How To Open Sewing Machine Foot Pedal And Fix It

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You can learn how to open sewing machine foot pedal in just three steps. We’ll also teach you how to clean and test it so that you can maintain this vital part of the machine at home. This article even shares some troubleshooting techniques when your sewing machine foot pedal fails to work.  

how to open sewing machine foot pedal

For additional information, read how a sewing machine foot pedal works. This will help you understand its mechanism that may help with fixing issues if they happen.


How To Open Sewing Machine Foot Pedal For Repairs


Step 1. Open the sliding cover

  • Turn off the sewing machine and check if it’s unplugged 
  • Locate the screws if your pedal has one and remove them accordingly with the following steps
  • Some sewing machine foot pedals have a sliding cover that you can quickly take off to access the internal parts


Step 2. Remove the screws

  • If your sewing machine has screws, loosen them to take off the bottom cover of the pedal
  • You may also need a flathead screwdriver to pry off the cover
  • In some sewing machines, you will also need to remove the electrical cord and then unscrew the bolts on its opposite side
  • Be careful not to hit the cord, which is why never insert the screwdriver beside the cord 
  • Use the screwdriver to press the joint of the foot pedal outwards and open it 


Step 3. Lubricate if needed

  • You may find the foot pedal cover stuck even when prying it open with the screwdriver or when loosening the screws and bolts themselves
  • For this instance, add a drop of lubricant on the cover and screws
  • Use sewing machine oil and do not saturate the pedal area
  • Finally, open the foot pedal and inspect its internal parts


How Do You Clean A Foot Pedal On A Sewing Machine?

  1. Make sure the sewing machine is off and unplugged
  2. Open the foot pedal and check inside for debris, dust, and lint buildup
  3. Use a small brush to get the accumulation out gently
  4. Check the spring part as it may also be clogged


How Do You Test A Foot Pedal On A Sewing Machine?

  1. Prepare a circuit tester, continuity tester, or any device that can check electronics
  2. Set the tester for resistance in ohms
  3. Place the tester’s probes on the foot pedal’s wires correctly
  4. Apply pressure on the foot pedal, and check if the meter gives a positive reading
  5. Repeat testing in case the connection or the probes have issues
  6. Recheck the tester’s readings
  7. For problems with the electrical components, it’s best to bring your sewing machine to a professional 


How Do You Slow Down A Foot Pedal On A Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to your sewing machine manual if it included troubleshooting tips for the foot pedal
  2. Locate the dial or screw that you can turn to adjust the foot pedal speed
  3. For computerized sewing machines, check the foot pedal speed adjustment
  4. Expect that industrial sewing machines have no adjustable foot pedal speed
  5. If slowing the speed via the screw, dial, or setting failed, consult an authorized repairman


How to adjust the sewing machine foot pedal

  1. Open the sewing machine
  2. For older sewing machines, check the contact points and realign them to slower or fasten the foot pedal
  3. The larger the contact point, the faster the pedal will go and vice versa
  4. For modern sewing machines, check if it has a speed adjustment feature that you can play with
  5. If your sewing machine doesn’t have a feature for pedal speed adjustment, it’s best not to meddle with the circuit board 
  6. For issues with the circuit board on the foot pedal, bring your sewing machine to a service center


Why Does My Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Won’t Work?

  1. Check if there are no issues with the wiring and connections
  2. Unplug and plug the sewing machine and test it with a circuit tester
  3. Replace the power cord if it’s damaged
  4. Clean the foot pedal that may be congested with lint and dirt
  5. Check the inside mechanism of the pedal for broken parts that warrant a visit to a dealer


Why does my sewing machine foot pedal get hot?

  1. Open the sewing machine foot pedal
  2. Check the wires if their connection has loosened and tighten as necessary
  3. Have the broken wires replaced, but only do it yourself if you’re familiar with electronics 


Why is my sewing machine foot pedal stuck?

  1. The foot pedal can stick if it lacks lubrication
  2. Add a drop or two of oil on the spring or rivets to allow the moving mechanism to work again
  3. If oiling doesn’t unstick the pedal, check the spring if it is broken and needs replacement
  4. Clean the foot pedal as dirt might have clogged the spring 

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Was this article helpful? We went through how to open sewing machine foot pedal, which is surprisingly easy. Some have sliding covers, while others only need you to remove the screws accordingly. 

Once opened, be sure to check if there are no broken parts or dirt that may be clogging it. And if you’re unsure how to fix the damaged parts, visit a repair center instead. For more questions, leave us a comment below. 

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