How to organize baby clothes without a closet

Your baby is growing up quickly and you need to find a place for all his or her clothes.

As the little one will soon be crawling around, it’s time to get serious about organizing your space. But this can be tough when you don’t have much closet space at home. What are your options?

Luckily, there are many smart solutions that offer storage opportunities without taking up precious floor space in your bedroom or nursery!

Here are some of my favorite ideas for how to organize baby clothes without a closet:

How do you organize baby clothes without a dresser or closet?

Make it a theme

One great way of organizing your child’s clothes is by giving them a theme.

Having an overall theme to the clothes you buy will help keep things organized and easy for baby to find their own clothes.

You can have themed clothing with different colors or patterns that are similar looking.

This saves time when trying to get your baby dressed and is a great organizational idea to use in the nursery.

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Create Your Own Storage Container

How to organize baby clothes without a closet
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Instead of buying storage containers, you can create your own ones instead. This helps give you better ideas for storing baby clothes as well as saving money since you don’t have to spend any extra on storage boxes. There are so many DIY closet ideas you can find online for free.

Save space with a trolley on wheels

If you’re looking for baby closet ideas without occupying precious floor space, consider using a trolley on wheels. This clever solution rolls on top of the bedspread or leggings, so it’s always at the ready, and takes up no more space than sheets or bedding.

Door storage

One way to store baby’s clothes without taking up floor space is by using unused space on most doors. You can buy some really inexpensive hooks or cloth hangers that are just for baby clothes.

All you have to do is hang them over the door and they hold all your baby’s clothes.

This can also lead to more space in your room because you don’t have to worry about changing clothes.

Beaded Clothes Line

A beaded clothesline is one of the great ways to organize baby clothes without having to buy a closet. A beaded clothesline can go over any door and provide a space for all the baby’s clothes.

It will also give you an opportunity to decorate the clothesline with beads or other decorations. The beaded clothesline will also make it easier for you to see what clothing items the baby has so it will be easier for you to pick out outfits before going places.

Curtained Clothes Nook

If you are looking for a space to store your baby clothes but don’t have much room, consider curtaining off an area in your bedroom. Use curtains to close unused places and create an impromptu wardrobe for clothes toys and anything that you choose not to see on the site.

Put your unwanted square footage into a storage closet with toys, clothes, and other things for which you aren’t afraid to hide.

Use the back of the nursery door

Vertical space for storing the item is also one of my favorites in nursery storage hacks. I really prefer to use over-the-door shoes or clear plastic shoe holders.

You can actually store an awful lot of stuff here too and you can store a lot of stuff there too.

Utilize the nursery dresser efficiently

Efficiency is also an important factor when it comes to nursery storage. Babies grow so quickly, so you want to make sure that the clothes and all other baby items are organized and easy to find.

Buy a dresser that will fit your home’s style and space requirements.

Utilize shelves and drawers for maximum efficiency and use dividers and labels to keep things organized.

If you’re giving the nursery a theme try to pick out coordinating colors or patterns.

Curtain Wall Closet

A Curtain Wall Closet is a pretty space-saving solution to organizing clothes without a closet.

This design uses floor-to-ceiling curtains with hangers for storing your growing baby’s clothes. Your little one can easily access their clothing, or you can hide the curtain wall when you want to keep things tidy.

Headband Holder

How to organize baby clothes without a closet

Headbands and hairbows can be the perfect thing for girls. Put clothespins under a nursery hanger. It is a good organizational idea for any nursery. Use a clothing pin for hanging the ears.

DIY Drawer Dividers

In the event that you need to store your clothes without a closet, one of the best ways to keep them organized is with a dresser. You can use drawers and shelves to keep things sorted and store a lot of stuff in there.

The simple drawer dividers take only minutes to create. It requires a spare carton and an extra nice contact paper. You can easily DIY with cardboard and foam core boards and have no extra charge.

Hang baby shoes on a rail

One of the ways in which you can store your baby’s clothes without having to buy a closet is by hanging them.

Use a curtain ring to mount shoes in a tidy pair. Install a cheap suspension rod in your closet and make curtain rings.

Use an easy suspension rod to hang your child’s shoes in one tidy pair. Use curtain bands for tidy shoes rather than the rod.

Steamer Trunk

A steamer trunk is another space-saving option for keeping all your baby’s clothes.

The good thing about steamer trunks is that they can be used as a container because you’re doing away with the need to store any excess clothing.

All your stuff will fit into one container, so it helps create more order and organization.

Hang-up hair bows

A thrift shop box and some chicken wire is all you need for this shabby-chic hair bow and accessory organizer. Simply remove the backing, cut the chicken cable and glue it directly on top of the frame.

Hanging baskets

How to organize baby clothes without a closet

This is one of the simplest nursery organization tips. Use a hanging basket for storing extra blankets, bibs, and burp cloths.

You can use a basket or let kids scrunch up their own clothes in it. It will create a play area and scrunching them up creates a cozy nest.

Rolled socks

A great clothing organization idea. A wooden dowel with 18-inch ribbon lengths glued to the end is a great way to keep rolled socks in one place.

Rolled socks are easy to store together without them disappearing into the depths of your dresser or closet. You can use rubber bands instead of ribbons if you prefer. Place stickers on the ends too for labeling

Do babies need closet space?

Yes, they do. If you have a big house, then it is okay for your baby to have their own closet space. But if there are small houses, like apartments and stuff like that, then it is okay for babies to have n closet space.

Should I buy newborn size clothes or 0-3 months?

When you buy clothes for your baby, the “0-3 months” size will be larger than the newborn size. So if you’re not sure how big your baby is going to be, then I recommend buying both sizes.

Here are some tips for shopping for clothes for your baby:

1) Buy clothes that are durable and will last. You want clothes that can last through your child’s growth stages especially during the first year of life when they grow so quickly. This way, you can save money by not having to spend money on new clothes all the time.

2) Take into consideration what season it is. If you live in an area with four seasons as I do, you want to make sure to buy clothes that are appropriate for the season. If it’s winter, make sure you buy enough warm clothes.

3) Buy clothes according to color and age group. Babies look great in bright colors like reds, oranges, pinks, and blues. You can also consider buying neutral-colored clothes too – black is a good choice since it goes with just about anything.

If you’re buying clothes for a baby who’s around 3-6 months old, then I’d recommend you to buy onesies instead of t-shirts. Onesies are more comfortable since they stretch out nicely to cover your child’s body and it doesn’t ride up like t-shirts do.

Is 0 to 3 months the same as newborn?

Yes, 0 to 3 month baby is still considered as the newborn baby.

How many newborn outfits should you have?

Around ten outfits is a good number to have for your newborn. If you want to wait and see whether your newborn grows out of their clothes before you invest in them then it is okay to buy less.

How do you organize clothes without space?


With these simple ideas, your child will have plenty of storage spaces all over the house – even if their closet is tiny

Can you put a newborn in 0-3 month clothes?

Newborn babies can wear clothes that are 0-3 month clothes. They are the same size as newborns.

How many baby outfits do I need in each size?

You usually need around 10 outfits – less if you want to wait and see whether your baby grows out of their clothes before investing in them.

What size does a 1 year old wear in clothes?

A one-year-old normally wears clothes that are at their age size. However, these sizes vary from country to country. In the United States, a one-year-old would wear a size three to six months.

In the United Kingdom, a one-year-old would wear a size 12 month to 24 months. It is always best not to rely on age as an indicator of clothes size because it changes from country to country and it is also different for boys and girls.

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