How To Oil A Singer Sewing Machine In 2 Easy Steps

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Did you know that you can learn how to oil a Singer sewing machine in just two steps? We’ll talk about everything from preparation to application. You’ll also learn the dos and dont’s when lubricating a Singer machine. 

how to oil a singer sewing machine

Additionally, please check this tutorial on how to oil a sewing machine for a more general guide. Combine the tips from both articles to ensure that you’re lubricating your unit correctly. 


How To Oil A Singer Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Prepare the sewing machine

  • Read the manual of the specific Singer sewing machine you have
  • Confirm if your Singer sewing machine needs oiling
  • Remember the type of oil that Singer recommends for your unit
  • Singer has a Singer sewing machine oil that you can use for one to two drops, depending on the model you have
  • Take note of how often you must oil your sewing machine
  • Learn how to clean the sewing machine to avoid having issues during lubrication
  • Follow the manual for proper cleaning and ensure that the unit is free of debris, dust, lint, and grease
  • Have a cleaning cloth nearby to wipe the excess oil and scrap fabric for sewing and testing residues

Step 2. Drop the oil in the sewing machine

  • Never use too much oil for the sewing machine, and remember the areas mentioned by the manual that need lubrication
  • Some Singer units need oil in the center of the bobbin area
  • Snap out the arms in the bobbin area and remove the ring and hook
  • Turn the handwheel to return the bobbin holder and outer ring
  • Snap the arms in and insert the bobbin case and bobbin
  • Return the needle plate
  • With some Singer sewing machines, remove the bobbin case and add a drop of oil in the bobbin area, and hook race
  • Return the bobbin case and raise the needle to the highest position
  • Place the needle plate back in position and tighten the screw

Where To Oil Singer Sewing Machine

Find the manual of your Singer sewing machine to identify the areas that need lubrication. For example, you will need to oil the hook in some Singer models, and you can refer to the manual to find the specific spots where you must drop the oil. And in general, the areas that move will need lubrication to keep them working smoothly and less likely to get worn down by fiction. 

Here are the sewing machine parts that typically need oiling, but the emphasis is necessary on checking your manual since not all machines are alike:

  • Bobbin winder shaft and around the bobbin case, but be careful not to have oil on the bobbin winder ring and motor belts
  • Needle bar to keep the needle movement smooth

Does My Singer Sewing Machine Need Oil?

Your Singer sewing machine will need oil if the manual states about this maintenance practice. While lubricating is part of learning how to service a sewing machine, some sewing machines do not need oiling. You might also notice that older models require oil compared to more modern units. 

Why do you need to oil your sewing machine?

Oiling the sewing machine is recommended in some models to keep the moving parts working without issues. However, if you notice that it no longer works as smoothly or there are noises, your sewing machine might need lubrication in spots that experience friction. Besides cleaning the machine, oiling is another thing you can do to fix some issues before considering other more complicated repairs. 

How Do I Know If My Sewing Machine Needs Oil?

The best way to tell if your sewing machine needs oil is by checking the model’s manual. If you can’t find instructions for oiling or your unit or if it’s a newer model, it’s likely been pre-lubricated, and oiling is unnecessary. But for other sewing machines, you might need to oil them weekly or monthly. 

If you use your sewing machine daily, it’s best to lubricate it once a week to prevent wear. On the other hand, you can oil it once a month if you only sew once a week or every three months if you sew twice a month only. Of course, you can always observe the machine’s performance or check the parts visually to know if your unit needs lubricating. 

Can I Use Olive Oil In My Sewing Machine?

Never use olive oil to lubricate your sewing machine because its composition and properties are incompatible with the mechanical device. You risk having residues that can affect the machine’s performance. Furthermore, the oil will leave a smell on the unit that can also ruin your sewing project.


What Kind Of Oil Is Used For Sewing Machines?

Sewing machines use mineral oil, clear and odorless oil that doesn’t risk clogging the gears like cooking or automotive oil. 


And that’s it! To recap how to oil a Singer sewing machine, you’ll only need to prepare it and then drop the oil in the recommended areas. However, it’s crucial to check your manual if the machine needs lubrication in the first place. 

We hope this was a helpful read. Let us know in the comments how you oil your Singer. 

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