How To Promote Your Sewing Business? 11 Effective Ways!

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How to Promote Your Sewing Business

Are you wondering how to promote your sewing business? Developing a promotional strategy is an essential part of any business.

And promoting your sewing business is no exception. Where do you start? How can you afford to market your business? Not to worry, 

There are several ways to promote your business, some of which are free and some of which will cost you. You just have to decide which ones suit you best.  The following are some of the most effective (and low-cost) ways of promoting your sewing business.


Things You Should Know First

Here are the things to know how to promote your sewing business:


Build relationships with customers

If you plan to advertise your sewing services online, you should not just focus on promoting your sewing business.  You should also focus on building relationships with potential customers by finding out what they want and offering them a free estimate. This is an excellent way of getting new clients for your sewing business.

how to promote your sewing business


You can market to different channels

You can market your products through several channels, including social media and word of mouth. You can even start by using flyers or pamphlets to advertise your sewing business or products.  However, you must create an effective marketing strategy to get the best results from each channel you use.


Who is your target customer? 

The answer to this question will help you determine how to market yourself and your sewing business. A successful sewing business starts with a clear image of who you are trying to reach and what you want them to do.

Tailoring your business model and product line to your customers’ needs will give you a leg up on your competition. It will also help you figure out which social media channels work best for selling your products.

Who is your target customer

Do some research on the Internet. Look up sewing blogs and visit online forums where people discuss topics like sewing and other areas that interest you. Think about what your customers need and how you can fill those needs.


Ways To Promote Sewing Business

Follow this helpful guide to know more:


#1. Start small

If you’re just starting, try selling your products at local craft fairs or online. You can also ask friends if they want to purchase a product from you.


#2. Think outside the box

When looking for ways to sell your products, don’t limit yourself to just local venues. Look into selling on Etsy and other online venues where people can purchase directly from you.

Think outside the box


#3. Partner up with a friend

If you have a friend who also sews, see if he or she would be interested in having you make some items together, splitting the costs and profits of the job 50/50. 


#4. Offer sewing classes

Offer free classes or workshops at local libraries or community centers to spread the word about your products to others who might not otherwise know about them, and offer them a discount if they purchase something that day.


#5. Promotional tools

Posters, flyers, and business cards are all great tools to help boost your business reach.  But that is not all; you must drop your fliers and posters in strategic places where people can find them. This includes online and offline.


#6. Tell people about your business

Advertising by mouth is one of the most effective strategies for small businesses. It’s cheaper than other advertising forms such as billboards or television spots.  Also, there are no restrictions regarding the time of day you can advertise this way. No need to worry about scheduling-just simply tell your friends any time of the day, and they’ll do the rest!

Tell people about your business


#7. Place ads in local papers, magazines, and newsletters

 Newspapers can be an effective way to promote your business. They’re low-cost and reach a lot of people. If you do this, make sure that your ad stands out from the rest of them so people will see it when they are flipping through the paper.


#8. Reach out on social media

Social media is a great place to start because it lets you connect with potential customers and tell them about your business in real-time.  You can post photos of the work you’ve done on social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram, as well as share helpful sewing tips that will attract followers who may be interested in your services. Many Facebook groups and pages are dedicated to sewing, quilting, fabric, and craft stores.

Use them, Ask for feedback, offer advice, help someone having trouble with a pattern or a project, and comment on people’s photos of their finished projects.  People appreciate it when you give them the time of day. And once they like you, they’ll more likely become followers of your social media accounts and potential customers.  

Reach out on social media

However, you should ensure that it is professional, clean, and easy to navigate. This will help you reach new customers and keep existing ones interested in your business. Here are some tips that can help you do this: 


Use a professional-looking profile photo and cover photo

Your profile photo should be a headshot of yourself looking straight at the camera. Your cover photo should be an image that represents your brand, such as a logo or product shot. 


Keep it clean

Your posts should be relevant to sewing and what you offer but not overly promotional or sales-oriented. Keep your posts classy, and avoid abbreviations like “lol” or “idk.” You want your followers to feel like they’re getting a natural person’s voice when they follow you on social media. 


#9. Use hashtags appropriately

If people search for terms related to what you offer in their area, using hashtags might get your posts seen by more people who could become customers.  However, using too many hashtags or ones that aren’t related to your business could make your posts look spammy and unattractive.


#10. Work with local businesses

If you sew clothing or other items for local businesses, let people know about it. Post information about the businesses that have hired you so others in the area will see that you have experience working with local businesses and may want to hire you themselves. Offer promotions or discounts if someone mentions they saw.


#11. Build a website for your business

Good marketing is the key to growing your sewing business. One powerful tool for marketing your business is a website highlighting your products and services. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or not. Every beginner should have their website as it helps them in getting more work. 

Before starting a website for your sewing business, make sure that you choose a name for the business which is easy to remember and spell for customers. Start a blog and post regularly. This is an excellent way of letting people know who you are, what you do, and how much fun it is!

People love vicarious experiences, so show off the fun parts of being in the sewing industry (even if there are some not-so-fun parts). Be sure to include contact information so potential customers can reach out to you for more information or to place an order.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


How much should I charge for sewing lessons? 

If you offer sewing classes or lessons, that’s a question that every home sewist has to ask at some point. In addition to being concerned about charging enough, you might wonder if you should charge by the hour, a flat fee per lesson, or even per project. The answer depends on where you live and who your students are.


Can you make a living as a seamstress?

Yes. It is possible to make a living as a seamstress, but it takes time and effort. If you’re willing to go the extra mile and have patience, you can earn a decent salary working as a seamstress. You may also be interested to know about common sewing machine problem.

Sewing ideas to make money:

  1. Kitchen Cuteness
  2. Bags
  3. Dog clothes
  4. Stuffed Toys
  5. Personalized sewing gifts
  6. Doll Clothes
  7. Quilts
  8. Custom Clothing
  9. Baby Clothes


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve known how to promote your sewing business! You may also want to read about mini sewing machine not stitching at all and sewing machine stitches not catching – cause & solutions.

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