How To Get Strong Cat Urine Odor Out Of Clothes? 4 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to get strong cat urine out of clothes? Stop wondering, and you have arrived at the right place. You can use oxygen bleach, vinegar, and laundry detergent with freshener to get the smell out of clothes. You likely have a cat, and if so, it’s inevitable that at some point, your cat will decide to use the area of your home as their litter box. 

After all, cats are naturally drawn to these areas because they offer privacy and a place to do their business. Unfortunately, one significant side effect of this is urine smells in clothes.

How to Get Strong Cat Urine Odor Out of Clothes

If you find smelly clothes from washing them after the kitty has been naughty on them lately, here is the best cat urine odor removal home remedy for getting rid of those nasty odors and pee smell from clothes. Keep reading this article to discover more exciting things. 


Ways To Get Strong Cat Urine Odor Out Of Clothes?

The materials you’ll need include: 

  • Oxygen bleach
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Enzyme detergent


#1. Using oxygen bleach

One of the best ways to get rid of those pesky cat pee smells from your clothes is to use oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach is different from regular bleach as it is an alternative that helps remove those stubborn cat urine odors. The process of removing the cat urine odor from clothing is simple. Just get some water in the sink and add a cup of oxygen bleach, such as Oxy-Clean. Then soak the urine-stained clothes in the mixture for about 4 – 5 hours. Note: Traditional chlorine bleach might damage your clothes, so don’t use it.


#2. Using vinegar to remove strong cat urine

Vinegar is a natural fabric softener that can help remove urine odors from your clothes. It’s also a great alternative to commercial laundry detergent. The following are just a few of the benefits: Vinegar washes clothes and removes organic stains. Vinegar is alkaline and helps with the pH of your clothes, which can help remove some cat pee smells. Vinegar leaves no residue on your clothes, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Vinegar works by diluting strains of bacteria and its acidic properties, which can make it easier for you to get rid of cat urine smells from your clothes. To use this home remedy for getting rid of those pesky cat pee smells from your clothes;

  • Simply add about one cup of white vinegar to three cups of water.
  • Soak the affected garment in the mixture for a few minutes.
  • You can also add baking soda if you wish.
  • Then the machine washed the urine-stained item at the set on cold or lukewarm water.
  • Air-dry the garment. (You shouldn’t use a clothes dryer)


#3. Laundering with an enzyme-based detergent

Laundering with a product that includes enzymes can also help remove strong cat urine odors from clothes. This type of detergent is excellent for fighting stains and odors.

The following are a few of the benefits:

  • It’s an environmentally-friendly way to remove those pesky pee smells from your clothes.
  • The enzymes work by breaking down the organic materials in the liquid, which can help remove some of those smelly cat urine smells from your clothes.
  • Detergents that include enzymes have been shown to have even more excellent microbial controlling properties, which can help reduce odor-causing agents that would otherwise cause a musty smell on your clothes.

The clothes can be laundered with cat urine laundry detergent. They can be washed in cold water. The clothes should not be dried with heat because drying will set the stain and make it permanent.


#4. Using baking soda

Baking soda is another excellent way to remove cat urine odors from your clothes. Many people find that baking soda is a bit safer than other chemicals in commercial laundry detergents. This is because most commercially-made detergents contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates, which can harm you and the environment.


How To Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of Clothes After Washing?

Since cat urine is water-based, there is less of a chance of damaging your clothes. If you’re unsure if your clothes are clean, try to detect the smell with your nose. If it smells like it needs to be rewashed, go ahead and do so. There are many ways to remove the smell of cat pee from clothes, but you should always use an enzyme-based detergent.

This detergent can break down organic materials (such as those found in the urine) and remove some awful odors left behind by your kitty’s no-nos. And if you don’t have any of these ingredients on hand, go ahead and take your clothes to a laundromat. They will be able to handle any stains and odors that might be present in your clothes, including those smells left behind by cat urine.


How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Clothes Without Vinegar?

You can use baking soda instead of vinegar. It will soak up the urine and neutralize the odor. You have to sprinkle baking soda on top of the area where the cat has urinated, leave it for about 15 minutes, and then vacuum it up. Enzyme-based detergents also do pretty well with removing stains and odors instead of vinegar. Enzyme cleaners are made to digest protein (a protein in urine) and break up protein clusters that cause bad smells. They work the same way as baking soda by breaking up protein clusters, but they can be sprayed or wiped on the stain.


My House Smells Like Cat Pee, But I Can’t Find It

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact area where your cat peed, which could be because they are spraying. If it smells like nothing to clean up, you are smelling ammonia from their urine. It could also be that you don’t have a litter box for them or that they are simply spraying the walls and furniture. If there is no smell of urine, then it may be coming from somewhere else in the house. They might have sprayed on some clothes that were lying about or on some furniture, meaning that if you can find the source of the smell (whatever they spread), you should clean it with a soap and water mixture and wash the items thoroughly.


What Kills The Smell Of Cat Urine?

  • White vinegar: Pour it over the area and let it sit for 30 minutes before scrubbing, then rinse.
  • Baking soda: The odor of baking soda can take care of any urine smell just as effectively as the scent of your home-baked cookies! Sprinkle some on until you no longer smell anything funky.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2): Use hydrogen peroxide to destroy odors at their source by pouring or spraying 3% H2O2 solution onto carpets, furniture fabric, drapes, or anywhere else where cat urine has gone unnoticed.


How Do You Get Rid Of Strong Animal Urine Smells?

If a house has a strong animal urine smell, allow the area to dehumidify and then use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to remove as much of the old stain as possible. Mix one part of bleach with nine pieces of cold water and apply it on the most critical areas of odor-this is also effective for removing human urine stains. You can also mix three tablespoons of baking soda with one-quart cool water, saturate upholstered furniture cushions, sheets, or rugs, let sit overnight and vacuum thoroughly.

Baking soda also works wonders-spread it on carpets, leave it overnight and vacuum in the morning. Make an herbal mixture of dried lavender, rosemary leaves, thyme, and marjoram-spread around the house, stopping foul odors from spreading. To treat cat urine odor, mix one-part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water and apply it generously to the area of the urine deposit. Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse with a damp cloth.


Frequently Asked Question- (FAQs)

Here are some interesting answers.


How do you neutralize old cat urine smell?

You can also mix three tablespoons of baking soda with one-quart cool water, saturate upholstered furniture cushions, sheets, or rugs, let sit overnight and vacuum thoroughly.


Will the cat pee smell eventually go away?

Some types of animal urine, such as cat pee, will eventually go away on their own. It takes months, so you can’t just walk away from the issue. It takes months, so you can’t just walk away from the issue.


How do I find the smell of cat urine?

Nobody wants to smell cat urine. But even if you clean up the spot where the smell is coming from, traces of it are left in nearby carpets or furnishings. Over time, these small amounts of compounds combine to emit a strong odor that may permeate your home environment.


Will baking soda get rid of the cat urine smell?

Yes, baking soda will work. Baking soda also works wonders-spread in on carpets, leave overnight and vacuum in the morning.


How will essential oil get rid of cat urine?

Essential oils are a good option for getting rid of cat urine. You can mix a few drops in water and wipe the area with a cloth. Or you can add five to ten drops of essential oil to a spray bottle filled with one cup of water and mist the area where the urine is located. You may also be interested to know about easy ways to remove urine smell from clothing.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you have learned how to get a strong cat urine odor out of clothes. The four ways we have mentioned above definitely help you remove the cat urine odor from clothes. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us. You may also want to read about how to remove ointment stains from clothing and how to wash embroidered clothing.

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