How to Get Tempera Paint Out of Clothes

For many parents, children, and teachers of young kids, tempera paints are an important artistic tool. This is because tempera produces vivid and bright colors that dry quickly. It forms thick lines when applied through writing brushes as well as thin ones when sprayed out using spray bottles. 

Because of these properties, this paint is often the go-to art tool for kids who want to keep themselves occupied during a day at school. Though tempera paints come in a variety of bright and playful colors, it can be quite frustrating to remove them when it comes into contact with your clothes or carpets.

How to Get Tempera Paint Out of Clothes

Does Tempera Paint Stain Clothes

Tempera paint stains are a mixture of pigments and grease. This combination makes them difficult to remove from clothing, but not impossible. It is important to act quickly and use the right methods for removing tempera paint.

Is Tempera Paint Permanent on Fabric?

Tempera paint is not permanent if it gets on fabric. If you wash them immediately with hot water then the color will come out easily. If you catch any paint that lands on the fabric while it’s still wet, you can usually wipe or rinse it off with water.

However, it might come hard to remove if it stays on fabric for long.

Is Tempera Paint Washable from Clothes

Tempera paint is washable. Thus, the stains can be removed from the fabric with the help of laundry detergent, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or bleach. But that is only possible if you treat the stain as soon as it appears. 

Otherwise, the stain will become permanent as tempera paint dries up very quickly. However, it is not recommended to use bleach on silk, wool, or spandex.

Things You Will Need

  • Heavy-duty liquid detergent
  • Dilute solution of all-fabric powdered bleach
  • White vinegar or commercial color remover
  • Water
  • Washer

How to Get Tempera Paint Out of Clothes

Get rid of any excess from the garment

Once you have removed as much paint as possible with a spoon, go over the area with a clean cloth to remove any remaining particles. If you cannot reach all the paint, use a toothbrush to brush off the rest of it.

Pretreat the stain with heavy-duty liquid detergent

Wet the stained area and apply a small amount of heavy-duty liquid detergent to it. Scrub it with your fingers or an old toothbrush, then let it sit for 10 more minutes.

Soak fabric in a dilute solution of all-fabric powdered bleach

If your clothes are white or a light color, you can use all-fabric powdered bleach to get out tempera paint stains. It’s important to check the label on your clothing to make sure that it is safe to use bleach.

If is not safe to use bleach, blot the stain with white vinegar

Pour vinegar directly onto the stain and allow it to soak for several minutes then add more vinegar if necessary to completely cover the stain. Reapply vinegar until all color is removed.

Wash as usual

Launder the garment using the hottest wash temperature as instructed on the garment care label.

How Do You Get Tempera Paint Out of a Cotton Shirt?

If you get tempera paint on your cotton shirt, you need to act quickly to remove it before the paint gets ground into the fibers of the fabric. Follow these steps:

Rinse it under cold water. Hot water makes the paint set faster. Wash the garment with a detergent that includes surfactants, which help lift the pigment out of the fabric. If the stain persists after washing, repeat these steps until the stain is completely gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tempera paint waterproof when dried?

Tempera paint is usually not waterproof when dry. It is water-soluble and the pigment can be washed off with water. However, it can be difficult to remove pigments from absorbent surfaces such as paper and canvas.

Will OxiClean remove paint from clothes?

The answer to this question is yes, OxiClean™ can be used to remove paint stains from clothes. Simply pre-treat the paint-stained area with the OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover powder and then run through a normal wash cycle. If the paint stain has been on the fabric for a while, you may need to repeat this process once or twice before it comes completely clean.

Is it ok to wash clothes with paint on them?

If you have acrylic paint, then it is generally safe to wash your clothes in a washing machine. It is recommended to use cold water so the colors do not run. If the oil-based paint, then it is not a good idea to put them in a washing machine because they may ignite in the dryer due to the high heat causing a fire hazard.

Can you get dried paint out of your clothes?

If you have a dried stain, you can try using warm water and half detergent, half warm water. The key is to blot the stain and not rub it in. Rinse with cool water and then launder your garment according to the care instructions on the clothing label.

Does vinegar remove paint stains?

Yes. Vinegar can remove water-based paint and oil-based paint from clothes. It is best to treat the stain while it is still wet, but vinegar will work on dried paint as well. Vinegar is a mild acid that can be used to remove paint from surfaces such as glass or metal.

Does rubbing alcohol remove paint from clothes?

You can remove paint from clothing with rubbing alcohol, but it’s important to ensure that the fabric is colorfast before using this method. Rubbing alcohol works well on most surfaces, but if you use too much or leave it on the surface for an extended period of time, it can damage some types of materials.

Does nail polish remover remove paint?

THE ANSWER: Yes, nail polish remover will remove paint. However, the type of nail polish remover you use and the amount you use both can play a role in how quickly paint is removed. Nail polish remover contains acetone. Acetone breaks down some compounds in paint, making it able to be removed much more easily.

Does baking soda remove paint from clothes?

Baking soda is an excellent stain remover. It can easily and quickly remove many types of stains, including paint stains. Some other things you can do to aid in the removal of paint stains include rubbing the fabric with a white towel, using a paste of baking soda and water, and once again using vinegar.

Final Words

Treating your clothes to help remove paint stains is easy when you know what to do. Finding the best garment paint remover takes some research and meticulous consideration, but hopefully, this guide has helped to make your decision easier. 

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