How To Put A New Sewing Machine In An Old Table

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If you want to know how to put a new sewing machine in an old table, you can consider three steps. We will talk about everything from selecting the table size to mounting the machine. You will also know how to find the best sewing machine table for your machine. 

how to put a new sewing machine in an old table

Besides placing a sewing machine on a table, do you know how to set up a sewing machine as well? Proper installation of its parts is crucial to avoid issues during sewing. 


How To Put A New Sewing Machine In An Old Table At Home


Step 1. Preparation

  • Measure the width of the new sewing machine and check if it will fit within the storage space of the old table
  • Check if the sewing machine table also mentioned its compatibility with the machine you have, including accessories that you can purchase to install the new machine
  • Prepare the tools you’ll need for mounting the sewing machine

Step 2. Align the mounts to the machine

  • Check if your new sewing machine has holes on the bottom or back for fixing it into the mounts on the old table
  • The old table might already have its mounts attached, or you need to install them yourself
  • Align the holes in the new sewing machine to the holes in the mounts
  • If no holes are matching your sewing machine, you need to drill the mounts themselves 

Step 3. Install the mounts

  • Fix the mounts onto the table if they’re not installed yet
  • Use the correct bolts or screws when fixing the mounts onto the table, and ensure that it will move accordingly
  • Read how to make a sewing machine lift if you want your machine’s position to be adjustable
  • Secure the sewing machine using the bolts that will go through its holes and the ones on the mounting hardware
  • After installing, check if you can use the sewing machine comfortably

Can A New Sewing Machine Fit In An Old Sewing Table?

A new sewing machine can fit in an old sewing table if you find screw holes in it. However, the latest models available in the market are designed as tabletop sewing machines. Brother, for example, even mentioned that they don’t make mounting kits for their units.   

If the new sewing machine has screw holes, you can attach it to the brackets of an old sewing table. If not, it’s too risky to make the holes on the machine itself. Instead, consider getting the right table for your unit to avoid damaging it, then just repurpose the old sewing table as another type of table around the house.  


Will My Sewing Machine Fit In A Table?

There are different types of sewing machines, which means they will also differ from the table compatible with them. To ensure the perfect fit or installation, you want the width and length of the table base to accommodate your specific sewing machine. Get the measurements of your sewing machine to know how to select a sewing machine table. 

The height of the sewing machine table should help you keep your wrists, forearms, and elbow at the same level to avoid discomfort when sewing. In addition, it would be best if you weren’t hunching down when working, so the table height should be appropriate for your height. And finally, the table width should fit your sewing machine but still provides enough space for working fabrics. 


Can You Remove A Sewing Machine From A Table?

It’s possible to remove a sewing machine from its table, but you have to be careful to avoid accidentally damaging both items. In general, you only need to find the screw that mounts the machine to the table to lift and release the machine. You might also need to tilt the table forward and inspect the hardware you need to remove to remove the sewing machine completely. 

Do you also want to know where to sell your sewing machine? Assuming you’ve disassembled the unit to repurpose or sell either item, you can read our guide for selling used machines. 


How Do You Set Up A Sewing Machine Table?

  1. Align the holes of the machine to holes of the table
  2. Make holes on the table if needed
  3. Screw and bolt the machine in place
  4. Place the other sewing materials on the table’s drawers
  5. Check your posture when sitting to ensure that the entire setup is comfortable

Do You Need A Special Table For A Sewing Machine?

You don’t need a unique table for a sewing machine, but you must use the correct one for your unit and work. You want to have enough space on the table to work on your projects, and a good dimension would be at least 50 inches wide and 30 inches tall. And of course, you want the table to have drawers so you can organize your sewing materials much neatly. 


And that’s it! To recap how to put a new sewing machine in an old table, you start by preparing the tools and checking the table and machine’s compatibility. From there, simply align their holes and screw the machine in place. 

Overall, it’s easy to install a sewing machine on a table. Just check their sizes and if your new model is compatible with this setup. 


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