How to Get Oil Smell Out of Clothes (5 Easy Ways)

Oil is a great lubricant that can be used to improve the performance of different machines and equipment. The reason why oil is so useful because it has a high viscosity, which means it doesn’t flow easily. This property makes it ideal for protecting machines and preventing them from overheating.

However, oil can also be an extremely dangerous substance if it gets onto your clothes. Oil stains make your clothes look dirty and unattractive, which is why many people try to avoid them at all costs.

How to Get Oil Smell Out of Clothes

In this article we’ll discuss the best recommendations for getting stubborn or lingering oil smells out of your clothes and instructions on how to use each of them, so continue reading to learn more.

What Causes an Oil Smell?

Oils can come from a variety of sources: cooking oils like olive oil used in motor oil and engine lubricants, as well as any other petrochemical derivatives that may be present in some products we use every day.

In either case, the main cause of an oil smell is that it’s made up of hydrocarbons, molecules composed solely of hydrogen and carbon atoms, which means they have very low boiling points and evaporate easily when exposed to air.

The more volatile these molecules are, the stronger their odor will be.

Does Oil Smell Come Out Of Clothes?

Yes, the oil smell can be removed from your clothing, but it takes some time and effort.

Oil is liquid, and when it comes into contact with fabric it will soak into the material and leave a stain behind. The problem is that this also leaves an odor that can be difficult to remove from clothing and other fabrics.

The good news is that there are several different methods that can be used to get rid of this smell so your clothes aren’t ruined forever.

How To Get Oil Smell Out Of Clothes

If you’ve spilled oil on your clothes and you want to get rid of the smell, try some of the following methods below:

Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent

Heavy-duty laundry detergents are designed specifically to tackle tough stains like oil, grease, and food. These kinds of detergents are often available in powder or liquid form, though the liquid is usually more effective at removing stains because it can penetrate into fabrics more easily than powder can.

For best results, add your heavy-duty laundry detergent directly to the wash cycle when you’re washing clothes that have oil stains on them. Add one tablespoon of detergent per a load of laundry when using this method.

If you have time before you wash your stained clothes, try soaking them in a solution of warm water and dish soap first. This will help soften up any oils on the fabric so they’ll be easier for the heavy-duty laundry detergent to break down later.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda are two of the most common household ingredients that can help get rid of oil smells. Vinegar is well-known for its ability to cut through grease and grime, so it’s a great choice for cleaning up spilled oil stains.

The combination of vinegar and baking soda is even more effective because it neutralizes odors and cleans the fabric at the same time.

  1. Take a small bowl, add some water and mix it well.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to it and stir well until it dissolves completely.
  3. Now add 1 tablespoon of vinegar in it, and stir well again until all the ingredients are dissolved completely.
  4. Put your clothes into the container, and make sure that it is fully submerged.
  5. Let your clothes sit for about 30 minutes in this container and then rinse them using cold water.


Borax is an all-natural product that has been used for hundreds of years. It’s also one of the most effective and affordable ways to get rid of the smell of oil on clothes.

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that you can find in your grocery store or online. It’s often used as a cleaning product, but it also has many other uses.

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of Borax with 1 cup of warm water in a glass jar or plastic container.
  2. Add the stained clothing, making sure that there is enough liquid to cover the stain completely.
  3. Let soak for at least 30 minutes but no longer than 24 hours.
  4. Rinse out with warm water and launder normally, this should remove any remaining stain or odor from your clothes.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is a mild detergent used to wash dishes. It can also be used to remove oil stains from clothes. This is one of the most effective ways to remove the oil smell from clothes.

  1. Add 1/4 cup of dish soap to a sinkful of warm water, then soak for 30 minutes or more until the stain is gone or nearly gone.
  2. Rinse in cold water and dry immediately.
  3. Air-dry your clothes in direct sunlight, if possible, as this will help kill bacteria and reduce any remaining odors caused by bacteria growth.


Ammonia is one of the best ways to remove grease and oil stains from clothing. You can use household ammonia or even the commercial strength variety available at most stores.

  1. To use ammonia to remove oil stains from clothing: Simply mix 1 part ammonia with 5 parts water in a spray bottle.
  2. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before washing normally in warm water with detergent.
  3. Rinse and launder as usual.

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