How to Get Human Hair Out of Clothes

Hair is one of the most stubborn things to get out of clothes. Be it human or animal hair, this problem is common in most households and can be very annoying. If you have some human hair on your clothes, it can be even harder to get out as it’s finer than animal hair and often gets embedded into the fabric of the clothes.

However, there are various ways to remove human hair from clothes, and here are a few methods that you should try out:

how to get human hair out of clothes

How to Get Human Hair Out of Clothes

Sticky tape can do the job

The easiest way to remove human hair from clothes is with sticky tape. The stickiness of the tape will grab onto hairs and pull them off easily, leaving behind no residue and no damage to the fabric of your garments.

Wrap one hand with a small square of tape (sticky-side out) and gently pat down over the area covered in hair. Rubbing too hard could cause the hair to embed itself further into the fabric, so just lightly touch it until you feel the tape pick up loose hairs.

 A lint roller

You can buy the sticky tape from any store, but if you want something a little more portable then this is where the lint roller comes in handy. 

Lint rollers work in much the same way as sticky tape, they have adhesive on one side which picks up any stray hairs or bits of fluff. This makes them perfect for removing hair from clothes without damaging them. 

This method works best on fabrics such as denim, wool, or knits. It may not be effective on silk or other delicate material.

Using fabric softener

Another useful technique that I use is fabric softener. You need some fabric softener, a cup of water, and a spray bottle for this method. 

Mix fabric softener and water in the spray bottle and then spray it over the area where you find human hair on your clothes. Leave it for 10 minutes and then brush it off with a soft brush or sponge. You will see all the hairs come off easily from your clothes.

Using a sponge

Sponges are wonderful inventions that are perfect for cleaning everything from dishes to your car so it makes sense that they’d also work to get human hair off your clothes. All you need is a clean sponge (a new one is best) and some soap.

Run the sponge over the sticky, hairy fabric. The hair should start gathering up in small clumps. 

Continue this procedure until all the hair is removed from the fabric. With a little bit of patience, you could get all of the small strands of hair off without damaging your clothes.

Remove hair from clothes with dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are made for clothes, so of course, they can help get the hair off them as well. If you have extra dryer sheets around your house, grab a few and wipe away those hairs.

Use a vacuum

Vacuuming is a great way to clean up any mess—and that includes one made by pesky strands of hair on your shirt or pants. Just turn the vacuum on and hover it over your clothes to suck the hairs right off—it’s as easy as that.

Brush it out with a clothes brush

The easiest way is to get out of whatever clothing you’re wearing and brush it upside-down with a clothes brush.

Let the garment hang vertically so that gravity can help you with this step. Using a clothes brush, gently brush downward on the garment to loosen the hair. Don’t brush up because that will just push the hair into the fabric, making your job harder. 

How to Get Human Hair Out of Clothes in the Dryer

Simply toss the affected item into the dryer and turn it on for about ten minutes. The heat and agitation of the machine will loosen up the hair stuck to your clothing and make it easier to eliminate. 

After a few minutes, take the piece out of the dryer and shake it vigorously back and forth over a trash can. Most of the hair should come right off.

How to Get Hair Off Clothes in Washing Machine

White vinegar is a natural fabric softener, so it’s no surprise that it can also help prevent hair from clinging to your clothes. Simply add 1/2 cup white vinegar to the rinse cycle when washing your items. 

The vinegar will help the fibers of the garment repel the static electricity that attracts hair, lint, and other debris.

How to Get Human Hair Out of Blankets

The easiest way to get the hair off a blanket or clothing is to rub a dryer sheet over the item. The static electricity it generates will attract the hair and draw it toward the sheet, which you can then pull away with your hand. 

One dryer sheet should gather most of the hair. If that doesn’t work, you can use a lint roller or tape to remove any hair left behind. 

How to Remove Human Hair from Bed Sheets

Rub a dryer sheet over the sheets to grab the hair. Dryer sheets are coated in fabric softener, which gives them a tacky texture.* Use them to remove hair from bedsheets. You can also use tape or a lint roller, but dryer sheets will be the least damaging method.

You can also opt to use a pet hair remover brush. A pet hair remover brush is made specifically for removing pet hair from surfaces like clothes and furniture.

Use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe away any remaining residue. After picking up all of the visible hair, use a damp sponge or cloth to remove any lingering residue from the dryer sheet or brush. You may need to wipe down your bedding more than once to get it all off. 

Removing Human Hair from Clothes – Conclusion

Hopefully, you have found this helpful. There is no magic bullet to remove human hair from your clothing. Consider all of the options that we suggested above, and see what works for you. 

They’ll likely all require a little bit of work, but if you want to keep that hair from ruining your favorite clothes, it’s well worth the effort.

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