How to Get Epoxy Out of Clothes: 6 Best Methods

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How to Get Epoxy Out of Clothes

There are six easy methods on how to get epoxy out of clothes. Choosing the best way will depend on the clothing type and if the epoxy has dried on the area. 

You’ll also know below what household products can work for removing epoxy residue on fabrics safely.

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The Best Way How To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes 


Method 1. Scraping and soaking

The best way to remove epoxy from clothes is as soon as possible before the epoxy can dry and harden on the shirt or pants. 

  1. Use a blunt object and scrape off as much epoxy as possible from the fabric surface.
  2. Mix warm water and laundry detergent. 
  3. Soak the affected area of the clothes for half an hour. 
  4. Scrub the spot with a fingernail brush to loosen the epoxy residue and wash as usual. 


Method 2. Solvent


How To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes (Dried Epoxy)

If scraping and soaking in detergent soap and warm water didn’t give satisfactory results, an effective way to remove epoxy from the fabric surface is with a solvent. 


Ways To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes


  1. You can combine solvent with other epoxy removal methods.
  2. After soaking the clothes in warm and laundry detergent, use acetone or rubbing alcohol to remove the epoxy on the affected area to dissolve the stubborn resin. 
  3. You can also target the affected spot of your shirt or pants with a cotton cloth soaked in alcohol.
  4. Rub the dipped cloth over the resin, then wash the fabric as usual. 


Method 3. Ammonia and detergent

You can use ammonia and detergent to treat epoxy out of fabrics besides solvents. 

  1. Make a paste with water and detergent. 
  2. Target the affected area on the clothing with the detergent paste and let it sit for half an hour.
  3. Add a dash of ammonia to the treated stain before washing it in the machine.
  4. Wash the clothing at the highest temperature you can safely use to remove the epoxy resin.


Method 4. Freezing


How To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes (Resin Stains)

Consider using the freezer option for resin stains to see if it’ll provide satisfactory results. 

  1. Place the clothing in the freezer, but ensure it won’t get contaminated with other products inside. 
  2. If you have no space in the freezer, freeze the resin stain with ice cubes. 
  3. After the fabric has frozen, gently scrape off the resin stain with a blunt object or knife.
  4. Be careful when you work on the affected area to avoid damaging the material. 


Method 5. Hot water and soap


How To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes (Epoxy Hardener)

An option for those dealing with epoxy hardener spots on their clothes is removal with soapy water.

  1. Hot water and soap are the best techniques for getting epoxy hardeners out of clothes. 
  2. Because epoxy hardener is hazardous, work carefully to avoid getting it on your skin. 
  3. Compared to other epoxy components, using solvents like vinegar on the areas affected by epoxy hardener is not recommended. 


Method 6. Waterless hand cleanser


How To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes (Epoxy Mixture)

What if you’re dealing with an epoxy mixture on your clothes? You can still remove it, but consider assessing the affected area, as hardened mixed epoxy can rip a hole in the fabric.

  1. Put plywood or anything flat and hard behind the affected spot on the clothing. 
  2. Dab the mixed epoxy stain with a waterless hand cleanser.
  3. Scrape off the hardened epoxy with something blunt, but be careful not to tear the material. 
  4. For the mixed epoxy residue within the clothing fabric, scrub it with some dish soap and brush. 
  5. Rinse the clothes with warm water and soap. 


How To Get Rid Of Pine Resin On Clothes?

You might be hiking and brushing off surfaces that leave pine resin on your pants or shirt. Try this removal method to remove the tacky sap: 

  1. Pre-treat the affected area with a dry cleaning solvent and allow it to air-dry.
  2. Next, soak the pine resin stain with a solution from a cup of liquid detergent and a few drops of ammonia for half an hour. 
  3. Ensure your detergent does not have chlorine bleach because it’ll release hazardous fumes when mixed with ammonia. 
  4. Another option if the pine resin has not dried yet, remove as much as possible with a dull knife.
  5. Spot-treat the stain with rubbing alcohol, but only if you’ve tested that alcohol won’t affect your fabric color.
  6. Work detergent into the pine resin residue with a brush.
  7. After five minutes, wash the clothes as usual in the washing machine. 


Why Is It Difficult To Remove Resin From Clothes?

Resin is very tacky and sticky, making it one of the most stubborn stains to remove on fabrics. Therefore, you can only ensure the best results if the resin has yet to dry and harden. 

Because the resin is difficult to remove, you’ll likely need a solvent like rubbing alcohol to treat the affected spot. The type of fabric and amount of epoxy will also dictate how long it’ll take to remove resin from clothes. 


Does Epoxy Resin Wash Out Of Clothes?

Washing epoxy resin out of clothes is possible if you don’t want to ruin the fabric with solvents like alcohol. However, some clothes might experience discoloration when using a solvent for epoxy removal, so always test a small spot before proceeding.

The fabric might also be so delicate that scraping the epoxy resin off can damage it, so washing it off with water is the safest method.

  1. Identify if you can use boiling water on the fabric, as synthetic materials can melt.
  2. Boiling water can also shrink wool, so skip this method if your clothes are not made from cotton or linen.
  3. Soak the clothing in boiling water for a few seconds to loosen the epoxy resin. 
  4. Carefully remove the clothes from the water and peel off the epoxy.
  5. Wear gloves to protect your hands when peeling the resin to avoid burns. 
  6. Try soaking the affected area with vinegar if your fabrics can’t withstand boiling water.
  7. Wash the clothes as usual in cold water. 


What Dissolves Dried Epoxy On Clothes?


​How To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes (Dried Epoxy)

Removing dried epoxy on fabrics can be difficult once it has hardened. To dissolve dried resin on clothes, you can soften it first with a solvent like alcohol or acetone. 


Ways To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes


However, test the product on a small or hidden spot of the shirt or pants to check if the fabric won’t react or fade. After confirming that you can use solvents, gently scrape off the dried epoxy with a blunt object.

Another option for dried epoxy stain removal is to mix warm water and vinegar. Then, soak the clothes in the solution for half an hour. 


Ways To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes


What Dissolves Fresh Epoxy On Clothes?


​How To Get Epoxy Out Of Clothes (Fresh Epoxy)

You’ll have an easier chance of removing epoxy resin from clothing if it’s still fresh and wet. Start by removing the wet epoxy with a spoon.

To deal with the residue, make warm water and laundry detergent solution. Soak the clothing for 30 minutes; the affected area should be cleaned from resin.


Can You Wash Resin In Washing Machine?

Washing the clothes with resin stains with the washing machine alone may not be effective for removal. Instead, you want to harden the resin first.

You can freeze the affected area and scrape off as much resin as possible. Then, wash the clothes in the washing machine as usual. 

Another method for removing resin from clothes if it’s still fresh and the fabric can be exposed to heat is with a hair dryer. First, target the spot with the hair dryer, then remove the resin stain with a damp sponge before washing it in the washing machine. 


Can You Wash Epoxy Resin Down The Sink?

Because of public health and environmental hazards, washing epoxy resin down the sink is not advisable. So even when getting epoxy out of clothes, always wear protective gloves and avoid getting it on your skin. 

Another tip for disposing of leftover epoxy resin is to wipe it off with a paper towel. Then, clean off the residue with acetone or rubbing alcohol before washing with hot soapy water. 


How To Prevent Epoxy From Sticking To Clothes

Wearing protection such as gloves and sleeves while working cleanly can help reduce the risk of epoxy sticking to clothes. If you expect the job to be messy, you can wear PPE over your clothes. 

For the next steps after working with epoxy, change your clothes immediately to avoid spreading the product to other things and clothes. If there are epoxy spills on your clothing, be careful not to have it come in contact with your skin.


How To Clean Clothes After Epoxy Removal

After removing the epoxy resin with acetone or alcohol, rinse the clothes in warm, soapy water. This will also remove the solvents on the clothes. 

If it’s mixed epoxy, wash the clothes with warm water and soap after treating the area. Alternatively, use your washing machine to finish cleaning the clothes after epoxy removal. 

Want to visualize resin residue removal? Watch this!




And that’s it! We hope you found the best solution in this article on how to get epoxy out of clothes.

For a quick recap, the type of fabric, the amount of epoxy, and the freshness of the resin will dictate the best removal method. Sometimes scraping and soaking is enough, while others need a solvent, ammonia, or detergent to remove the epoxy. 

Freezing, hot water, soap, and hand cleanser are also other ways that can work against epoxy stains and residue.

Leave us comments if you have questions regarding cleaning clothes safely. You can also browse our blog and learn hacks like how to remove sequins from clothes and more!

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