How To Put The Bobbin Case Back In Janome? Easy To Read Guide!

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How to put the bobbin case back In Janome

The article is about how to put the bobbin case back in Janome sewing machine.

Like any other part of the sewing, repairing and maintaining your Janome Sewing Machine can be done by anyone who knows the proper steps.

There are many more things to remember, so read further!


Ways To Put The Bobbin Case Back In Janome

The first thing you will need to know how to put the bobbin case back in Janome sewing machine. With regards to the type of Bobbin Case that you have, there are two different types of cases.

Those with an open top and those with a closed top. The first type, with an open top, requires you to pull up the two tabs at either end of the black plastic cover of the case and remove it from your machine.

When you have the black plastic cover off, you will see a round metal piece under it. This is what holds your bobbin case in place. You need to remove this metal piece by turning it gently counterclockwise until the metal piece falls away from the machine, and you can take out your bobbin case.

The second type of case, with a closed top, has a screw at either end of it. You will need first to open the side first and then remove the other screw on the other side before you can remove your bobbin case from your machine.

Once you have removed both screws from your bobbin case, you will be able to take out your Bobbin Case by holding the bottom side of it and pulling it away from your machine. To put it back in, you will do the same thing in reverse.

First, insert the bottom side of it back into your machine, making sure that you have it turned right before you push it all the way back to make contact with the metal piece at the bottom of your machine.

Then turn gently clockwise until you can see both screws engaged on their posts once again, and then tighten them down. That’s it; you’re all done. You now know how to put the bobbin case back into your Janome Sewing Machine. You may also be interested to know about sewing machine bobbin problems.



It’s A Wrap!

Now you’ve known how to put the bobbin case back in Janome! You may also want to read about how to adjust bobbin tension on janome sewing machine and how do you remove a bobbin janome case.

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