How To Make A Buttonhole With A Singer Sewing Machine

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You can learn how to make a buttonhole with a Singer sewing machine in two steps. First, we’ll talk about the correct usage of Singer’s buttonhole presser foot in more detail below. We’ll also discuss tips for buttonhole sewing with sewing machines to help you with your projects. 

how to make a buttonhole with a singer sewing machine

But first, do you already know the correct way to set up a Singer sewing machine? For example, how do you fill a bobbin of a Singer sewing machine? Then, browse our blogs for more tutorials about preparing Singer for sewing. 


How To Make A Buttonhole With A Singer Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Install the presser foot

  • Read the Singer manual of the specific machine you have; some models sew a one-step buttonhole, while others sew a four-step buttonhole
  • Fasten the buttonhole presser foot on your sewing machine to get started
  • Remove the current foot from the shank
  • Position the presser foot under the shank
  • Press and screw down the buttonhole presser foot, so the shank snaps in place for security
  • Set the buttonhole length
  • Pull down and press the buttonhole lever towards you
  • Place your button against the buttonhole lever and slide the clamp back to take the length
  • Center the buttonhole foot guidelines around the starting line before lowering it down for sewing


Step 2. Start sewing

  • Turn the sewing machine on and start sewing
  • The machine will finish the whole buttonhole in one operation, so be sure to check when the leg is overlapping the bartack and stop immediately
  • Raise the presser foot to remove the material
  • Cut open the buttonhole and clip the loose threads
  • Push the buttonhole lever back into the machine and decide if you need to adjust the move stitch balance lever to get the sides of the buttonhole equal


One-step buttonhole vs four-step buttonhole

Singer sewing machines can either offer a one-step buttonhole feature or a four-step buttonhole feature. Models with the one-step buttonhole capability have a special buttonhole presser foot that will measure your button for you to create the perfect size buttonhole consistently. But if your unit doesn’t have this feature, you can still sew a buttonhole in four steps with Singer.

The four-step buttonhole feature of a Singer sewing machine requires more manual intervention. First, you will mark the fabric where you will put the hole and how long it should be. Then, use the stitch selector dial to work four sides of the buttonhole. 


How To Make A Buttonhole On Stretch Fabric With A Singer Sewing Machine

  1. Hook a cord under the buttonhole foot so the legs will overcast on it after the machine finishes the buttonhole
  2. Mark the fabric to where you will put the buttonhole
  3. Install the buttonhole foot of the Singer sewing machine
  4. Set the pattern selector dial indicated in the manual, with the stitch length dial to 2 and width according to the thread diameter
  5. Hook the cord to the back end of the foot
  6. Bring the two heavy threads under and to the front of the front
  7. Tie the threads temporarily into the grooves and start sewing
  8. Once done, pull on the heavy thread and trim off

To avoid issues with the stitches, be sure to learn how to thread a Singer sewing machine correctly. 


How To Adjust The Stitch Density On The Sides Of The Buttonhole With A Singer Sewing Machine

  1. To get a balanced density on both sides of the buttonhole, use the buttonhole balance control dial on the Singer sewing machine
  2. Check if the dial is between the “+” and “-” before adjusting
  3. If the stitches on the left buttonhole side are too close, turn the dial towards “+”
  4. If the stitches on the left buttonhole side are too spaced apart, turn the dial towards “-”


How Do You Make A Buttonhole On A Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

This guide is for the Singer 5532. Therefore, if you own another heavy-duty machine, please follow its manual diligently.

  1. Mark the buttonhole position on the fabric
  2. Attach the buttonhole foot on the sewing machine
  3. Set the stitch pattern, length, and width accordingly
  4. Place a piece of scrap fabric under the foot for testing
  5. Lower and align the marks of the presser foot with the fabric markings 
  6. Open the button plate and insert the button you’ll use 
  7. Lower the buttonhole lever and push it back to know how big of a hole to make
  8. Start sewing and stop when done


Why Is My Buttonhole Foot Not Moving?

  • Check the foot pressure if it’s compatible with the fabric
  • Check the needle and thread if they are suitable for the material
  • Adjust the stitch length for the buttonhole accordingly
  • Clean the bobbin and needle plate areas that may have lint, threads, and dust build-up
  • The buttonhole foot itself might be damaged or not installed correctly



And that’s it! To recap how to make a buttonhole with a Singer sewing machine, you only need to fasten the buttonhole foot, allow Singer to measure the buttonhole needed, and the machine will do the work. This is the one-step buttonhole feature, but note that other models use a four-step buttonhole feature. 

We hope you learned a lot. Leave us a question if you have any. 


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