How To Oil A Janome Sewing Machine In Only 2 Steps

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If you want to know how to oil a Janome sewing machine, you can consider two steps. First, we’ll talk about the dos and don’ts of the process to avoid issues with this maintenance practice. You will also learn general maintenance tips for Janome to keep it running smoothly.

how to oil a janome sewing machine

Do you want a more general guide regarding lubricating the sewing machine? Then, we have a tutorial on how to oil a sewing machine that you can read for more helpful tips. 


How To Oil A Janome Sewing Machine At Home


Step 1. Take off the needle plate and bobbin case

  • Refer to the manual of the specific Janome sewing machine model you have and study the oiling instructions
  • Take note that some Janome models do not need oiling
  • Remove the needle plate on the unit via screws or a remover button, depending on the model
  • Take the bobbin case off as well but be careful in mistaking the wick in the bobbin area as lint because it’s for the oil 

Step 2. Put in the oil

  • Follow the Janome manual on where to drop the oil and how much oil to use
  • The manual of the unit will indicate which parts need lubrication
  • In general, a drop of oil in the wick of the bobbin area is suitable
  • Do not use too much oil that it overflows the area
  • Please check if Janome recommends oiling the model you have to avoid issues

Do Janome Machines Need Oiling?

Janome sewing machines need oil if the manual of the specific model you have mentions it. Janome will also indicate if the sewing machine does not require oiling. If you’re unsure, it would be best to take your Janome model to an authorized dealer and have it serviced since they’ll know which areas need lubricating. 


Where to oil Janome sewing machine

The following areas are where some Janome sewing machines need oiling. Please note that this does not apply to all Janome models.


Shuttle race

  1. Clean the shuttle race every three months
  2. Check the manual diagram to know where to oil in the shuttle assembly 
  3. Raise the needle bar as much as possible
  4. Remove the bobbin case
  5. Push the levers to the side and lift the race cover to remove the shuttle
  6. Clean the shuttle race of lint and add a drop of oil on the center pin

Face plate

  1. Remove the cap, screw, and face plate
  2. Check the manual to know where to oil behind the face plate

Top cover

  1. Lift the handle of the Janome sewing machine
  2. Unscrew and remove the top cover
  3. Follow the manual’s illustration to know where to oil behind the top cover

How often to oil Janome sewing machine

The manual of your Janome sewing machine will indicate how often you must lubricate it. For some models, Janome recommends that you oil it two to three times a year. However, the frequency will also depend on how often you use the sewing machine. 


How Long Will A Janome Sewing Machine Last?

The expected lifespan of a Janome sewing machine will depend on the type and how you use it. Considering that Janome is a reliable Japanese company that makes its models in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, you can expect that the quality of the machines has good longevity. It can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years if you properly use and care for your Janome sewing machine.

For example, do you know how to clean a sewing machine? It will benefit your model if it’s always free of lint and debris that can accumulate over time and affect its functioning. 


Why Does My Janome Keep Jamming?


Wrong tension

Check if you have enough tension on your Janome’s upper thread. If you think about it, not having enough tension to pull the thread will, of course, jam the machine. Therefore, always experiment and determine the ideal tension for your project. 


Dirty sewing machine

If your Janome sewing machine has a buildup of debris and lint, some areas can get clogged. And if the machine is congested, the moving parts won’t work as smoothly and lead to a jammed machine. Refer to your unit’s manual on how Janome recommends cleaning it, and don’t forget to oil it as well.


Do these issues don’t solve the machine jamming? The good news is we have a separate discussion on why is your sewing machine jamming. Find out the four most common reasons in that article, including how to fix or avoid them. 


How Often Should I Service My Janome Sewing Machine?

To keep your Janome sewing machine free from issues, have it serviced by an authorized Janome dealer every year. The dealer knows the proper practices that users can’t do at home. Some parts may also need replacement. 

As for general maintenance, clean your sewing machine after each use. You can also replace the needle after every 8 hours of sewing.



And that’s it! To recap how to oil a Janome sewing machine, you’ll first remove the needle plate and bobbin case. Then, add the oil to the wick of the bobbin area.

Please remember to check your manual if your machine even needs lubricating. It will also have diagrams of where you must drop the oil.