How to Fix a Hole in Pants Easily in Less Than 5 Minutes

So you have a pair of pants or jeans that you love the most and fits you perfectly, but right now they are ripped and you’re not sure of how to fix a hole in pants or How to Fix Holes in Jeans.

No matter how big the hole in your pants or in your jeans, there are always easy ways and methods you can use to repair your clothes.

These methods work pretty well on any fabric whether it’s a jean, dress, shirt, pants, sweater, and for men, women, or children. You don’t need to own a sewing machine in order to use this method.

The hole in your pants or jeans happens due to many reasons, but whatever the reason it is, there are ways to fix a hole in pants or fix a hole in jeans in less than 10 minutes.

So you can fix a hole in a shirt, pants, dresses or jeans, without sewing, simply follow this DIY guide to fix any hole.

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How to Fix a Hole in Pants Methods

1. Patching a Hole

how to fix big hole in shirt

We will use an iron-on patch, this is the simplest and easiest method to fix a hole in pants. This fabric patch repair method works pretty well with heavier fabrics such as canvas and denim.

All you need is to buy an iron-on patch that matches the color of your pants or jeans

Place the back adhesive side of the patch over the hole of your jeans. The edge of the patch should cover at least a quarter-inch of pants.

Then using light pressure, iron the patch until when it is bonded.

Now the hole is fixed. Try to check the results.

1. Using Hemming Tape

Using hemming tape is another great method you can use on how to fix a hole in pants. The tap is a must for those of us who don’t know how to sew or those with no time to sew.

I had a pair of ripped jeans that looked terrible and needed fixing. Using hemming tape worked pretty well and you can iron easily.

This hemming tape can easily be got in any nearby craft shop, supermarket, or grocery store.

Cut a piece of hemming tape according to the size of the hole of your pants.

Place the tape alongside the hole on the pants

Heat the iron and place the cloth over the area you want to iron.

Then iron for around 20 seconds but don’t overheat as the tape will melt.

How to fix a hole in jeans tutorial

Using Hand Embroidery

This method works pretty well for those equipped with hand embroidery knowledge. It is great for fixing old jeans with interesting decorations.

What you need

  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Embroidery hoops
  • The fabric
  • Thread or floss

What this video how to easily fix a hole in jeans with hand embroidery.

Using Fashion Tape / Garment Tape

This is another method to repair a tear in fabric before anyone even notices.

This garment tape is great for;

Doing quick fix on your pants
Helping on belt straps from flapping
Great for keeping a dress from shifting

Prepare the pant with a hole to cover and lay them very straight.

Peel off a piece of garment or fashion tape and cover the hole on the pants.

Using Darning Stitches.

This is one of the simplest hand embroidery methods of fixing a hole in pants but also works best with fabric with small holes.

Though darning with a sewing machine might be the fastest way but also using hands work pretty well.

Watch a video on how to fix a hole in pants with Darning Technique


One of the ways to fix a hole in pants or jeans without sewing is by using a fabric repair patch. heat-activated tape, and hamming tape. Just cover the hole in your jeans with a patch, iron for 30 seconds and you’re good to go.

Hope the above-mentioned methods will help you on how to fix a hole in pants.


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