How To Prevent Clothes From Fading? A Detailed Guide To Read!

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How to prevent clothes from fading

If so, it’s time to learn how to prevent clothes from fading. It’s a simple process and can save you money in the long run. You don’t need special tools or equipment – just a few household items will do the trick!

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about preventing your clothes from fading, whether it is jeans, denim, or any other clothing.

We also provide step-by-step instructions for each method, so there is no confusion on what needs to be done.


What Cause Color Fading In Clothes?

Color fades in clothes because chemicals or substances dyed into the fabric of the clothing break down over time. The fade happens because of the sun, washing, and the environment. There are, however, ways to prevent your clothes from fading.


How To Prevent The Clothes From Fading

So, how to prevent clothes from fading? The colors in your clothes fade over time. It’s not always easy to keep them looking fresh and new, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either! You can prevent fading with these simple steps. There are several different methods for preventing clothes from fading.

Some will be better suited for certain types of clothing, while others may work on a wider range. We have provided all the information you need about each method – choose the one that works best for your situation.


Read garment care label instructions

I recommend always reading garment care label instructions. It will tell you how the clothing should be cared for and what type of water or detergent should be used. Those laundry care symbols on your shirt’s tag aren’t just to make you itchy. They’re there to let you know how to wash the garment so it will have a long and colorful life. Read the instructions and follow them.Laundry Care Symbols


Prevent clothes from fading by adding salt to the wash cycle

Salt is golden to prevent clothes from fading because it helps lock in the color that would otherwise fade during washes. Add ½ cup (100g) of salt to your regular washing cycle, and you’ll be well on preserving your clothing from color fading. Make sure never to add salt to the clothes because it will cause color bleeding.


Prevent clothes from fading by adding vinegar to the wash cycle

Adding 1/2 cup (120g) of white vinegar during the rinse cycle can help prevent your garments from fading over time. This is because the acid in the vinegar helps remove and prevent hard minerals and salt deposits from forming on clothing. It also helps remove soap scum, which adds color-fading agents to your clothes over time and also prevents color bleeding.


Adding baking soda to the wash cycle

Add ½ cup (100g) of baking soda to your regular washing cycle as it will help neutralize the pH levels in your clothing. This will prevent the fading of colors and also help remove any stains on your clothes.


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How To Prevent Clothes From Fading? A Detailed Guide To Read! 4

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Prevent clothes from fading by adding a lemon to the wash cycle

Adding lemon to the rinse cycle is yet another way to preserve your clothing’s color and prevent it from fading over time. If you don’t have white vinegar, adding lemon will also do the trick. Never add these acidic substances to your clothes because they can cause color bleeding and bubbling.


Use cold water when washing

Using cold water instead of hot is yet another way to reduce the amount of color fading in your colored clothes. This is because the hot water causes colors to fade faster than they would when using cold water. Use cold water for your regular washing cycles and save yourself some money along the way!


Wash clothes inside out

Your clothing’s fibers fade as a result of the washer’s activity. When you turn them inside out, the portion that no one sees takes the brunt of the damage.


Wash dark colors and light colors separately

If you want to provide more protection for your darker clothing, make sure to wash them separately. For example, if you have black jeans, don’t place them with your light-colored clothes. Instead of using cold water when washing dark clothes alone, use medium heat to keep the color looking vibrant and fresh!

Use only a very small amount of soap or laundry detergent when washing dark colors by themselves.


Prevent clothes from fading by adding salt in the final rinse

Just as you would add salt to your washing cycle, you can also add it to your final rinse! Make sure that all of your laundries are rinsed completely before doing so though. Adding too much salt to your washes will cause staining on your clothes, so follow this advice carefully.


Prevent clothes from fading by adding vinegar in the final rinse

Adding vinegar as a final rinse is another way to keep color fresh and clean for longer. Add ½ cup (120g) of white vinegar into the last rinse cycle, and your clothes will retain their color much better than color fading. Make sure to add this substance in the last rinse only, as adding it to any other cycle may cause staining on your clothes!


Add vodka to the final rinse

If you don’t have white vinegar or don’t want to go out to buy it, you can also use vodka as a final rinse! Add vodka to your washing machine’s final rinse cycle to help prevent colors from fading. Vodka is great for this purpose because it doesn’t leave any marks on clothes and works just as well as white vinegar.


Prevent color bleeding by airing out outfits

If you have a lot of clothes with color bleeding, air them out when you hang them up after they’ve been washed. Airing out your garments, it will prevent any color from transferring onto other clothes in the same washer load. Make sure you don’t put them away for too long, as doing so will prevent your clothes from being fresh and clean.


How To Wash Cotton Clothes To Avoid Fading?

First of all, make sure you use a suitable detergent for your type of fabric. If you have a lot of dark colors in one load, separate them from lighter colors and whites. Wash clothes with cold water instead of hot water because this will help keep their color longer.

Don’t overload the washer as this can cause the machine not to clean correctly and leave residue behind on fabrics which can lead to fading over time.

Finally, if possible, always air dry your clothes instead of using a dryer as heat from the dryer can fade fabrics quickly! Now that you know how to wash cotton clothes without fading them do it today! It will save you money by keeping those expensive pieces looking new for more extended periods!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


Does baking soda fade clothes?

Baking soda is safe to use in your laundry and will not fade clothes.


Does hand washing clothes prevent fading?

Yes, Handwashing clothes also helps to prevent fading and the accumulation of dirt, which will only lead to faster fading. The process of hand washing clothes can be very time-consuming, but it is worth it for the quality of your clothes and the care you put into them.


Does vinegar prevent clothes from fading?

Yes. Vinegar is also a great fabric softener and will help remove any excess buildup of detergents, oils, or soap in your clothes.


Does salt prevent clothes from fading?

Yes, Salt helps lock in the color and prevent clothes from fading. Just like how you would add salt to your washing cycle, you can also add it in your final rinse as well


Does vodka prevent colors from bleeding?

Yes, like white vinegar, vodka prevents color bleeding by swapping out the harsh chemicals of detergent for some alcohol content. You may also be interested to know about enraging clothing problems.


It’s A Wrap!

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