How To Fix The Reverse Button On A Sewing Machine

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Try two steps if you want to know how to fix the reverse button on a sewing machine. We’ll also share some standard troubleshooting techniques for common issues regarding reverse stitching. And if you have specific brands in mind, look no further because we’ll talk about reverse stitching in Kenmore and Brother units. 

how to fix the reverse button on a sewing machine

For additional information, read about how to repair a sewing machine at home. In addition, we’ve shared some valuable tricks and tips that you can do before visiting a service center. 


How To Fix The Reverse Button On A Sewing Machine At Home


Step 1. Check the spring

  • Check if the spring for the reverse button mechanism is still attached securely
  • If the spring is disengaged, the reverse button won’t move smoothly
  • Turn off the sewing machine, then open the sewing machine head by removing the screws
  • Remove the knobs if needed to take off the cover
  • Find the reverse button’s mechanism inside the machine to locate the spring
  • If the spring for the reverse button is dislodged, simply put it back
  • Use this as an opportunity to also clean the machine from grease and rust to unstuck the reverse button
  • If the spring itself is too damaged, you need to replace it

Step 2. Clean and lubricate the machine

  • Proper maintenance and service of the sewing machine can affect the reverse stitching mechanism of the model
  • Check if no dust buildup causes the reverse button not to work
  • Make sure that the moving components don’t have too much friction by lubricating them properly, or read this guide on how to oil a sewing machine
  • Remove the grease buildup that can cause the machine to be stuck in reverse

How Do I Fix The Reverse On My Kenmore Sewing Machine?

  1. Read the Kenmore manual of the specific sewing machine you have
  2. If the sewing machine is stuck in reverse, check your stitch settings
  3. The sewing machine should be set for forward sewing
  4. Test the reverse button to know if the spring is still working and not damaged or out of place
  5. Remove the machine’s top cover to access the gears and press the reverse button to see if the mechanism is moving backward
  6. Check the sewing machine’s cam because the primary shaft’s line should be aligned with the timing mark
  7. Remove any grease or buildup that might be causing the reverse button to get stuck
  8. Lubricate the reverse mechanism
  9. Reinstall the Kenmore sewing machine together and test the reverse mechanism

How Do I Fix The Reverse On My Brother Sewing Machine?

  1. Study the Brother manual of the specific sewing machine you have
  2. Check the hooking mechanism of the sewing machine and make the necessary adjustment to make the reverse knob work
  3. You can also open the unit’s headcover
  4. Inspect the inner screw and tighten or loosen it accordingly to see if the reverse button will work

How Does Sewing Machine Reverse Work?

The sewing machine has a reverse button that you can activate if you want to sew in reverse or backward instead of forward. The machine is capable of reverse stitching because it moves the fabric towards you instead of backward. Your sewing machine’s reverse button must always be working because backstitches are needed to secure the first stitch and finish seams without removing and reattaching the fabric with every pass.

Where Is The Reverse Switch On A Singer Sewing Machine?

The reverse or backstitch switch on most Singer sewing machines should be easily accessible at the front. It might also be a knob or lever, depending on the specific model. Always check your manual to locate it much easier if it’s not above the needle or close to the faceplate. 

How Do You Do The Reverse Lever On A Sewing Machine?

The reverse lever on the sewing machine can be engaged and disengaged by pushing. Some units might also use a button or knob to turn or press to sew in reverse. You must check your manual to avoid experimenting with controls.  

Additionally, please check the manufacturer’s indication when sewing backward. For example, you may need to stop the pedal before activating reverse stitching. While on the other hand, there are models that you don’t need to stop sewing when you turn or flip the reverse button. 


Why Is My Sewing Machine Going In Reverse?


Check the reverse button/lever

  • The reverse button/lever is stuck
  • The reverse button/lever is broken

Check the feed dogs

  • The feed dogs are stuck in reverse
  • The feed dogs are malfunctioning

Check the software (computerized sewing machines)

  • Software needs upgrading
  • Malfunctioning software

What if the sewing machine itself is stuck? Learn how to unfreeze a sewing machine for more troubleshooting tips and fixes. 


When Reverse Stitching Do You Need To Hold The Reverse Button In?

It’s best to check your sewing machine’s manual regarding how to use its reverse button. For some units, you only need to press the button once, and you can begin sewing. 



And that’s it! To recap how to fix the reverse button on a sewing machine, you need to check its spring to ensure the button is not stuck. You also need to clean and lubricate the machine as buildup and friction can cause issues with the reverse button. 

We hope you learned a lot. Feel free to browse our blog for more sewing machine repair tips. 

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