How To Oil A Baby Lock Sewing Machine Correctly

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One can learn how to oil a Baby lock sewing machine according to the machine model. Some need to be oiled, while others only need lubrication in certain areas. We’ll talk about lubricating three popular models from Baby Lock: Zest, Destiny, and the BL50A. 

how to oil a babylock sewing machine

Are you new to owning this sewing machine brand? Then, why not read about who makes Baby Lock sewing machines to help you know what to expect with these machines. 


How To Oil A Baby Lock Sewing Machine Properly


Baby Lock Zest

The Baby Lock Zest’s needle bar needs lubrication. First, use the machine’s handwheel to lower the needle bar, then oil its top accordingly. Remember that a drop or two will

suffice, and never use too much oil or other types of lubricants besides a proper sewing machine oil. 

Baby Lock Destiny

According to the manual of the Baby Lock Destiny, you shouldn’t oil it. This is because Baby Lock already made it with enough oil necessary for its operation. Therefore, it’s one of those models where periodic lubrication is no longer needed, and an authorized Baby Lock dealer will do maintenance. 


Baby Lock BL50A

The Baby Lock BL50A manual indicates that oiling is not necessary for this model. According to the brand, it was already manufactured with enough oil like Destiny. However, lubrication issues such as noise or the handwheel being stuck should warrant a visit to an authorized Baby Lock dealer. 


Do You Oil A Babylock Sewing Machine?


Baby Lock Sashiko

According to Baby Lock’s website, you need to oil your Sashiko sewing machine. The brand even recommends that you do this maintenance practice every day. However, we also found the manual for the Baby Lock Sashiko BLQK where it’s stated that the moving parts don’t require lubrication, and the Baby Lock retailer will be the one responsible for it. 


Baby Lock Maria BL23A

While most Baby Lock sewing machines are already manufactured with enough oil for sewing, some models like the Baby Lock Maria BL23A need oiling. Here is how to oil this  Baby Lock sewing machine according to the manual:

  1. Turn off the sewing machine and refer to the manual for the oiling points 
  2. Clean the oiling points shown on the manual’s illustration 
  3. Remove the cap, screw, and faceplate of the Baby Lock sewing machine
  4. Add several drops of sewing machine oil to the oiling points 
  5. Oil the Baby Lock Maria BL23A twice or thrice a year, depending on the use
  6. Add a few drops of kerosene on the oiling points if your sewing machine was not used for a long time, then run it for one minute


Where Do I Oil My Baby Lock Sewing Machine?

You must refer to the manual of the specific Baby Lock sewing machine model you have, and it should have an illustration showing where to add a drop or two of sewing machine oil. For some models like the Baby Lock Coronet BLCT16A, you can oil the bobbin hook to protect it from wear. 

The Baby Lock Enterprise BNT10L also recommends that you oil it the first time you’ll use it. After that, you put a drop of oil onto the hook race, and the lower needle bar felt washer after every 40 hours of usage. And if you’re unsure if your unit needs oiling, bring it to an authorized Baby Lock service center instead to avoid accidentally damaging your sewing machine. 

Please read how to oil a sewing machine as it discusses the moving parts that typically need lubricating to keep the machine running smoothly. 


How Do You Clean A Baby Lock?

  1. Refer to the cleaning instructions in the manual of the specific Baby Lock model you have as these are applicable to Baby Lock BL50A
  2. Turn off and unplug the sewing machine to avoid the risk of electric shock
  3. Use a damp and soft cloth to wipe the sewing machine surface
  4. You can use mild detergent, but never harsh cleaners such as thinner or benzene that can ruin the machine
  5. Dry the machine’s exterior afterward
  6. Clean the race hook and area under the needle plate where lint can collect over time
  7. Raise the needle and presser foot lever
  8. Pull the flatbed attachment off to the left and remove the presser foot holder 
  9. Remove the needle accordingly and slide the needle plate cover towards you to remove it
  10. Pull out the bobbin case and use a brush to remove the debris on the race and its surrounding area
  11. Reinsert the bobbin case according to the illustration shown on the manual


How Do I Fix My Baby Lock Sewing Machine?

  • Refer to your sewing machine manual for the recommended troubleshooting techniques
  • Make sure the machine has no broken parts, and it’s free of lint and debris 
  • Oil the machine accordingly and have the Baby Lock sewing machine serviced regularly
  • Rethread and redo the bobbin 
  • Replace the needle and insert it correctly
  • Check your sewing machine settings if they are appropriate for the material



And that’s it! We just discussed how to oil a Baby Lock sewing machine, where you need to check the manual if it’s recommended in the first place. Some models don’t require lubrication by the owner, while others regularly need their bobbin hook or needle bar oiled. 

We hope this was helpful; leave us a question if you have any. 

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