How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine: Where and When

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Those who want to know how to oil a Bernina sewing machine can find the dos and don’ts in this article. We wrote this tutorial according to Bernina, so you can feel confident that the procedures and tips mentioned are suitable for your machine. You’ll also know what oil to use and how often you must oil your Bernina sewing machine. 

how to oil a bernina sewing machine

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How Do I Oil My Bernina?

  1. Clean the Bernina sewing machine, removing debris, grease, and lint buildup, especially around the shuttle and feed dog 
  2. Remove the stitch plate and clean it
  3. Make sure the sewing machine is warm or at room temperature before oiling
  4. Refer to the Bernina manual of the specific model you have
  5. Remove the bobbin case and bobbin (i.e., some units only require the bobbin to be removed)
  6. Remove the hook and CB hook, but bring your model to an authorized Bernina dealer if you own an 8 Series or a Bernina sewing machine with a rotary hook
  7. Open the top cover and refer to the illustrations on the manual to know where to drop oil
  8. Do the same inside the side cover
  9. Remove the needle and thread, then run the machine to distribute the oil
  10. Sew on a piece of scrap fabric so it can soak up any excess oil


Where do I oil a Bernina sewing machine?

It’s essential to check the specific Bernina sewing machine manual as it has illustrations telling you where to lubricate. In general, these are areas prone to friction, so keeping them lubricated will prevent your machine from getting worn down quickly. Furthermore, remember that using too much oil is as bad as not oiling your sewing machine, so only use a drop or two or what’s indicated in the manual. 

Never oil the following areas:

  • Holes underneath the stitch plate

Areas that typically need oiling:

  • Hook race
  • Felts of the removed hook
  • CB hook
  • Rotary hook


What oil to use on Bernina?

Use the Bernina sewing machine oil on your Bernina sewing machine, and never use other types of lubricants that can ruin your unit. The Bernina sewing machine oil is free of acid and resin, so it has the correct consistency to keep the machine running smoothly. Some models, such as the 7 and 5 series from Bernina may even already come with special oil. 

Once you’re running out of oil, it’s best to get one from a Bernina dealer. Never try cooking oil, olive oil, or other “remedies” that you might’ve read online. They can clog the machine and ruin your model because they don’t have the correct consistency. 

Please read this guide on how to oil a sewing machine since it discussed the importance of using the proper sewing machine oil. 


What to do after oiling a Bernina sewing machine?

  • Run the sewing machine to distribute oil
  • Clean the sewing machine
  • Sew on a spare piece of fabric to prevent ruining your next project with any potential leftover oil
  • Replace the parts that need to be replaced, such as the needle 


How often should I oil my Bernina sewing machine?

The regularity of lubricating a Bernina sewing machine depends on how often you use it. Ideally, you can oil a Bernina sewing machine when working on a long project or before and after you sew for 8 hours. You can also inspect your machine if it sounds different or every few months as maintenance. 


How Do I Oil My Bernina 770 QE?

  1. Refer to the Bernina 770 QE manual 
  2. Remove the bobbin case and push the fastening bracket to the left
  3. Have the bracket and hook race cover down
  4. Remove the hook to access the hook race and add a drop of Bernina oil
  5. Drop oil in each of the depots until the felts are damp
  6. Never oil the red surface of the hook sleeve
  7. Hold the hook pin and lead it with its lower edge ahead and the angular top behind the hook race cover
  8. Insert the hook so that the mark on the driver is visible through the hole of the hook
  9. Fasten the hook in place and close the hook race cover, so the release bracket engages
  10. Turn the handwheel and insert the bobbin case


Do I Need To Oil My Bernina?

You need to oil your Bernina sewing machine if it’s indicated in the manual. This will prevent the moving parts from getting worn down quickly, and you can keep your unit running smoothly. However, always use the correct Bernina sewing machine oil and never oversaturate the areas that need lubricating. 



Was this tutorial easy to follow? We have taught you how to oil a Bernina sewing machine according to Bernina and discovered that the areas that need lubricating include the hook area. It’s also emphasized only to use Bernina oil and never oversaturate the device with oil. 

We hope you learned a lot. Leave us a comment if you have any questions. You can also contact your Bernina dealer if you have more questions about servicing your sewing machine. 

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