How To Hem A Skirt With A Sewing Machine: 2 Steps

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You can simplify it into two steps if you want to know how to hem a skirt with a sewing machine. We’ll start with setting up and then share tips on sewing itself. This article will even teach you how to hem a skirt without a sewing machine or sewing altogether. 

how to hem a skirt with a sewing machine

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How To Hem A Skirt With A Sewing Machine Step By Step


Step 1. Prepare the skirt

  • Mark the skirt on the area where you want the hemline and measure it
  • Measure ¼ inch around the fabric and press the seam on the wrong side before folding the material again so your skirt will become the correct length
  • Note of the measurement of how much you turned the fabric and use it all around the skirt to get a perfect hemline
  • Fold the hemline back to the exterior of the garment so you’ll know where you must sew the hem stitches


Step 2. Start sewing

  • Set up the sewing machine to the blind hem stitch and attach the blind hem foot to begin sewing the hem
  • You can also read how to use a hemming foot on a sewing machine if your unit has one
  • Before sewing the skirt, test your settings on scrap fabric to know if you need to adjust the stitch width
  • Line and position the skirt fabric to the sewing machine accordingly
  • Check if the stitches will be on the right side of the folded part, and once the needle moves to the left, it should leave a tiny stitch
  • Press once finished, and you’re done hemming your skirt


What Stitch Do You Use To Hem A Skirt?


Blind stitch

The best stitch to hem a skirt with is the blind stitch, especially when the skirt uses a heavy fabric. The finish looks more professional, similar to the clothes you can get at stores. It’s also relatively easy to do since you only need to use the blind hem foot and select the blind hem stitch on the sewing machine. 

Did you know that are even specialized machines for this type of hem? Read our article on what is a blind stitch sewing machine to learn more. 


Edge stitch

If you want to hem a circle skirt, it would be easier to do by hand with wide, invisible stitches. But if you’re using a sewing machine, the best way to hem curved edges on the skirt is with the edge stitching foot. This will prevent fabric puckering, and the result also looks neat.


How Do You Hem A Skirt Evenly?

  1. Hang the skirt overnight before hemming it the following day to allow the material to relax
  2. Wear the garment or have the user put it on, so you’ll know what’s the best hemline for it 
  3. Mark your desired length along the side seam with a pin
  4. Measure the distance from the floor to the pin and have this distance around the hem for marking
  5. Cut the excess skirt fabric using the pin guidelines 


How Do You Hem A Skirt Without Cutting It?

  1. You don’t need to cut a skirt when hemming, especially if you won’t have to shorten it significantly
  2. Use another skirt as a pattern on the skirt you’re sewing to determine your hemline
  3. Check the markings you made to ensure that you’ll hem the skirt evenly
  4. Fold the skirt accordingly and iron 
  5. Place the fabric tape on the garment and iron to finish the hemline


What Is The Hem Of A Skirt?

The hem of the skirt refers to the folded edge at the bottom. But more than ensuring that the material won’t fray, the skirt hemline can also be used to emphasize your legs or ankles. The average hemline for a straight skirt is 2 and a half inches, while gored and circular skirts look best with a 2-inch hem, according to the Extension Clothing Specialists at the Texas A. & M. College System


How Do You Hem A Skirt Without A Sewing Machine?

  1. Thread the needle with a thread the same color as the skirt to make an invisible hem
  2. Insert the needle so the knot will be hidden in the hem fold
  3. Hook the needlepoint close where you inserted the needle until you catch the fabric without piercing it completely
  4. Continue sewing and return to where you started
  5. Tie off a knot to secure the stitches 
  6. Iron the hem flat to finish


How to hem a skirt without cutting and sewing

  1. Turn the skirt inside out and remove the waistline bottom edge stitches and hemline stitches
  2. Bring the hemline up to the waist and tuck 
  3. Place a piece of tape on either side of the hem
  4. Press the fabric and iron
  5. Turn the skirt right side out and iron flat



And that’s it! To recap how to hem a skirt with a sewing machine, you only need to mark and fold the garment accordingly, then select the blind stitch setting with the blind stitch foot in your sewing machine. You can also blind hem by hand or opt for an adhesive to skip sewing altogether. 

We hope this was helpful. Leave us a comment if you have any. 


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