How To Make A Durag Out Of A Shirt And More!

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Do you know how to make a durag out of a shirt? You’ll be amazed by how easy it is in this step-by-step guide, which includes tips on wearing durags. 

How To Make A Durag Out Of A Shirt

We’ll also cover other ways to make durags using everyday items in your home. And if you have further questions regarding fashion and all things clothing, browse our page for various articles, and you might find what you’re looking for. 

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How To Make A Durag Out Of A Shirt Plus Tips On Wearing It

The average durag is made from 4 to 5 pieces or 1 to 2 yards of fabric. This is why you  can use a t-shirt to create one at home, as you can see in the tutorial below:


Materials for making a durag out of a shirt:

  • A T-shirt, preferably made from a stretchy fabric
  • Scissors
  • A threaded needle
  • Pins (optional)



  1. Remove and cut off the neckline, hem, and sleeves of the T-shirt 
  2. Make a tube from the shirt by folding it in half, then sewing the sides together; adjust the size to what’s comfortable for your head
  3. Slip the durag over your forehead and check if you need to sew and resize it 
  4. The durag should cover your hair comfortably; you can also tie the ends of the durag for added tightness 


Can I Use A Shirt As A Durag?

You can use a shirt as a durag for a DIY affordable accessory, and 95% of durags are even made from t-shirts! Just choose a clothing material that would be easy to style into a durag.

For example, 70% of durags use cotton fabric, while 60% use a stretchy material. So here’s another method you can do if you need something to cover your head and protect your hair, like a bandana, and all you have is a shirt. 

  1. Lay the shirt over a flat surface
  2. Cut out a square and take one corner over the opposite corner to form a triangle
  3. Place the folded end across your forehead
  4. Hold the ends of the triangle on each hand to tie a knot
  5. For security, take the corner that goes over your hair and tuck it behind the knot earlier 


What Is The Best Type Of Shirt To Use For A Durag?

You can use a simple t-shirt as a durag, cut a square, or sew it into a tube. The most popular material people use is cotton, but you can also use any stretchy fabric. 

Since you’ll be wearing it over your head, pick materials that would be comfortable and easy to style. For example, you can choose types commonly worn on a bandana or any accessory for the hair. 


Polyester shirts

Since polyester shirts are stretchy, they are ideal for men looking for a durag that can provide compression. They’re also great if you feel hot quickly since polyester is breathable. 

But if you wear the durag for sleeping, the smooth fabric can slip off quickly. So consider less slippery fabrics if you’ll be sleeping with the durag. 


Silky shirts

The smooth, silky material is perfect for people wearing the durag for hair protection, especially those with waves. Silk shirts are less likely to cause frizz and breakage. 

The shiny fabric is also perfect as a piece of fashion accessory. But to secure it in place, design your durag with tails. 


How To Make A Durag Without Sewing

If you don’t want to sew, use a comfortable pillow case and tie yourself a durag. Just fold it into a triangle and place it over your head.

You should have one end of the triangle pointing and folded over the back of your head. Then, take the two ends of the triangle from the front of your head to meet at the back into a knot. 

Tie them securely to keep the middle point earlier from being displaced and losing the coverage on your waves. Pull the center end for added security and adjust accordingly. 


How To Make A Durag With A Scarf

Scarves come in different shapes, sizes, pattern types, colors, and materials, so, unsurprisingly, you can use them to make a durag at home. You only need to lay the thing over your head and adjust its position depending on the coverage you want for your forehead and hair.

Then, take the two ends at the front, near the sides of your eyebrows, and cross them at the back of your head. Do not tie them yet; instead, bring them around the head again.

Twist the tails and wrap them around your forehead so the crossing of the two is at the center of the eyebrows. Tuck them in place and pull the back part of the material to finish.

Depending on your style, you can also bring the back end over the head. This technique also works if your scarf has a detailed hem. 


Does A Durag Have Long Or Short Tails?

Durags can have long and short tails depending on the people wearing them. Some men prefer their durags with long tails, while others prefer shorter styles. 


Long-tail durags

A common way to wear a long-tail durag is by tying the tails at the back of the head for practicality. This will mean extra hair coverage, which is best for people who want to keep their long locks in place. 


Short-tail durags

If you don’t need extra coverage, use short-tail durags with less material. They are lighter to wear because they’re not bulky.


Are there durags with no tail?

There are durags with no tail! Men with a lot of hair choose this style for a more flattering look since the tail might look odd with too much hair on top. 


How to choose the tail length of durag?

It’s up to the person wearing the durag to choose if they prefer a long or short tail. Choose what’s practical and embodies your style best. 


How Do I Put On A Durag?

There are many options to wear and tie a durag. Men differ in their personal styles, but here is a step-by-step on how to tie durags to help you get the gist of the headwrap:

  1. To help you, if it’s your first time, stand in front of a mirror 
  2. Prepare the durag and turn it inside out
  3. Check the material so the seam is outside
  4. Smoothen the durag and place it over the head
  5. Align the center seam of the fabric with your nose
  6. The edge of the durag should be at the center and over your forehead
  7. Adjust the material so it covers your entire hairline
  8. Hold the tails of the durag with both hands and lead them over your ears
  9. Bring them to the back of your head and around 
  10. Once in front of the head, tuck them securely or make a knot 
  11. The ties should be smooth and flat on the forehead 

How to Make a Durag Out of a Shirt


How to put on durags for 360 waves

Men with natural hair often wear a hairstyle with a wave pattern called 360 waves. You can use a durag to keep the hair down and train it to stay flat instead of growing outwards. 

  1. Choose silky durags for waves and curves
  2. Turn the durag inside out because the seam can make a dent in the hair
  3. Hold one tail and wrap it at the back of the head with the tails crossing
  4. Make sure the tails cross the forehead
  5. Wrap around the back again but don’t tie the tails
  6. Twist the tails together and put on a soft headband
  7. Tuck the durag underneath it and roll the flap into the band to secure the durag in place


How do you tie durag straps?

Some people struggle with the straps of their durag. Here are some tips you can use:

  1. Position the durag over your head so it covers your hair
  2. Hold one strap with your mouth and wrap the other one around your head flatly
  3. Hold have some strap left, so hold it with your left hand
  4. Grab the other strap and wrap it around the one around your head
  5. Hold the straps with both hands and cross them behind
  6. Secure the straps in a knot 


How to tie a durag with the knot at the front 

You might prefer having the hair accessory with the knot at the front:

  1. Place the durag over your head, making  sure the center seam is aligned with your nose
  2. Take one tail around your head up to the opposite ear
  3. Take the other tail from behind the back to meet the one by your ear and intertwine the two 
  4. Tie the tails in a ribbon and adjust accordingly 


How do you tie a durag without a knot?

If you don’t like the style of having a knot at the back of the head with durag, use this method:

  1. Wear the durag over your head and adjust so the center seam is in the middle of the forehead or aligned with your nose
  2. Bring the tails to the back of the head and cross one tail over the other
  3. Hold the tail you crossed over the other with your mouth and bring the other tail to the opposite side
  4. Feel the tails so they are flat against the head, and adjust them a bit as needed
  5. Pull the tail (the one you’re holding with your hand) around the head to the front and tuck it under the center seam
  6. Bring the tail that you’re holding with your mouth around the head and tuck it under the durag to secure it in order


What is the easiest way to put on a durag?

If you’re out of time or you want a hassle-free option to put the durag over your head, try this way:

  1. Tie the tails together with a double knot
  2. Put the durag over your head with the seam up (or down, depending on preference)
  3. Pull the tail loop behind your head and turn it over with a twisting motion
  4. Tie the flap into a knot and tuck it into the durag
  5. You can also make a knot with it for added comfort 


Why Do People Wear Durags?

There are many reasons why people wear durags: 

  • Protection for the head and hair against the elements like sun rays and air
  • Can keep the hair from getting frizzy throughout the day
  • To help improve the waves 
  • For the growth of dreadlocks 
  • For protection of braids 
  • Can compress the hair for natural hairstyles
  • As stylish accessories
  • As part of identity or culture 


Why Do People Wear Durags Inside Out?

The main reason you want the durag inside out when arranging it over your head is that the seam can leave an impression on the hair. So always ensure that the durag is inside out, especially when wearing it for waves and curls. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Durag Everyday?

It’s okay to wear a durag every day if it’s not too tight and worn correctly. Here are some tips to remember:

  1. The longest portion of the durag should hang loosely at the back of the head
  2. The durag itself should lay flat against the head, making sure nothing is twisted or bunching
  3. The durag should not be tied too tightly that you can feel that your scalp is numb
  4. The durag should not leave any indentation when you remove it
  5. Make sure you’re still washing and conditioning your hair so it does not get dry


How Long Should I Wear A Durag?

Men typically wear their durags overnight to protect their hairstyle. And for style, you can wear your durag for as long as you want, but there’s a catch.

Ensure you’re not wearing the headwrap too long and not giving your scalp and hair a break. You must still wash your hair and scalp and let your hair follicles breathe. 

And when trying to achieve waves, remember that you will brush your hair. So you can’t just keep wearing a durag and neglect moisturizing the locks. 


What Can I Use If I Don’t Have A Durag?

If you don’t have a durag, you can wear a T-shirt or a scarf as provided by the tutorials in this article. Since the durag acts as a headwrap, you only need a comfortable material that provides enough coverage and protection for your hair and head. 

It would be best if you also secured it to your head. And, of course, pick patterns and colors that suit your style! 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make a durag out of a shirt by forming a tube or cutting a square from the material. 

From there, you can tie it around the head and tuck it securely as you would with any regular durag. Of course, you can always wear a cotton or stretchy shirt, but if you have a scarf, it can also be a DIY durag. 

How long should you wear a durag? It’s up to you, but remember to help your scalp and hair breathe with the necessary cleaning and care they need.

But since some methods of homemade durags require sewing, you might also be interested in how can I learn to sew at home for beginners!

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