How To Open A Pfaff Sewing Machine: Repair Guide

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Those who want to know how to open a Pfaff sewing machine can read this simplified two-step guide. You’ll start with the top cover, followed by the bottom cover. This article also includes the proper maintenance of a Pfaff sewing machine. 

how to open a pfaff sewing machine how to open a pfaff sewing machine

Since you’re opening your unit, we assume you want to get it checked for issues. Check this helpful article on how to service a sewing machine that you can try at home.  


How To Open A Pfaff Sewing Machine Correctly

Before anything else, please refer to the Pfaff manual of the specific model you have. Read the illustrations so you’ll be familiar with your unit’s anatomy. 


Step 1. Remove the top cover

  • Place a towel over the surface where you’ll open the sewing machine to prevent screws from bouncing off and getting lost
  • Prepare several ziplock bags to organize the screws for each plate; a helpful tip is to tape the bag of crews on each cover where you removed them 
  • Locate the screws at the front of the Pfaff sewing machine on top of the needle and remove them
  • Move the spool holder to engage it into the sewing position
  • Rotate the top cover up and back to take it off
  • Lift the thread holder and remove it as well


Step 2. Remove the bottom cover

  • After taking off the top cover, remove the motor cover to get the bottom cover off
  • Work off the screw at the bottom center of the motor cover plate
  • Pull the motor cover down and towards you to remove it 
  • Remove all the remaining screws in the hole to take off the bottom cover
  • Take off the bottom cover completely by removing its screw
  • If removing the power input box, take out the screws inside the motor cover plate
  • Do not remove the bottom screw of the power input box
  • After removing the screw inside the motor cover plate, push the box into the base of your machine


How Do I Change The Lightbulb In My Pfaff Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to your Pfaff manual on how to change your model’s lightbulb
  2. Buy the replacement bulb from a Pfaff dealer and check if its wattage is compatible with your sewing machine
  3. Turn off the sewing machine and disconnect the lead cord and foot control plug from it
  4. Remove the accessory tray to access the light bulb near the needle threader inside the machine
  5. Push the bulb cover as far as you can upward
  6. Turn the bulb counterclockwise, half a rotation to remove it
  7. Insert the new bulb into the lamp changer
  8. Have the bulb in its diagonal holder and turn to secure its pins
  9. Push the bulb up as far as you can and rotate it clockwise, half a rotation, reversing the removal process earlier
  10. Take off the bulb changer while holding the bulb


How to remove the front cover of a Pfaff sewing machine

In some Pfaff sewing machines, you will remove the front cover to access and remove the light bulb. 

  1. Remove the sewing machine’s top cover 
  2. Insert the screwdriver into the holes at the needle end
  3. Loosen the set screw by turning the screwdriver counterclockwise
  4. There’s no need to remove the screw altogether to remove the front cover
  5. Change the lightbulb inside accordingly


How Do You Service A Pfaff Sewing Machine?

  • Check if you plugged in the Pfaff sewing machine correctly and that the switch is on
  • Check the foot pedal if it’s connected
  • Rethread the sewing machine and check if the needle is not broken or bent
  • Inspect the bobbin and redo if needed
  • Inspect the wiring for issues and have it repaired by a professional to avoid damaging it further
  • Make sure you’ve cleaned and oiled your Pfaff sewing machine 


How Do You Maintain A Pfaff Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific model you have and follow its cleaning indications
  2. Clean the sewing machine after every project or 8 hours of work
  3. Wipe the machine’s exterior with a soft and damp cloth, including the screen, if your unit has one
  4. Lower the feed dogs and turn off the machine
  5. Remove the presser foot and take off the bobbin cover
  6. Remove the stitch plate by loosening its screw
  7. Brush the feed dogs free from dust and debris
  8. Clean the area under the bobbin case from lint
  9. Clean the bobbin case and bobbin case holder after removing them
  10. Never use canned air into the bobbin area as it can push the debris into the machine
  11. Replace the needles after every project and read this guide on how to service a Pfaff sewing machine for more maintenance tips
  12. Bring your Pfaff to an authorized dealer for annual cleaning and tune-up


How do you lubricate a Pfaff sewing machine?

  1. Check if you must oil your model since some Pfaff sewing machines are self-lubricating
  2. Follow your manual for the oiling points and use a small amount of the proper sewing machine oil
  3. Make a few stitches to work in the oil and sew several scrap fabrics after 15 minutes to ensure that there are no more oil residues



And that’s it! To recap how to open a Pfaff sewing machine, you remove the screws on the covers and make sure to organize them inside ziplock bags for easier reassembly. You work the top, front, and bottom covers, ensuring that no pieces fall and get lost. 

We hope you learned a lot. Leave us a question if you still have any. 


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