Can You Remove Embroidery – How to Remove Embroidery

Embroidery is a beautiful decorating technique and the way these designs make any project look beautiful and stunning. What if you want to remove that embroidery from your clotting?. Removing machine embroidery can be challenging especially when you have any knowledge of how to remove it without leaving holes.

Luckily, we have compiled simple methods and some tips on how you can get rid of that pesky fabric quickly and effectively matter what type of material of the fabric.

how to remove embroidery

You will save time, money, and frustration by using these simple methods. Whether they used hand embroidery or the design was embroidered by machine embroidery, you will be able to remove it whether it’s a logo on your shirt or any other embroidered design.

In this step-by-step guide, I will give you easy methods to remove embroidery and also break down what tools you need to get the job done.

By the end of this post, you will be to remove embroidery without leaving a hole on your shirt or any other fabric

Follow these simple steps to remove the embroidery from your shirt without sewing.

How to remove embroidery properly

Materials and Tools You Need

  • Small scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Tweezers
  • Shape blade
  • Lint brush
  • Seam rippers
  • Iron
  • Towel
  • Knife with a sharp point blade
  • Embroidery eraser

In a sewing and embroidery world, everything needs a tool to get the job done. Again different methods used will need different tools to handle the work.

Embroidery Eraser

An embroidery eraser is an electric device used to cut stitches and clip threads to lose.

A seam ripper

It is also known as stitch unpicker’. It is sewing equipment, small and pointed comes in almost every sewing box. A seam ripper is used by seamstresses to move cut and unwanted remove stitches, open seams, open buttonhole, and cut threads.

how to remove embroidery

This small tool consists of a shaft, a plastic handle, and an ahead. They come in many sizes and styles. This is one of the best tools to remove embroidery easily and quickly without leaving unwanted stuff.

A pair of Tweezers

How to Remove Embroidery

Next, you will need and useful tool to be near when preparing to remove embroidery. Also known as a pair of metal pinchers. This simple tool is perfect when it comes to picking and pulling small threads and stitches. It is an important tool to have it around.

Magnifying glass

This another recommended equipment to have around when thinking of removing embroidery from your garment. The magnifying glass is a useful tool, especially when handling small and thin stitches and fabric. You will be able to zoom threads and stitches in bigger sizes which much harder to see with your naked eye.

You may not see it as a useful tool right now, but because embroidery involves using small stitches and threads then you will need it near to remove embroidery. You will be able to see clearly which small pieces to remove and which ones to leave

A Lint Brush

This is another handy tool when removing embroidery. It is also known as a lint roller. It is made of plastic and a cardboard handle with a roll of adhesive paper.

how to remove embroidery

The tool is great at removing tiny stuff such as strings, hair, threads, lint, and dust. When removing embroidery, this tool is very useful as it will help you remove disconnected threads that are still stuck to the fabric.

So you will need to have such a brush around if you don’t have it then you may use scotch tape or regular duct tap.

Remove Embroidery With An Iron

Iron is a recommended embroidery removal tool

  1. Lay the garment on a flat surface and place an ironing board over it
  2. Place a towel between the embroidery and the ironing board
  3. Heat up your iron to its hottest setting 
  4. Press down firmly on the embroidery with your hand, then press down with the hot iron for about 10 seconds.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 in a back and forth motion until all of the thread has been removed from underneath 
  6. Finally, turn off your heat source and let everything cool before removing it from underneath or touching any part of it without protective gloves or cloths (as this could cause burns).

Removing Embroidery Use A Seam Ripper

  1. After turning your garment inside out, in this step, we are using the seam ripper tool to remove the stitches. We already mentioned this tool in the tools section above.
  2. Remember the threads and embroidery stitches are very small in so you might also want to get a magnifying glass if you can not see very.
  3. Get a seam ripper underneath the stitches, start to pull off the horizontal threads or stitches one by one.
  4. Push or turn the seam ripper away to cut the embroidery threads. But make sure to not cut the threads of the garment which are not meant to be cut.
  5. Continue in a back and forth motion but you should be careful not to tear your shirt or any other garment you’re working on.

Using a Needle

  1. Determine the type of embroidery
  2. Use a needle to gently remove cut any embroidery stitch from the backside of your fabric. Use can also use a stitch eraser or a lint roller.
  3. Place a damp cloth on top of your fabric and iron over it for about 30 seconds 
  4. Keep repeating until all stitches have been removed  
  5. If you’re still unsure, you can always ask an expert for assistance!

How to Remove Embroidery Patch

You can remove embroidered patches with these easy steps. But always first check manufacturer instruction on the cloth if the material can handle some of the methods you want to use.

Using Iron

  1. Turn the embroidery inside out
  2. Apply a warm iron to the back of the embroidery and let it sit for about five minutes
  3. Rinse off any remaining residue with cold water
  4. Place in a plastic bag or container and store in freezer overnight to make sure all adhesive is completely frozen before peeling away from fabric
  5. Peel off the adhesive slowly and carefully, starting at one end 
  6. Gently pull on both sides of the garment until all adhesive has come free from the fabric

Using the Freezing Method

  1. Remove the embroidery with a needle and thread
  2. Soak the fabric in water
  3. Use an iron to remove any remaining glue or residue from the fabric
  4. If you have trouble removing all traces of glue, use a solvent like acetone or alcohol to dissolve it
  5. Brush off any loose threads and any stitch using a lint brush and let dry before wearing again!

Using Iron, Scissors, and Embroidery Hoop

  1. Remove the backing
  2. Put a towel on your work surface
  3. Use an embroidery hoop to hold the fabric in place
  4. Place a piece of scrap fabric over the area you want to remove embroidery from and press down with the iron for 10 seconds 
  5. Cut off any excess threads that may be sticking out 
  6. Give it one more go-over with your iron, then use scissors to cut off any remaining threads or strings

Using Boiling Water

  1. Place the embroidery in a pot of boiling water
  2. Remove the item from the pot and let it cool for 5 minutes
  3. Use a spoon to gently scrape away at any remaining threads 
  4. Take an old toothbrush and scrub away any residue left on your garment 
  5. Put your garment in the washing machine with detergent – this will help remove all traces of glue or thread that may remain after soaking, but be sure to use cold water if you are planning on wearing this piece again!
  6. Follow the same process push the hook of the seam ripper under the threads and then push to cut the threads. If you find it difficult to see the small stitches and threads don’t forget to use your magnifying glass.

Removing small leftover thread & stitch marks

Whatever tool you have but we recommended getting a pair of tweezers to pull out the loose threads and stitches flipping over the garment.

Here is where the magnifying glass is most important, zoom and you will be able to remove the smallest threads using a lint brush or duct tape

How to Remove Embroidery FAQs

Will removing embroidery leave holes?

You can remove embroidery designs without leaving holes when you the right tools such as a seam ripper which tear the embroidery stitches and also you will need a pair of tweezers to remove the remaining thread and stitches.

Can you remove embroidery from a shirt?

To remove embroidery from a shirt simply use a seam ripper and push it under the tag of a shirt then pull out to cut the tag threads and stitches. 

Follow the same process until the tag is fully removed from a shirt. 

Then use a pair of tweezers to pull out the remaining thread and get a lint brush to clean the area. Check inf there are no small holes left

How to remove embroidered logo from a hat?

To remove a printed logo from a hat all you need a is seam ripper, magnifying glass, lint brush, and a pair of tweezers. Use a seam ripper to remove the printed logo by pushing the hook head of the seam ripper under the stitches of the logo, then push out to cut the thread. Follow the same process until the logo has disappeared.

How to Remove Embroidery – Conclusion

Those are the steps of how to remove embroidery from any garment. Follow them carefully while using the required tools in order to make no mistakes.

When the thread is weak it will be easier to remove them but when the threads are hard it might take some time. It’s hard work but gives better results in the end.

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