How to Remove Bleach Stains from Clothes

The problem with bleach is that it can be tough to get out of your clothes. Bleach stains are also notoriously hard to remove from white fabrics.

Most people who use bleach know that it’s a powerful stain remover, but they don’t realize just how strong it really is! It can do more than just clean up common messes, you can use it for things like removing rust and getting rid of mold and mildew.

But what most people don’t realize is that there are some pretty serious downsides to using this product as well.

Luckily you won’t have any trouble with bleach stains anymore. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll never have to worry about ruining an expensive garment again.

Can you get bleach out of clothes?

“Yes, you can get bleach stains out of clothes by applying the stain removal solution and gently rubbing/massaging it into the individual fibers of the fabric. Keep in mind that some stains may be impossible to remove completely so do not rub so hard that you damage the fabric.”


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How to Get Bleach Stains out of Clothes

Neutralize the bleach with Baking Soda

The first thing you should is neutralizing the bleach with the help of baking soda. This will prevent the bleach from damaging the fabric if left for a long period.

  1. First, soak the stained garment in cold water
  2. Mix about one cup of baking soda into a bowl, then add water to make a paste
  3. Apply the mixture to the bleach stain with a scrub brush or sponge.
  4. Let the mixture sit on the garment for some minutes
  5. Then rinse it out when the paste cools.

How to get bleach stains out of clothes with rubbing Alcohol

The use of rubbing alcohol in a home is a common practice. It is very effective in removing bleach stains from clothes.

  1. Start by applying drops of rubbing alcohol it onto the stains using a small cloth.
  2. Rinse the affected region, and wash your clothing in the washer as usual once you’ve completed it!
  3. Repeat these steps until the bleach stains disappear.

How to get bleach stains out of clothes with Vinegar

Vinegar is ideal because it doesn’t leave any residue on clothes and it has a nice smell. It can remove bleach stains from clothes as well as other fabrics like cotton and linen.

Follow these procedures to remove bleach stains from garments using white vinegar:

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar with to cups of cool water
  2. Apply the mixture into the bleach stains using a cotton ball.
  3. Blot until the stains fade
  4. Then rinse the mixture off using cold water.
  5. And wash normally following garment label instructions
  6. Repeat these steps until you’ve managed to eliminate all the bleach stains from your clothes!

Fabric Marker

To remove bleach stains, use a fabric marker pen, just like you would with a coloring book page! You’ll need to get a marker that precisely matches the color of your clothing, but this approach may work best on black clothing.

Follow the directions on the dye’s packaging to re-dye your garment with your chosen hue. The majority of dyes can be used in a washing machine or a plastic washbowl if you prefer.

Bleaching the whole garment

If the stain is significant, you could always bleach the entire garment. You may be forgiven for thinking that merely dunking the whole thing in bleach would do the trick, but bleach stays effective even after rinsing and will eventually cause the cloth to decay. As a result, it’s important to utilize anything to counteract bleach, such as hydrogen.

How to remove bleach stains from white clothes

If you have bleach stains from white clothes, you can remove them by using a vinegar and water mixture or baking soda.

  1. To remove the stain, rinse the fabric for several minutes
  2. Pour the vinegar and water mixture over the stain and allow it to stay for a few minutes. This should help to loosen the stain and make it easier to remove.
  3. Rinse with cold water
  4. Wash normally

How to Remove Bleach Stains With Dish Soap

Dishwashing soap can also do the trick for removing bleach stains from the clothes.

  1. Simply add 3 squirts of dish soap to a cup of water.
  2. Soak the affected fabric in the mixture
  3. Keep scrubbing until the stains are disappearing
  4. Rinse, wash, and air dry
  5. Repeat the process if necessary until all residue is gone.

How to remove bleach stains from dark clothes

Using Rubbing Alcohol for bleach stains from dark clothes

Bleach is one of the most harmful items for dark clothes such as jeans or other clothes. If this has happened, the best thing to do is to neutralising the clothing immediately with baking soda in order to prevent any damage.

  1. Get a cotton swab and dip into rubbing alcohol.
  2. Rub the bleach stain with a cotton swab, pulling color from the surrounding areas into the white region.
  3. Allow the garment to air dry.

How to Remove Bleach Stains from Clothes With Fabric Marker

Use a fabric marker to cover bleach stains by following the steps below

  1. Find a fabric marker that is as close to the color of the bleached area as possible.
  2. Use the stylus to color in the washed region.
  3. Follow the washing instructions on the garment label.

A permanent marker can also suffice in an emergency, as long as a fabric marker isn’t accessible. However, it doesn’t last as long in the wash as a fabric marker.

Use Baking soda to remove bleach stains from colored clothes

Follow the steps below to remove bleach stains from colored clothes.

  1. Mix baking soda with water to create a paste.
  2. Use the paste for scrubbing the stain until it disappears.
  3. Put some more baking soda on top of the stained area and scrub again.
  4. Rinse the garment
  5. Finally, wash the item in cold water and air dry.


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Does alcohol remove bleach stains?

“Yes, alcohol can remove a bleach stain. To remove a bleach stain from clothing with rubbing alcohol, use a cotton swab and rub the stain back and forth with the cotton ball until the color begins to transfer. You can also use water or vinegar-soaked cotton balls to help with rubbing off the bleached stains.

Can you fix bleach stains on black clothes?

You can fix bleach stains on black clothes by using Rubbing Alcohol for

Let it soak into the fabric for about five minutes before rinsing with cold water.

You can then wash your garment as usual.

Can vinegar remove bleach stains?

“Yes, vinegar can help to remove bleach stains from a garment. Vinegar is a natural bleaching agent, and some people find it more effective than hydrogen peroxide. A mixture of two tablespoons of vinegar and one cup of cold water will usually do the trick. You can also try mixing in some dish soap for an extra boost.”

Pour the mixture over the stain and let it sit for about fifteen minutes before giving it a quick rinse with cold water. Then turn around and follow the instructions on your clothing label for washing

Are bleach stains permanent?

Bleach stains are usually not permanent, but it can depend on your clothes ‘ material. For cotton or linen, bleach will fade to nothing after a few washes. For wool or leather, the bleached area might just lighten initially before fading out completely.

How to remove yellow bleach stains from white clothes

Pour the equal parts white vinegar and water on the stained area, then continue to dab with a clean, wet cloth. White vinegar works to break down the stain, while the apple cider vinegar scent helps dissipate any lingering chlorine or bleach odor. Rinse until no more stain remains.

How to get bleach out of navy blue clothes

If it’s just a small stain, you can soak the clothes in water mixed with laundry detergent and a little bleach for a few hours. Then rinse them out and wash them as normal. For stubborn stains, you can use a paste of ¼ cup dishwashing liquid and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to cover the stain. Leave on for 10 minutes before washing as usual.

Does baking soda get rid of bleach stains?

No, baking soda will not remove bleach stains. Stains are often only visible during washing due to the build-up of laundry detergent and other residues on whites, but they’re actually created by the inner workings of the wash process itself.

Can you use soap to get rid of bleach stains?

“Whether or not soap will work for removing bleach stains all depends on what type it is– if it’s laundry detergent, then yes. If it’s dish soap, which is much harsher, no. You should never apply a dish soap directly to stains because it could potentially damage the fabric.”

Can you use bleach on white clothes?

“Bleach will lift the color out of colored items when used incorrectly or too frequently. Bleach can also have a damaging effect on natural fabrics, causing possible color loss or damage to the garment’s fibers. If you want to use bleach, it’s best to inject a mixture of water and diluted bleach into the wash during the final rinse cycle.

How to remove bleach stains from colored clothes

I’ve always heard that if you soak your clothes in vinegar before washing them, this will help remove the bleach stains. I’ve also heard that you should separate your white clothes from colored clothes when you put them into the wash.

If you need to remove bleach stains on colored clothes, try the following steps: Fill a tub or sink with warm water and add some liquid detergent. Add 1 Tablespoon of white vinegar (dishwasher detergent works well too). Soak the stained clothing for at least 10-15 minutes. Launder as usual.


To remove bleach stains from colored clothes you need to have a bucket of warm water with half a cup of ammonia, baking soda. Make sure the water is not so hot so the clothes will not be damaged.

Put them in the bucket and allow them to soak for about an hour then put each stained article into a pot of cold water. Allow them to soak for about an hour then wash as usual using a detergent that recommends for both colors and whites.

How to remove bleach stains from black clothes

Start by getting a bowl of cool water and soaking the white clothes where the bleach stains are. Add about 1 tablespoon of regular dish soap to the water, mix it up, and soak the clothes for about 30 minutes. This will help loosen up the tough stains a little bit.

Next, get a clean bucket and fill it with 1 gallon of cool water. Add about 1 tablespoon of ammonia to the water, mix it around, and pour it all over the stain in your sink. Let the clothes soak for at least 30 minutes. This will make sure you get the best results.

Next, get a clean white rag and wet it in the ammonia water in the bucket. Rub at the stain until it’s all gone! Like magic!

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