How To Fix Brother Sewing Machine: 5 Common Problems

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Those who want to know how to fix a Brother sewing machine can read about the five most common problems. We’ll go through the causes of these issues, how you can avoid them, and how to fix them. We’ll also tackle troubleshooting techniques for other typical sewing problems, such as machine jamming and bobbin thread issues. 

how to fix brother sewing machine

Do you want to know how to service your unit for cleaning and maintenance? You can also read about how to take apart a Brother sewing machine. This would help you with cleaning, lubricating, and even checking the model’s condition.


How To Fix Brother Sewing Machine Yourself

Before anything else, refer to the Brother manual of the specific unit you have. Brother has various units, and it would be better if you knew the dos and don’ts of the sewing machine you own. 


A machine won’t sew

  • Check if the Brother sewing machine is threaded correctly and the threading line is at the top position on the handwheel
  • The bobbin winder shaft should be on the left for sewing
  • The bobbin is not installed correctly
  • The bobbin is not threaded correctly, or its thread is not going around counterclockwise 
  • The sewing machine foot is not lowered


Thread issues

  • The thread on the Brother sewing machine can break if you don’t use the correct one for the project and material
  • Always use high-quality thread 
  • The tension is incompatible with the project
  • The sewing machine is not threaded correctly
  • The thread could bunch up on the Brother sewing machine if you did not thread or missed the take-up lever
  • The top thread needs rethreading
  • Sewing machine tension needs resetting


Needle won’t move

  • If the Brother sewing machine needle doesn’t work, check if you raised the needle to the highest position
  • The needle is not pushed completely into the needle bar clamp
  • The needle’s flat part is not pointing to the back
  • The needle’s screw is not tightened securely
  • The needle threader, needle, or thread is damaged
  • The needle on the Brother sewing machine might get stuck if you forgot to switch the unit back to sewing mode after winding the bobbin
  • The sewing machine needs cleaning because the buildup of dust, debris, lint, or grease caused it to won’t sew
  • The sewing machine might sew in reverse if the buttonhole lever is in the down position or you forgot to recalibrate the feed motor on the computerized Brother sewing machine

Read about why my sewing machine needle keeps breaking if it’s a needle-related issue you encounter often. 


Issues in stitches

  • The Brother sewing machine can skip stitches because of damaged needle
  • The sewing machine needs rethreading 
  • The tension is incompatible with the project or material
  • Use a different thread weight
  • There is an error in the sewing machine timing

We also wrote why is my sewing machine skipping stitches for a more in-depth tutorial on fixing this problem. 


Fabric won’t feed

  • The drop feed is not raised, and the fabric can’t move forward
  • The foot is not lowered before sewing
  • The stitch length is too short


Why Does My Brother Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

  1. The upper thread is not threaded properly
  2. The upper thread got tangled
  3. The thread is not suitable for the fabric 
  4. The thread and needle are incompatible
  5. The spool cap is not compatible with the thread spool
  6. The bobbin is not threaded or inserted properly
  7. Bobbin needs rewinding
  8. The bobbin case has burrs and scratches
  9. The bobbin is wrong for the sewing machine
  10. The shuttle race is filled with lint and threads
  11. The pressure foot is not suitable for the stitch you’re using
  12. The sewing machine tension is incorrect for the material and project
  13. The feed dogs are not in the proper position
  14. Use the correct stabilizer


Why Is My Brother Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?

If your Brother sewing machine does not pick up the lower thread, you must check if you threaded it correctly and according to the instruction manual. You may also need to replace the needle if it’s damaged or incompatible with the specific model you have. Read the proper way to change a sewing machine needle to avoid other issues and check


How Do I Fix The Tension On My Brother Sewing Machine?

  1. Ensure that you’re using the correct needle and thread for the project and material
  2. Rethread the Brother sewing machine according to the manual
  3. Use the correct tension setting for the type of fabric and thread via the tension dial
  4. Sew on a piece of scrap fabric to know what adjustments to do
  5. Loosen the thread tension or move the dial to the left and lower number if the lower thread is visible from the top side of the fabric
  6. Tighten the thread tension or move the dial to the right and higher number if you see the upper thread underneath the material. 

Read about how to adjust the tension on a Brother sewing machine for more tips. 



Was this article helpful? To recap how to fix Brother sewing machine, you need to determine the exact problem. We discussed the most common issues regarding the machine, stitches, needle, and thread. 

It’s also best that you always read your unit’s manual. But if simple fixes won’t do, find the nearest Brother dealer in your location. 


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