How To Free Motion Quilt On A Brother Sewing Machine

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Those unsure how to free motion quilt on a Brother sewing machine we’ll be pleased that it only takes two steps. We based this tutorial on Brother, so you can be sure that it’s applicable to your machine without damaging it. We’ll also share tips when free motion quilting on a sewing machine. 

how to free motion quilt on a brother sewing machine

Speaking of quilting, read our tutorial on how to sew a quilt on a sewing machine. You’ll be surprised that it’s relatively easy, and you don’t need a specialized model for this project. 


Can You Free Motion Quilt On A Brother Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Install the quilting foot

  • Refer to the Brother manual of the specific model you have and prepare the free motion quilting foot 
  • Remove the current presser foot and presser foot holder
  • Hold the free motion quilting foot pen above the needle clamp screw
  • Align the lower left part of the quilting foot and presser bar
  • While holding the quilting foot “O” with your right hand, tighten the holder screw of the presser foot with your left hand using a screwdriver 
  • Secure the presser foot holder screw with the screwdriver to keep the needle from hitting the presser foot that can cause it to break
  • Find the drop fed lever at the base of the Brother sewing machine
  • Refer to the manual and slide the lever to the left or towards the symbol illustrated on the manual 


Step 2. Start sewing

  • Turn the Brother sewing machine on and select the stitch setting indicated in the manual
  • Pull the fabric taut and move it as you sew at a consistent speed
  • Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and end of sewing or read this tutorial on how to backstitch on a Brother sewing machine if you don’t know how to make reinforcement stitches
  • After sewing, slide the drop feed lever to the right or towards the image shown on the manual
  • Raise the feed dogs by turning the handwheel


How Do You Put Free Motion Foot On A Brother Sewing Machine?

Brother offers a free motion foot or darning foot. You can use it for free motion quilting or free motion embroidery because it has a large opening at the front that makes the needle area more visible. The foot also allows the fabric to be moved while sewing and holds it in place when stitching to make free motion projects easier. 

And for reference, it has clear markings. However, it requires the low shank adapter for the ULT/PC series, and you must check Brother’s list for the sewing machine models that are compatible with it. There is also a free motion grip that you can use with the free motion feet to help you maneuver your quilt in any direction without needing to hoop. 

Simply hold the grip’s handles to move the material under the needle. So how do you put the free motion foot on a Brother sewing machine? It’s no different when replacing your Brother sewing machine’s foot

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific Brother sewing machine you have
  2. Check if it’s compatible with the free motion foot
  3. Raise the needle by turning the handwheel counterclockwise
  4. Turn the machine off and raise the presser foot lever
  5. Press the button at the back of the foot holder to release the foot
  6. Place the free motion foot below the holder
  7. Align the foot’s pin to the holder’s shank
  8. Lower the foot lever to snap the pin into the shank and attach the new foot to the sewing machine
  9. Raise the foot lever to check if the attachment is successful


Can I Quilt On My Brother Sewing Machine?

You can quilt on your Brother sewing machine, but of course, its size can affect the ease of quilting. If your project is big, you want a machine that can make the maneuverability of the fabric comfortable. You also want to use a quilting needle and a walking foot for machine-guided quilting. 

Read how to use a Brother sewing machine to familiarize yourself more with this brand.  


Can I free motion quilt on my sewing machine?

Free motion quilting is possible on sewing machines. For example, Brother has a free motion quilting foot and even a free motion grip to make this project smoother. You can also use a darning foot and lower the feed dogs so you can control the quilt’s movement in any direction you need. 

If you have a regular household sewing machine, allocate enough working space behind and to the left of your unit. You can also find it easier to move the fabric if you have a machine that you can mount on a trolley that’s attached to a quilting frame. From there, use the right size frame according to how big your quilting projects are. 



And that’s it! We just taught you how to free motion quilt on a Brother sewing machine, and discovered that it’s as easy as putting the brand’s quilting foot. Then, you can follow the manual for what stitches would be best for free motion quilting. 

In general, free motion quilting is possible in the sewing machine with the proper techniques we discussed. We hope this was easy to follow. Leave us a question below if you have any. 

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