How To Miter A Corner In Sewing: 2 Best Methods

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You can learn how to miter a corner in sewing using two methods. The first is topstitching, and the second method is sewing before topstitching. We’ll also share tips on how to make perfect corners when sewing. 

how to miter a corner in sewing

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How Do You Miter A Corner In Sewing?


Method 1. Topstitching only 

  1. Press half of the hem allowance to the wrong side on all the edges of the fabric
  2. Press the hem again, ensuring that you pressed the corners evenly 
  3. Unfold the hem and find the square formed by the folds
  4. Mark a line through the corners of the middle square
  5. Trim along the line and fold the angled edge in
  6. Check if the creases are aligned with each other 
  7. Press the creases 
  8. Follow the first fold and press
  9. Do the same for the second line
  10. Pin the corner and sew around the inner fold
  11. Pivot in the mitered corner between folds 


Method 2. Sewing then topstitching

  1. Divide the hem allowance evenly or at different sizes, depending on your preference
  2. Press the half of the hem towards the wrong side on both edges or press the smaller part if the hem is not divided evenly
  3. Press the hem towards the wrong side again or press the larger part if the hem is not divided evenly 
  4. Unfold the second fold and then fold the corner towards the wrong side
  5. Check if the creases are aligned with the second fold
  6. Press and unfold to crease
  7. Fold the corner right sides together so that the crease you made is aligned with itself through the layers, and the other edges of the corner are also aligned 
  8. Sew along the crease and clip the top corner
  9. Turn the corner right side out and press
  10. Topstitch around the inner fold and pivot at the corner


How To Miter Corners In A Sewing Machine

  1. Align the seams by folding each corner right side together 
  2. Pin the material to keep it straight and begin sewing at the fold toward the fabric edge 
  3. Trim the excess material from the corner and turn them out 
  4. Push each corner with a pen or chopstick if they won’t point out perfectly 


What Is Mitered Corner?

A mitered corner is a technique of finishing the corner on a fabric edge. This way, the hem won’t be bulky, and the project will look more professionally finished. Of course, you can always just turn the edges under to finish a corner, but the seam can look bulky, and the edges won’t meet at a perfect angle. 

Where can you use a mitered corner? Mitering a corner is useful on projects such as napkins, pillowcases, and especially quilts. Anything rectangular will look more visually appealing when you miter their corners by hand or with a sewing machine, depending on the sewer’s preference. 

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How Do You Make A Perfect Mitered Corner?

  1. Prewash and dry your fabric
  2. Press the seam allowance according to the hem you want
  3. Press an inch of the seam on all the edges to the wrong side 
  4. Press an inch again and ensure that the corners are evenly folded 
  5. Undo the second fold and measure one inch from the corner down on each side
  6. Make a diagonal line to connect the two marks and fold the corner diagonally wrong side out
  7. Pin the layers and sew along the line with small stitches
  8. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam
  9. Trim the corner and leave ⅛ inch of seam allowance
  10. Clip the corner tip and press the seam open
  11. Turn the corner right side out and push it out with a chopstick
  12. Press and repeat on all corners


How Do You Sew Trim Around Corners?

  1. Wash and dry the fabric
  2. Unfold the trim or bias tape
  3. Pin one of the raw edges of the tape to the straight edge of the sewing project right side together
  4. Sew the trim to the fabric and backstitch once you’re at seam allowance distance away from the corner
  5. Fold the trim triangle up and right to form a 90-degree angle, then press
  6. Fold the trim around the other edge and pin and repeat on all corners
  7. Once you reach your starting point, overlap the two tails of the trim for an inch and join them 
  8. Press the seam towards the trim and fold the tape over the stitching to cover it



And that’s it! To recap how to miter a corner in sewing, you can topstitch only or sew before topstitching for more secured mitered corners. You can even miter with trim or bias tape with a sewing machine. 

Overall, the key is folding and pinning as you go to miter comfortably. It can be intimidating at first, but practice makes perfect. 

We hope this article was easy to follow. Leave us a question below if you have any, and browse our blog to know more about finishing the edges of sewing projects. 

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