Open the loop that formed and pull both the needle and bobbin threads back


Is A Drop-In Bobbin Better?

Sewing machines that use a drop-in bobbin are more popular because this bobbin type is more beginner-friendly. This is because they use a transparent cover to know how much bobbin thread is left, and threading a drop-in bobbin is way easier since you don’t need to remove the accessory compartment as with front-load bobbins. You may also notice that you experiment less with a drop-in bobbin with regards to tension. 


Is a front-load bobbin better?

A drop-in bobbin is convenient for beginners, but the traditional front-loading bobbin also offers some advantages. For example, you can easily adjust the bobbin tension via the screw on the bobbin case. You can also replace the bobbin case itself if you notice issues with tension. 


Are Metal Or Plastic Bobbins Better?

Identifying which to get between metal and plastic bobbins depend on the case you have on the sewing machine. For example, a metal bobbin case needs a metal bobbin, while plastic cases must use plastic bobbins. Using an incompatible bobbin can damage the case and also affect your sewing experience. 


How Do I Know What Size Bobbin To Buy?

Bobbins come in different sizes, and you should be able to determine what size to buy based on your bobbin case. It should fit inside the case without sliding around, but it shouldn’t be too big that you can’t place it inside the case. You can also refer to your sewing machine manual because the brand will mention the size of the bobbin to purchase. 

Speaking of placing the bobbin in its case, read how to put a bobbin in a sewing machine to know the correct method. 


Can You Hand Wind A Bobbin?

You can hand-wind the bobbin if you don’t have a bobbin winder, but it will depend on the type of thread. Hand-winding the bobbin will be easy if you’re using thick materials, but fine threads can take too much effort to ensure that they won’t get tangled.



Was this article helpful? To recap how to fill a bobbin on a Singer sewing machine, you only need to set it correctly and let the winder do the work. However, always use the correct bobbin indicated by the model. 

Leave us a question below if you have any. 


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