How To Fix Bobbin Winder On Brother Sewing Machine

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If you want to learn how to fix bobbin winder on Brother sewing machine, try two steps. This tutorial is for fixing a bobbin winder that’s not winding. We’ll also talk about other bobbin issues, how to identify them, and how to solve them. 

how to fix bobbin winder on brother sewing machine

For other solutions and troubleshooting tips, please read about how to fix a Brother sewing machine. It would benefit you to know what to do about the common issues for this brand. 


How To Fix A Brother Sewing Machine Bobbin Winder

Before anything else, please read and study the Brother manual of the specific unit you have. Then, check if you’re using the correct bobbin for your sewing machine model. If not, use the proper one, and the bobbin should wind successfully.


Step 1. Engage the bobbin winder

  • Turn the Brother sewing machine on and open the bobbin winder cover
  • Move the bobbin thread spool pin upward by swinging it up 
  • Put the bobbin on the bobbin winder shaft, ensuring that the notch of the bobbin receives the spring on the shaft 
  • Slide the bobbin winder shaft to the right to engage the bobbin winder
  • Expect no noise if you’re using the correct size bobbin, and refer to the manual for the illustrations of the parts mentioned


 Step 2. Place thread on the bobbin

  • Place the bobbin thread spool onto its spin, and slide the cap onto the pin
  • Pull a bit of thread and have it through the slits in the thread guide
  • Wind the thread end clockwise around the bobbin several times and pull the thread to the right
  • Pass the thread through the slit on the bobbin winder seat
  • If the bobbin winder still won’t wind, Brother recommends calling their customer service


Why Won’t My Bobbin Wind On My Brother Sewing Machine?

  • You’re not using the correct size bobbins for the specific Brother sewing machine you have
  • You did not place the bobbin in the bobbin winder shaft securely 
  • The bobbin is not threaded correctly 
  • The bobbin can’t rotate due to damages and needs replacement
  • The bobbin winding speed is too slow 
  • You forgot to engage the winding mechanism by pushing the bobbin winder to the right


How To Wind The Bobbin On A Brother Sewing Machine Correctly

  1. Read and follow the manual of the specific Brother sewing machine you have
  2. Thread the bobbin according to the sequence or path illustrated on the manual
  3. Pull the spool pin up and place a thread spool on it
  4. Have the thread in the thread guide groove and around the pre-tension disk
  5. Thread the bobbin hole from inside out
  6. Place the bobbin to the bobbin winder shaft
  7. Engage the winding mechanism by sliding the shaft to the right
  8. Turn the bobbin clockwise, so the shaft’s spring slides into the bobbin’s notch
  9. Pull about three inches of thread from the bobbin hole and hold the thread
  10. Turn on the machine and press the foot control lightly to start winding
  11. Stop the machine
  12. Trim the excess thread to avoid tangling 
  13. Press on the foot controller and take off the pressure once the bobbin starts slowing down spinning
  14. Cut the thread and push the winder shaft to the left
  15. Remove the bobbin


How To Fix The Bobbin Not Winding Correctly On Brother Sewing Machine

  1. Prepare the bobbin thread and wind it around the bobbin
  2. Use the correct bobbin for your sewing machine 
  3. Turn the unit on and put the bobbin on its winder shaft
  4. After the bobbin snaps in place, push the winder to the arrow indicated in the manual
  5. Slide the bobbin to the left and thread it
  6. Have the thread through the guide cover, front, and under the hook of the thread guide counterclockwise under the pre-tension disk
  7. Wind the thread around the bobbin five times clockwise
  8. Hold the winding thread guide and pass the thread ends through the slit in the seat
  9. Pull the thread to the right into the cutter
  10. Start winding 


Why Is My Bobbin Winder Not Working?

  • The sewing machine is not plugged or has issues with wiring
  • The bobbin is not suitable for the machine 
  • The foot controller is damaged or wrong 

Read about what is a sewing machine bobbin to understand its mechanism better. 


How Do You Wind A Bobbin Without A Bobbin Winder?

  1. Use a drill as a substitute for a bobbin winder
  2. Remove the drill bit, and replace it with a double-pointed knitting needle or wooden pencil securely
  3. If the bobbin slips off the needle, fill the hole of the bobbin with yarn to help it fit snugly onto the needle
  4. Hold the drill with one hand and use your other hand to pull some thread from the spool
  5. Wrap the thread around the bobbin several times 
  6. Start the drill and feed the thread to the bobbin with your hand simultaneously
  7. Maintain a distance between the bobbin and thread hand to ensure that you wind the bobbin evenly with perfect tension



And that’s it! To recap how to fix bobbin winder on Brother sewing machine, you only need to check if you’re using the correct bobbin and you wind and thread it correctly. We shared some troubleshooting tips, and quick repairs in the article discussed, and you can always contact Brother if your machine still won’t wind the bobbin.

We hope this was a helpful read. Leave us a comment if you have any.  

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  1. My mother has a brother sewing machine and it is broken so she wants to get it repaired. I found it interesting when you mentioned that the bobbin winder might be broken because the bobbin is not suitable for the machine or the foot controller is damaged or wrong. Thanks so much for the tips on how to fix a brother sewing machine and I will need to hire a professional to get the sewing machine fixed.

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